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Europe again to Ukraine said "No!"

Europe again to Ukraine said "no!"

April 27, 2015
Photo: Nicholas Lazarenko / TASS
Text: Michael Moshkin

The question of Ukraine's accession to the EU is not considered, Kiev does not guarantee a visa-free regime with the European Union, and the direction of the military mission is not out of the question. These are briefly disappointing results of the past for Kiev Ukraine - EU Summit. In Europe, began to tire of the unwillingness of Kiev to carry out reforms required by Brussels and the EU guaranteed to perform in Minsk agreement.

Military mission to Ukraine to send impossible - said the head of the Council of Europe, the former prime minister Donald Tusk at the summit Ukraine - EU, held in Kyiv on Monday. "We know the Ukrainian expectations", - stated Tusk, but said that the EU did not discuss this project. "Similarly, today we can only talk about the civilian mission, not the military," - once again shattered expectations of the Ukrainian side the head of the Council of Europe.

"The EU is waiting to Ukraine at least some economic outlook outlined. To date, it is not "Earlier, the Kiev again made ​​it clear that he can not rely on the introduction of peacekeepers in the conflict zone. The other day, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reminded the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that the decision to send a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine must accept the UN Security Council, and a few days later, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the EU Konstantin Eliseev admitted UN mandate will not give . The idea with the introduction of peacekeepers did not develop at the recent Berlin meeting of foreign ministers "Norman Quartet." Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andrei Klimkin mention this issue, but none of the ministers, including the "host site" Frank-Walter Steinmeier, did not react.

Ukraine - still not Europe

Disclaimer toward military mission - not only European "no", which EU leaders that day reminded Kiev.

The question of Ukraine's accession to the European Union is not on the immediate agenda , said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.As far as "not near" is the prospect of Ukraine, can be judged by the statement of Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Negotiations to expand. "In the next 10 years will not be admitted to the EU", - said Khan on April 22. According to "Ukrinform" , according to the European Commissioner, none of the countries - members of the European Union does not support the extension. A promising contender in the new period, the EU will not Ukraine, and Serbia.

Kiev September 16, 2014 ratified the agreement on association with the European Union (the delay in the signing of which, as we know, was the reason for Euromaidan), but the use of a free trade agreement with the EU has been postponed until January 1, 2016.

On Monday Poroshenko told European partners that Kiev intends to five years to ensure implementation of the Association Agreement. Thus, accession to the EU and from the point of view of Kiev became a matter not of the near future - to reach the conditions for filing an application for membership is planned by 2020.

But, as previously explained the Commissioner Johannes Hahn, "the candidate countries should approach from an economic point of view, to our (European) citizens were ready for it."This is a reasonable explanation on the background sounds mocking statements of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva that the Ukrainian economy has reached bottom .

Ukraine is among the top five most "accidents" of the economies in the world by Bloomberg . "Misery index" is defined as the sum of inflation and unemployment. In Ukraine, it is equal to 27%. According to , the minimum wage in Ukraine in February dropped to $ 43 because of the collapse of the hryvnia. According to this indicator Ukraine has lagged behind Bangladesh, Ghana and Zambia (46.6 dollars).

Without a visa-free regime

Another disappointment for Kiev: the EU does not intend to introduce visa-free regime with Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities planned that the decision on visa-free regime will be made already at the summit of "Eastern Partnership", which will be held on May 12 in Riga. However, at this summit, EU leaders said: the decision will not be accepted. The same reason - Ukraine has not met all of the necessary reforms.

Ukraine expects to receive a visa-free regime in 2016 after the completion of the requirements of the EU. But then again Kiev has not received guarantees of the European Union, and on this account.

European leaders have only limited pathos exhortations about the benefits of reform. In his speech in the Ukrainian language, the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk said, referring to the heads of Kiev: "Now everything depends on your beliefs. You have many enemies, but also a lot of friends. You can always count on them, but this is not enough. Reform - this is the best answer to the aggressor and the best memory of the heroes! "

Comfort to citizens who stood on the Maidan for the "European future of Ukraine", apparently, should serve Poroshenko statement that "from the leadership of the EU was positively noted the progress in the implementation of the action plan regarding the visa-free regime."

"This gives us every reason to hope that the implementation of Ukraine's work will be properly evaluated by the European Commission and the EU Member States and will allow us to present the results after the May 12 EU assessment mission to make a list of steps that Ukraine should carry out before the end of the year to soon introduce visa-free regime with the EU "- quoted Poroshenko RIA "Novosti" .

A sort of "consolation prize" for the most Poroshenko can probably be considered an assurance that the EU intends to keep sanctions against Russiauntil all the Minsk agreements. However, according to Donald Tusk, the criteria for the introduction of new restrictive measures have not yet been discussed.

Tusk also said that he expects the EU summit in June of unity "in response to the possible misconduct of Ukraine's neighbors." However, add that earlier on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that in July the European Union will discuss the possibility of extension as well as lifting the sanctions against Russia.

