Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In Sumy, 90% of Kiev's recruits did not show up to the draft board.

Today at 15:30
In Sumy, 90% of Kiev's recruits did not show up to the draft board.

Nobody wanted to die: In Sumy a frustrated appeal, 90% of recruits did not show up to the draft board. Although in full swing spring conscription campaign, military commissars tearing their hair out in frustration, so sad are the results of new "recruitment". 

As of April 14, only 10% of recruits to the military commissariat were on the agenda. This was announced by the military commissar of the city of Sumy Yuri Polous. 

According to him, subject to the call were 2331 people, 2074 did not show up to the draft board in (89% of the total). Accordingly only 257 responded on the agenda - of sumchan. 

Of them 96 received a reprieve , 19 were found unfit for military service, 28 were removed from the military account unfit, and 129 were sent for additional medical examinations. At the military service ready were sent 15 people. 

In addition, in a for search its almost two thousand citizens who evaded army service since the previous appeals, the Commissar suggested that most of them fled to Russia. In general, patriotic primer has dried up and fighting for the team Nenko and chocolate rabbits is no more willing to any. 

Thus, the so called "Russian terrorist forces" can feel relaxed: as resistance from Sumy patriots they are not threatened by.

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