Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Videos of the volunteer "cyborg" with the call sign "Moscow"

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
Videos of the volunteer "cyborg" with the call sign "Moscow".


"As promised - a new videos. Officer Armed Forces of Ukraine has not taken a loaded one cartridge gun. I remind the APU and the Security Service of Ukraine rules of the game -" I will publish compromising materials on the "cyborg" as long as "cyborg" is not exchanged all of our volunteers.

"I have more than a hundred unpublished video about the" cyborg ", among which there are a dozen very remarkable. I do not disgraced soldier Ukraine, hoping for peace. I questioned" cyborgs "and I was appointed one of the the biggest rewards. Now I will post videos from interrogations.

" PS. "When we return to the exchange of volunteers: all the bones broken! Who abused? Do you know why the junta refuses to exchange their" heroes cyborgs? "Yes, because 90% of our guys shot or tortured to death, and the other 10% are still alive but they live no place. "

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