Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Did US State. Dept. Tell Klimkin to say: Kiev is not to communicate with elected authorities of Donbass?

Did US State. Dept.'s Nuland Tell Klimkin to say: Kiev is not going to communicate with elected authorities of the Republic of Donbass?

The Unelected, US Appointed, and all around CIA  Puppet Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Coup imposed Ukraine Junta, Pavlo Klimkin after the meeting with the legitimate foreign ministers' at the Norman Four "on one of the Ukrainian TV channels said that Nuland's Kiev Junta can not engage in dialogue with representatives of the DNI and the LC, and insists on that the Russian side should. 

As stated Klimkin, Kiev insists on holding local elections in the Donbas in accordance with Ukraine's Fascist anti-Russian legislation and in accordance with the criteria of the Nazi OSCE. 

The criminal himself ruled out the possibility of standing for election wrongfully alleged"war criminals." Recall that the Ukrainian authorities have declared Separatists and  all the inhabitants of Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republic who refused to leave the territory of Donbas uncontrollable terrorists.


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