Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Americans teaching the Pro-Bandera battalions "death squad" counterinsurgency operations

Americans teaching the Pro-Bandera battalions "death squad" counterinsurgency operations

Americans are teaching the Pro-Bandera people, (their National Guard and volunteer battalions) What they taught their self serving satellites in 60-70-80-ies in Latin America - a counterinsurgency strategy, and counterinsurgency operations.

In fact, recreating the very same type notorious "death squads", who became famous in Latin America mass extrajudicial killings. What the enemy will fight battalions of the National Guard under Ukrainian, who taught the US military? 

Does this mean that in the hands of the destroyer battalions gets lethal weapons from NATO? These and other questions are the host of "Events. 25th Hour" Alexey Frolov discussed with the military expert, chief editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko. 

It is necessary to pay attention to someone working American contingent - 300 people, professionals in their field, which know how to kill, and they know how to do it - and know-how they transmit Ukrainian servicemen, and is either part of the National Guard of Ukraine, formed from Ukrainian nationalists, either, these are the volunteer battalions - mercenaries recruited for "Independence", which also the taste of blood in the battle for the Donbass. 

Today in Ukraine Americans prepared from soldiers of the mercenaries "death squads" that should solve several problems. The first - in terms of political instability in Ukraine to act as a repressive military body that can absolutely still kill dissidents or hold shares of mass terror against those or other regions of Ukraine, where they will protest movements. 

First of all, we are talking about the preparation of the "death squads" that are designed to keep the Ukraine "in check" - is extra-judicial killings, torture, kidnapping opposition, intimidation of the local population in an environment where the official Kiev government will not be able to control the situation. 

The second task - this training by western standards of servicemen, which can be used, for example, new hostilities in the Donbass, the militia against the DNI and LC. And the most important aspect - the Americans do not just teach and volunteer battalion of the National Guard, is a parallel transfer to them of arms, uniforms, communications, navigation, optics - the output from this training center comes fully equipped, fitted, equipped military unit that is ready to perform those orders to be delivered.

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