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Trans-Ural experts about the new laws of Ukraine: "Fascism is always started with the massacre of the Communists"

Trans-Ural experts about the new laws of Ukraine: "Fascism is always started with the massacre of the Communists"

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Thursday, April 9 passed a law "On the condemnation of Communist and Nazi regimes in Ukraine and banning promotion of their symbols." The document was adopted one month prior to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, which was won by the Soviet Union, led by the Communist Party. The bill actually equated the communist regime to the Nazi propaganda and banned symbols of communism and, therefore, state flags, emblems and other symbols of the Soviet Union. Fall under the ban of the symbols that connect the hammer and sickle; hammer, sickle and five-pointed star; plow, sickle and five-pointed star; as well as the name of the Communist Party. According to the ban and the Victory Banner, which Soviet soldiers hoisted over the Reichstag.

But that's not all. On May 9, Ukraine will now be celebrated not as Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, as well as the Day of Victory over Nazism in World War II, at the same time, there should not take into account the historical date of the Second World War, which ended not in May 1945, and in september.

What is the purpose of the Ukraine, banning communist symbols and the condemnation of the communist regime, why did not refuse from the date of May 9 finally correspondent On the eve told the plenipotentiary representative of the Governor of the Kurgan region of patriotic education, Major General Vladimir Usmanov and Zauralsky scholar and historian, Professor, Head of the country's history and documentation of the Kurgan State University Vasily Kislitysn .

Both the source agency believe that there is a deliberate rewriting of history, and the condemnation of the communist regime is necessary in order to break a single story, together, a single victory of the two countries. At the same time, as noted by Vladimir Usmanov, selected the right time - 70 years after the war, when the majority of veterans are no longer alive. And the process of distortion of historical facts passes all over the world.

"When were living witnesses of the Soviet victory over fascism, then directly distort the facts of the Victory, the results of the Nuremberg Trials was impossible. Over time, as witnesses have died of war - this was possible. And all sent out to distort the memory of the young generation and our country and other countries. rewrites the history books in many countries, and the contribution of the Soviet Union, or silenced, or shows very pale.

England today believe that it was the center of the struggle against fascism. The US believes that without them would be impossible victory. In Japan gradually instilled that almost Soviet Union bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It seems absurd, but it is. Is shameless pressure on the story, "- said Vladimir Usmanov.

Major-General recalls that "belittling" Victory of the Soviet Union began to condemn Stalin when publications began to appear and the various statements that maligned the Soviet leader, as Supreme Commander. Gradually began attacks on the generals, including Zhukov.

Vladimir Usmanov

"Then it became bad commanders up to the soldiers. Now there is a wave of vilification soldiers stuffing go about rape, about the atrocities of the soldiers during the Soviet occupation.

Today, Ukraine supposedly protects society from the Communist and Nazi slogans, but they offer the throne SS Division, Bandera, wearing Nazi badges. Condemning the communist regime and equating it with fascism, they distort the results of the Nuremberg trials, which was condemned by the international tribunal Nazism and fascism, the communist regime there is not a word was said. Now everyone wants to turn ...

Some people may not like the Communist Party, but the fact that the Communists were headed the struggle against fascism, the head of the army, in the rear, do not recognize the fact that the Communist Party was directing and organizing at the time, was the organizer of the victory over fascism, may Only an idiot or a cynical enemy. The winners would not allow this slander, now there is very little, so it was possible to rewrite all "- said Usmanov.

Historian Vasily Kislitysn, in turn, said that the Soviet Union did not just that he was at the forefront of the struggle against fascism and won. Condemnation of communism is nothing else than the negation of the Soviet victory in the war.

"History has no subjunctive mood. If the Soviet Union and the Communist Party were the winners in this war, saved the world from the" fascist plague ", then this one should remember and say" thank you "and not blasphemous to rewrite history.

Today condemn communism, but that fascism always starts with the massacre of the Communists. Yatsenyuk, who offered to condemn communism, speaks with the voice of strangers - a mouthpiece of the United States, the CIA and so on. There is interesting information about the current leaders of Ukraine, most of them relatives in any way during the war have been associated with the Nazis, either accomplices or someone else, so they it is a family tradition, and by chance they turn up, "- said Vasily Kislitysn.

Basil Kisltsiyn

KSU professor also believes that the struggle against the communist regime is being more and in order to prevent the country's opposition, in such a way to get rid of rivals and divert public attention from his own person, from reports accusing him of corruption.

"These people have integrity, conscience, and justice does not have to wait. But the world is not all like Yatsenyuk, the story is still not rewritten. And today, despite the pressure, many leaders are going to come on the Victory Parade. And let not the first person, but representatives of the world's countries still come "- summed up Kislitysn.

According to Vladimir Usmanov, renaming Ukraine May 9 - is an attempt to get away from the joint venture with Russian holiday. Abandoned altogether from celebrating Victory in this day and to the example of Europe, where there is a May 8, said the source, Ukraine can not yet.

"Society is not yet ready to ensure that sharply forget about May 9 and they went to an intermediate step: May 8th day of remembrance and mourning, and on May 9 Victory Day will leave, but it will color the fact that without Russian May 9 - Victory Day will be over Nazism in World War II. Like them it will turn out, how it will look this gap - is unclear, but eventually, when the last veterans leave, they refuse to May 9 in favor of a European celebration on 8 May. Everything is done in order to break the common history of Russia and Ukraine, the joint struggle against Nazism.

We, too, are similar to the "yes-men" who downplay the victory of the Soviet Union, thus they humiliate Russia, humiliate us, humiliate our young generation - the grandchildren of our winners, erase the historical memory of our souls and our hearts, and it's all done on the eve of such a great holiday, as the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

But victory - is everything, especially in the present conditions, when the society "confusion" and vacillation, lack of ideology of the state. The victory - the only binding factor throughout our nation, nationality and people with different political views. Even now we still win staple, so we should not forget about it "- summed up Usmanov.

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