Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Two thousand witches, magicians and sorcerers to hold Satanic ritual in Ukraine

Two thousand witches, magicians and sorcerers hold ritual of "peace and harmony" in Ukraine and in the Donbas

Ukrainian magicians and sorcerers gather for mass Sabbath in the center of Kiev under the walls of St. Michael's Cathedral. Two thousand psychics, witches and psychics are going to perform the ritual "peace and harmony" in Ukraine and in the Donets Basin, calling upon some "higher power." The event, by the way, is scheduled for Walpurgis Night (April 30 to May 1st. - Approx. Ed.) - Time, which is considered a cult classic among the Gentiles, and the people who resort to magical practices.

In addition to conducting the ceremony that night magis are going to charge for peace and protection against bullets and punches amulets and send them to the area ATO. Coordinator of the event - the magician Sabirius, less well-known in the world as Sergei Grechishkin invites the square before the cathedral everyone to join the mass ritual and assures invitation leaflets that "magic prayer" is supported by the Nazi Ministry of Defence and a number of veterans' organizations. 

- On the Square will be held a collective appeal to the higher powers. Each of us will do it as it sees fit. We will ask a higher power to make sure that all the people woke up from that bloody seizure of anger and hatred, and ask to save all who are in this insane slaughter - said the sorcerer in the interview to Ukrainian journalists.

Meanwhile, in Kiev mayor's office argued that no permit for the Sabbath, and even more so at the walls of St. Michael's Cathedral, they were not given.

- If someone is hoping to quit the application at the last moment and hold the event without receiving a response from the KSCA, then in vain - the newspaper quoted "News" Director of the Department of Public Communications Kiev mayor's office Marina Honda.

In the Mikhailovsky Cathedral advise people of Kiev to pray for peace in the Ukraine in the walls of an Orthodox church, and not to participate in mass Sabbaths, the more modern history of Kiev preserves the memory of this "magic prayer", which nearly ended in tragedy. In November 1993, members of a totalitarian sect tried to capture the St. Sophia Cathedral and spend their ritual "for peace and prosperity on earth Kiev", and then burn it.

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