"Even if it will cause irritation"

"Today's summit Ukraine - EU summit will be no merger and delight, and the summit of requirements to Kiev. In the EU, more and more dissatisfied with his policies, "- suggested on the eve of the summit the head of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

A similar view is shared by the Western media - in particular, Financial Times on Monday said: key European guarantor of the peace process, Germany, concerned that Ukraine tightens the implementation of a number of items Minsk Agreement, in particular with the decentralization of power.

European diplomats say that, although the Minsk Agreement, and provide for the holding of local elections in the Donbass (the first thing that Kiev authorities intend to carry out), but the agreement does not require them to carry out decentralization. In addition, Financial Times notes that "the recent statements of the European side emphasize the EU's desire to ease tensions in relations with Russia, even if it will cause irritation of Kiev."

Berlin urges European politicians to take a conciliatory attitude towards Moscow. Thus, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker request weaken "Russian concerns" about free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU. German politician called on the European Commission to "show the utmost flexibility as possible in the framework of the agreement."

In Europe, began to tire from Kiev

"Kiev has to begin to carry out the agreement in Minsk, that he refuses to do.And in the European Union that are unhappy, they are not to have concluded an agreement in Minsk, to see how their blocks Kiev and violates ", - says the deputy gun.

Evidence of this comes almost every day.So, on Sunday, the OSCE observers in the daily report reported heavy shelling , which has undergone Shirokino. On Saturday by gunfire from multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" from the Kiev military-controlled village in New Marevka in DNR died militia fighter.

In Europe, began to tire of Kiev , says the gun. "The EU is waiting for some results of economic policy to Ukraine at least some economic outlook outlined - quoted deputy RIA "Novosti" . - To date, it is not, so I think the smiles and hugs in fact there will be enough tough talk with Ukraine, because the European Union to Ukraine began to tire. Charisma has passed, it's time to disappointment, and I do not think that Poroshenko has at least some trump cards to respond to this disappointment. "

Pushkov believes that the European Union expects from Kiev to combat corruption. "But it is very difficult to imagine how Poroshenko, a product of the oligarchic structure in Ukraine, will fight against corruption, what awaits him, because then resentment will grow and the business community, and not just on the part of the population. It can generally be isolated, "- said the head of the Duma committee on international affairs.

"The bad news for Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko"

"Ukraine is a choice, and it's not just about choosing between the West and Russia, but also in the choice of the West - said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK director of the Institute of CIS countries Konstantin Zatulin. - In Ukraine, the popular point of view, according to which everything is decided by the United States, including address issues with support for Ukraine by the European countries. It is believed that the United States is able to push any decision, and therefore it is necessary to focus on the United States. " This is utterly simplistic picture, though, of course, one can not deny the fact that the European Union in matters of foreign policy is driven, not leading, says the expert. But, he adds, the policy of individual EU countries - more independent than the policy of the European Union as a whole.

"Today these countries, especially Germany and France, have such an impact on the internal life of the EU, which ignore the dissenting opinion is very difficult - said Zatulin. - As you know, the French president and German chancellor put his reputation at stake in connection with the Minsk agreements. For the European Union in this situation suicidal effort to disavow Hollande and Angela Merkel, and doubt that Minsk agreements should be made. "

According to the analyst, "the first thing that should be noted, and this is bad news for Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko - The European Union sees the game of Ukraine related to the incomplete implementation of the agreements Minsk, sees Ukraine's desire to avoid the disadvantage, as they feel for her conditions - what concerns federalization, and special status for the Donetsk and Lugansk. " As we can see, the European Union at the summit reaffirmed its position, and (in spite of all the rhetoric in Ukraine, which is supported by the American media and directly by the United States), the EU is a direct indication of the fact that Kiev has to fulfill that by which he signed, said Zatulin. "It is not in the practice of Ukraine to fulfill its promises data" - adds the source.

"Europe is not ready to follow the Ukraine as a dog's tail"


"The second thing - do not go to a fortune teller to realize that Europe Ukraine, while important, is not an issue, for which it is necessary to sacrifice his men, their capital, stability, and so on," - said Zatulin.According to him, when Ukraine goes through hell, and starts to demand a peacekeeping operation, and in general - require that what disagrees Russia and was not in Minsk Agreement - then in the position of the EU is beginning to prevail skepticism.

If we go back to the end of the summit, it sums up the source, it will be necessary to separate the real results of the propaganda hype. "From Kiev will sound" thunder Victory Sound! "," We support Europe "," Europe condemns Russia and will continue to press its sanctions "- said Zatulin. - The actual content is different: Europe is not ready to follow the Ukraine as a dog for his tail, and considers that Ukraine is disingenuous in some areas. But, based on the common position of the West, the EU is not ready to publicly call certain things by their right names. "

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