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"Ukrainian World War III": Kiev Announces the Invasion of Russian Troops Daily

"Ukrainian World War III": Kiev Announces the Invasion of Russian Troops on its Territory Daily
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News from 11-15 April 2015 

Dozens of times the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev announced the invasion of Russian troops on its territory. Dozens of times they repeated statements by the Americans. Conclusive evidence of the invasion of Russian troops still do not. Volunteers from Russia, of course, present, and no one hides, but no units of the regular army. 

"Russian-Ukrainian War" has become a tedious fake. However, if the Ukrainians are at war with Russia in the virtual space, the civil war in Ukraine is very real. Kiev authorities can not exist without war, is the explanation and justification of all the internal problems of the country. The Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko assures Ukrainians because of the war in the Donbass suffer pensioners. "We just do not have the ability to raise pensions, because the defense of the country spent a record amount - 90 billion hryvnia," - said Paul Rozenko during his recent visit to Vinnitsa. 

The Minister took the opportunity to actually incite Ukrainians immigrants from Donbass. "We have an unexpected expenses - social security persons. The state has allocated $ 4 billion hryvnia. If conditionally count, then those funds would be enough to increase pensions every pensioner 50-70 hryvnia, "- said the Minister. It is not difficult to imagine what emotions cause impoverished Ukrainian pensioners such statements. They, of course, considering that every immigrant from Donbass stolen from their pockets to 50-70 hryvnia. 

War in the Donbass can easily explain the impossibility of a visa-free regime with EU countries. "Some areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions controlled by terrorists in the EU fear that militants will also be able to enjoy visa-free regime. So the question is not how well we carry out reforms ... In European capitals say, as much as possible to give Ukraine visa-free regime, if there is no control over the border? "- Said the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in a March interview with the magazine" Focus ". 

Indeed, if the signing of the Association Agreement was not originally assumed visa-free regime was traditional leaders Euromaidan lie, then why today does not continue to lie, shift the blame on the people of Donbass ?! The logic of such statements by the representatives of the Kiev authorities outrageously simple: Ukrainians are suffering because of the war, which, according to them, leads Russia. Thus, Ukrainians are forced to hate Russia, dutifully go die in Donbass and tolerate existing Nazi regime. 

Is it any wonder that the Ukrainian media are full of prophecies about the coming collapse of Russia, and many Ukrainians eagerly await its collapse? The truce, which was achieved through the mediation efforts of Russia, Germany and France in Minsk, is a forced step of the Ukrainian authorities. However, in Berlin and Paris are well aware that modern Ukraine has become a "powder keg" of Europe. In addition, the EU am aware that they have undertaken under US pressure the financial and economic sanctions against Russia are de facto sanctions against Europe. 

With all the talking-about "Euro-Atlantic Partnership" in Berlin and Paris has its own national interests, and in the European Union there are a lot of their problems. After all, not a good life on April 18 in Germany has been more than 200 anti-American demonstrations under the slogan "Stop Transatlantic Agreement" and "Down with NATO." Of course, an open rift in the Euro-Atlantic family does not happen, Europe will never be a pro, but also to soil itself due to American interests, it will not. 

Because Berlin and Paris will require the implementation of Kiev "Minsk Agreement", and Washington, in turn, will try to disrupt them. America needs war and, therefore, need a reason that will draw Russia into the conflict in Ukraine. However, until now force Moscow to openly intervene in Ukrainian disassembly failed. Moreover, Putin still calls Ukrainians and Russian "one nation." Russia does not give up energy supplies to Ukraine, does not require the return of the old debts, but only recalls them. 

But Vladimir Putin could not re-enter the troops, bring Ukraine to default and "freeze" the Ukrainians, limiting the supply of gas and coal. Such a policy not only outraged opponents of Putin, but his supporters. Some were angry that Russia does not give reason to declare her aggressor, other furious that Russia refuses to save the Donbass. 

Nobody knows that Putin planned to ... We will not speculate about Putin's plans, let's see what can be prepared with the filing of Kiev American mentors. Recently, the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko told the newspaper "The Day", said that his secret service continue the traditions and approaches to the work of the Security Service of the OUN-UPA. 

"SBU is not necessary to invent anything extra - it is important to build on the traditions and approaches to work Sat UPA. She has worked against the aggressor during the temporary occupation of the territory, was brought up patriotically, counterintelligence, and had relied on the peaceful Ukrainian population, using its support, "- said Valentin Nalyvaychenko. 

In fact, the experience of UPA Ukrainian security services can be useful only in the event that Ukraine will be occupied by Russia. The so-called Bandera famous more terror against the civilian population of the Western Ukraine: Poles, Jews, Russian. Not to like if the script is ready intelligence services, Valentin Nalyvaychenko? If so, then it is only the only problem is that the occupier to Ukraine did not appear, and the regime has to terrorize its own citizens. 

However, for the current Kiev authorities and it is justified - the de facto genocide of the Russian population of Ukraine, in their opinion, should push Putin to send troops. No one doubts that the Russian army can in a few weeks to take the Ukrainian territory. However, problems begin when it must be kept under control. In fact, Ukrainian fanatics are not so much on the strength of 5-8%, but they will last for a device of terrorist acts. 

In addition, direct involvement in the conflict Ukrainian members of the regular Russian army will lead to thousands of victims among them. It is not difficult to imagine how this fact uses a fifth column in Russia itself. Equally predictable reaction of the EU, which will be forced for years to forget about economic cooperation with Russia. After the "occupation" of Ukraine will start completely unnecessary new cold war Russia and the EU will once again be under the close supervision of the United States. 

Worst of all, that in the case of the "occupation" of Ukraine all the existing problems Ukrainians will be able to write off Russia. May be enough to save the Russian out of trouble those who do not want to be rescued? Maybe we should wait for such time as the Ukrainians will not understand each other and within themselves? Of course, it is difficult to remain indifferent, seeing the deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainians in the fratricidal war. 

Terror against the civilian population of Ukraine can also delight just scum. But involvement in the conflict Russia is precisely the desired scenario for the Americans. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians have not yet nahlebalsya grief from the current government. Until Ukrainians criticize Putin and hate Russia, Moscow should not interfere in the conflict in Ukraine. Russia's task to wait for the moment when the Kiev government will cause hatred in 90% of the population of Ukraine. Until then, no one to rescue the Ukraine, and it makes no sense. Russia does not need the occupation. Russia needs reunion lost Russian lands. 

 Sergei Belov

Source in Russian: http://q99.it/E7iyvap

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