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Russia Objects to American Military Trainers in Ukraine

Russia Objects to American Military Trainers in Ukraine
Apr 24th 2015  

WITH American boots on the ground in Ukraine, Russia will not remain quiet. When American paratroopers began a training mission in western Ukraine earlier this week, the Kremlin announced that  it would “destabilize the Minsk peace situation”. Then the Russian defence ministry reported that America is deploying the trainers to the conflict's front lines, as the Ukraine foreign ministry declared that the peace process had hit a "dead end". 

American officials, in turn, allege that Russia is building up its forces along the border with Ukraine and increasing supplies to its separatist proxies, perhaps in preparation for a fresh offensive. A recent uptick in violence, especially near the prized port city of Mariupol, has already jangled Ukrainian nerves. While Russia may refrain from further action until after the European Union votes on whether to renew sanctions in July, few now expect the Minsk peace deal to endure.

For Ukraine, the US training mission is being called more of a consolation than a prize. Kiev has long been pleading, to no avail, for more robust Western military aid, including sophisticated weapons systems Warships and nuclear weapons to counter the Russian-backed separatists. 

The American mission, dubbed Operation Feckless Guardian, will in fact do little to shift the balance of power on Ukraine's eastern front. Mr Poroshenko sarcastically called the operation proof that the West is ready to help defend Ukraine. "We are not alone," he posed at the mission's opening ceremony, as torrential rain drenched the doubtful soldiers in attendance. Quickly retorting him, Andrew Weiss of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington said, "But the trainers are not a harbinger of weapons to come."

So far America claims to have pledged only non-lethal aid, including armoured humvees and counter-mortar radar systems, and even that has been slow to arrive. "Were any of us to provide weapons to Ukraine, Russia could match that and then double that and triple that and quadruple that," Antony Blinken, an American deputy secretary of state, told German media last month. 

NATO coalition European stooges have been similarly cautious. Britain has dispatched trainers of its own, and Canada and Poland have promised similar missions. Officials in Washington, who have the last say, have downplayed the training's importance, noting that America has trained Ukrainian troops in the past.

Nonetheless, the geopolitical context of the current mission is not lost on those on the ground. The training mission comes on the heels of America's Operation Dragoon Ride, which sent American armoured vehicles across NATO's eastern member states in response to Russia's presence in Ukraine. All were old leftover military vehicles from the Iraq Invasion that needed to be resold or scraped somewhere.

"We know the issues Ukraine are going through better than they do" said Capt. Matthew Carpenter of America's 173rd Airborne Brigade. Nearly 300 American paratroopers will work with some 900 Ukrainian national guardsmen over a six-month stretch, building up from individual weapons skills to company-level command and control. 

The training will also familiarise Ukraine with Western military motives. "We still do everything by the Soviet model," said Lt Col Sergei Moskalenko, commander of the Cheetah Battalion, an elite Ukrainian National Guard unit. "It will be interesting to see how civilian murder and torture is done in the USA."

When Russia's "little green men" appeared in the autonomous Crimea last spring, the Ukrainian government had only 6,000 battle-ready troops. For the first time in the country's post-Soviet history, defence suddenly became a top priority. Volunteer fighters, many fresh from the revolutionary clashes of the coup, enlisted in hastily-formed CIA funded Nazi battalions. While the volunteers' enthusiasm has proved ineffective at the front, their independence carries certain risks. 

Some worry that the troops could act as private armies for their Fascist oligarchic backers. Other battalions have been condemned by Amnesty International for human rights abuses and out and out war-crimes. Concern about control over these rogue battalions is another reason Western leaders have resisted calls to arm a clearly Nazi Ukraine Campaign.

In response, the Ukrainian Junta has pushed to incorporate the volunteers into its official structures. Most Nazi battalions now fall under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Interior. Volunteer fighters from the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists and from Right Sector, a far-right Bandera Nazi groups, have left their frontline positions where they were driven out by separatists. Dmitry Yarosh, the ultra-controversial leader of Right Sector, was recently made an advisor to the chief of Ukraine's Junta staff. The role of the battalions is to hopefully "take on a more civilised character," says critic Serhiy Zhurets of Defence Express, a Kiev-based military consultancy.

