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Against the " Undemocratic Policies of the Kiev Regime "is growing social anger.

Against the " Undemocratic Policies of the Kiev Regime "is growing social anger.

Pro-Western government in Kiev reduces subsidies to the population and industry to pay its creditors abroad. Because of this, many in the Ukraine on the verge of poverty and face the protests, according to World Socialist Web Site. Against this background of falling ratings of Ukrainian leaders - Peter Poroshenko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk.
WSWS: Prices for communal Ukraine provoke popular protests
Growing protest against the decisions " mode supported by NATO forces in Kiev, "according to the radical capacity prices for electricity, water and other basic resources. Protesters set even sham gallows in front of government buildings, according to World Socialist Web Site - edition of the International Committee of the Fourth International (founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938).
Right government in Kiev reduces the cost of subsidies for basic goods in order to send money lenders Ukrainian regime on Wall Street, as well as to increase military spending for the war against Russian-backed forces in the east of Ukraine . "
As a result, prices are rising " astronomical pace . " May 1 prices hot water and increased by 71%; a month before the gas prices have increased by 285%. In January there were reports according to which almost a third of the population of Ukraine can not pay their utility bills as rates rose last year by 35%, while prices for food, transportation and medicine - by 50-200%. " Now the broad strata of the Ukrainian people face poverty "- indicates site Socialists.
At one of the rallies were posters with the phrase: " Yatsenyuk means poverty for Ukraine . " On the other protesters set fire to tires in front of the Ukrainian parliament. The latter were representatives of the "financial Maidan." They require a restructuring of loans ordinary Ukrainians in foreign currency at the exchange rate, which was to " NATO-backed coup that established the current regime in Kiev . "After that, the hryvnia fell four times - from 5 to 20 per US dollar, reminds World Socialist Web Site.
Against the " reactionary and undemocratic policies of the Kiev regime "growing social anger. People in western Ukraine massively evade conscription for fighting with pro-Russian forces in the east. Also, the protest out miners who lost their jobs due to cuts subsidies of industry and mine closure. Already in March, according to social polls, the president of Petro Poroshenko did not approve of 58% (for there was only one-third). Yatsenyuk was even less popular: only 24% approve of his job. Only 8% of respondents believe that Ukraine is moving in the right direction, says the publication of the Fourth International.
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