Saturday, April 11, 2015

***IMPORTANT***: Powerful Explosion Rocked Donetsk April 11, 2015

***IMPORTANT***: Powerful Explosion Rocked Donetsk   April 11, 2015

Witnesses: Donetsk powerful explosion rocked. April 11, 2015, 21:08 shock waves felt near the railway station in the west of Donetsk and in other parts of the city and in the Kirov region. 

Residents of Donetsk in social networks reported the explosion on April 11 in Donetsk. "Privokzalny, oh ** I ate! Rocked the house's ears. " "Center, shaking the house, which was never realized. Really it's time to make gifts and congratulations? " "Privokzalny. 

Open window and curtains almost blew off. Heard a sound like an explosion. " "quitting smoking, shooting first single, then a couple of volleys with something heavy." 

"I live on the main, 13 floor, it was very audible in my plate of food has risen." felt the shock wave and in the Kirov region of Donetsk."Freedom Square, the windows shook, machines alarm to sound." "The main sound no matter what it does not. As if fallen flat wooden board. " 

"Kirov district, very powerful explosion 20:40." According to unconfirmed reports, the epicenter of the explosion could be in the area of chemical products factory on the outskirts of Donetsk, not far from the sand. There may be ammunition. 

As reported by "Russian Conversation", under the rubble Donetsk Airport are at least 10 bodies of the Ukrainian military. This was reported by a representative of the Commission on Prisoners of War DNR Radionova Lily. 

"What exactly killed the military on the Donetsk airport, we do not know but we believe that no less than 10 ", - she said.

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