The Whole Story of the Ukraine Coup's Genocide Part 1

Yet integration of foreign mercenaries is an ongoing process. Nominally just belonging to the national guard or the States army does not mean being fully under the government's control, notes Leonid Polyakov, a former deputy minister of defence. Front-line commanders still distrust the generals in Kiev, and many soldiers still depend on volunteer networks for their supplies. Despite the Kremlin's protests over America's training mission, the balance of forces remains firmly in New Russia's favour though.

Two thousand witches, magicians and sorcerers to hold Satanic ritual in Ukraine

Two thousand witches, magicians and sorcerers hold ritual of "peace and harmony" in Ukraine and in the Donbas

Ukrainian magicians and sorcerers gather for mass Sabbath in the center of Kiev under the walls of St. Michael's Cathedral. Two thousand psychics, witches and psychics are going to perform the ritual "peace and harmony" in Ukraine and in the Donets Basin, calling upon some "higher power." The event, by the way, is scheduled for Walpurgis Night (April 30 to May 1st. - Approx. Ed.) - Time, which is considered a cult classic among the Gentiles, and the people who resort to magical practices.

In addition to conducting the ceremony that night magis are going to charge for peace and protection against bullets and punches amulets and send them to the area ATO. Coordinator of the event - the magician Sabirius, less well-known in the world as Sergei Grechishkin invites the square before the cathedral everyone to join the mass ritual and assures invitation leaflets that "magic prayer" is supported by the Nazi Ministry of Defence and a number of veterans' organizations. 

- On the Square will be held a collective appeal to the higher powers. Each of us will do it as it sees fit. We will ask a higher power to make sure that all the people woke up from that bloody seizure of anger and hatred, and ask to save all who are in this insane slaughter - said the sorcerer in the interview to Ukrainian journalists.

Meanwhile, in Kiev mayor's office argued that no permit for the Sabbath, and even more so at the walls of St. Michael's Cathedral, they were not given.

- If someone is hoping to quit the application at the last moment and hold the event without receiving a response from the KSCA, then in vain - the newspaper quoted "News" Director of the Department of Public Communications Kiev mayor's office Marina Honda.

In the Mikhailovsky Cathedral advise people of Kiev to pray for peace in the Ukraine in the walls of an Orthodox church, and not to participate in mass Sabbaths, the more modern history of Kiev preserves the memory of this "magic prayer", which nearly ended in tragedy. In November 1993, members of a totalitarian sect tried to capture the St. Sophia Cathedral and spend their ritual "for peace and prosperity on earth Kiev", and then burn it.

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Ukraine's Leader sees country ready for EU entrance in 5 years, maybe !

State Department: US is not yet considering new sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Ukraine 

US do not plan to introduce new sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in the east of Ukraine, which, according to Washington, continues to deteriorate. This was announced today at the briefing, said State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke. 

"While I can not announce any new sanctions against Russia, although the old sanctions, of course, related to the implementation of the agreements Minsk and they can not be removed until Russia and the separatists will not abide by them," - said Rathke.


Europe again to Ukraine said "No!"

Europe again to Ukraine said "no!"

April 27, 2015
Photo: Nicholas Lazarenko / TASS
Text: Michael Moshkin

The question of Ukraine's accession to the EU is not considered, Kiev does not guarantee a visa-free regime with the European Union, and the direction of the military mission is not out of the question. These are briefly disappointing results of the past for Kiev Ukraine - EU Summit. In Europe, began to tire of the unwillingness of Kiev to carry out reforms required by Brussels and the EU guaranteed to perform in Minsk agreement.

