Monday, April 27, 2015

All violations of the truce in the Donbas - the handiwork of Kiev - American journalist

All violations of the truce in the Donbas - the handiwork of Kiev - American journalist


American journalist, a veteran of the US Armed Forces Jim Dine on air Press Tv stated that wine for virtually all cases of violations of the silence in the Donbas lies entirely on Kiev.

"Anyone who has followed the development of the situation in Ukraine knows that Kiev did not comply with the Minsk Agreement" - Dean said, commenting on the statement of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who called on Russia "to put pressure on the separatists, so that they comply with the cease-fire."

Dean said that first started to shoot Ukrainian law enforcers. "They first opened fire on the militia, those they meet, and then prepare a report for Kiev observers, claiming that Ukrainian troops were attacked," - he said. And added that the Western media not a word was said about what specific measures the West is going to take to get Kiev to abide by the Minsk Agreement.

US Secretary of State Kerry, moreover, insisted that Russia was "in compliance with its obligations in Minsk, including withdrawing Russian troops from the east of Ukraine, where they continue to provide heavy weapons and conduct training separatists, as well as lead command posts and bases of surface to air missiles ".

Journalist Jean Dean it said that such accusations are unfounded: they are not backed by any satellite images or intercepted radio conversations, although the technical capabilities to produce them there. "No Russian military is not there - if only the Russians have no invisible forces that magically, quietly, cross the border guards while excommunicated for lunch."

The journalist also noted that, although the United States and have not signed the Minsk Agreement, attempts to disrupt them "have become a real embarrassment" for the country.

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