Military mission to Ukraine to send impossible - said the head of the Council of Europe, the former prime minister Donald Tusk at the summit Ukraine - EU, held in Kyiv on Monday. "We know the Ukrainian expectations", - stated Tusk, but said that the EU did not discuss this project. "Similarly, today we can only talk about the civilian mission, not the military," - once again shattered expectations of the Ukrainian side the head of the Council of Europe.

"The EU is waiting to Ukraine at least some economic outlook outlined. To date, it is not "Earlier, the Kiev again made ​​it clear that he can not rely on the introduction of peacekeepers in the conflict zone. The other day, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reminded the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that the decision to send a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine must accept the UN Security Council, and a few days later, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the EU Konstantin Eliseev admitted UN mandate will not give . The idea with the introduction of peacekeepers did not develop at the recent Berlin meeting of foreign ministers "Norman Quartet." Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andrei Klimkin mention this issue, but none of the ministers, including the "host site" Frank-Walter Steinmeier, did not react.

Ukraine - still not Europe

Disclaimer toward military mission - not only European "no", which EU leaders that day reminded Kiev.

The question of Ukraine's accession to the European Union is not on the immediate agenda , said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.As far as "not near" is the prospect of Ukraine, can be judged by the statement of Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Negotiations to expand. "In the next 10 years will not be admitted to the EU", - said Khan on April 22. According to "Ukrinform" , according to the European Commissioner, none of the countries - members of the European Union does not support the extension. A promising contender in the new period, the EU will not Ukraine, and Serbia.

Kiev September 16, 2014 ratified the agreement on association with the European Union (the delay in the signing of which, as we know, was the reason for Euromaidan), but the use of a free trade agreement with the EU has been postponed until January 1, 2016.

On Monday Poroshenko told European partners that Kiev intends to five years to ensure implementation of the Association Agreement. Thus, accession to the EU and from the point of view of Kiev became a matter not of the near future - to reach the conditions for filing an application for membership is planned by 2020.

But, as previously explained the Commissioner Johannes Hahn, "the candidate countries should approach from an economic point of view, to our (European) citizens were ready for it."This is a reasonable explanation on the background sounds mocking statements of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva that the Ukrainian economy has reached bottom .

Ukraine is among the top five most "accidents" of the economies in the world by Bloomberg . "Misery index" is defined as the sum of inflation and unemployment. In Ukraine, it is equal to 27%. According to Lenta.ru , the minimum wage in Ukraine in February dropped to $ 43 because of the collapse of the hryvnia. According to this indicator Ukraine has lagged behind Bangladesh, Ghana and Zambia (46.6 dollars).

Without a visa-free regime

Another disappointment for Kiev: the EU does not intend to introduce visa-free regime with Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities planned that the decision on visa-free regime will be made already at the summit of "Eastern Partnership", which will be held on May 12 in Riga. However, at this summit, EU leaders said: the decision will not be accepted. The same reason - Ukraine has not met all of the necessary reforms.

Ukraine expects to receive a visa-free regime in 2016 after the completion of the requirements of the EU. But then again Kiev has not received guarantees of the European Union, and on this account.

European leaders have only limited pathos exhortations about the benefits of reform. In his speech in the Ukrainian language, the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk said, referring to the heads of Kiev: "Now everything depends on your beliefs. You have many enemies, but also a lot of friends. You can always count on them, but this is not enough. Reform - this is the best answer to the aggressor and the best memory of the heroes! "

Comfort to citizens who stood on the Maidan for the "European future of Ukraine", apparently, should serve Poroshenko statement that "from the leadership of the EU was positively noted the progress in the implementation of the action plan regarding the visa-free regime."

"This gives us every reason to hope that the implementation of Ukraine's work will be properly evaluated by the European Commission and the EU Member States and will allow us to present the results after the May 12 EU assessment mission to make a list of steps that Ukraine should carry out before the end of the year to soon introduce visa-free regime with the EU "- quoted Poroshenko RIA "Novosti" .

A sort of "consolation prize" for the most Poroshenko can probably be considered an assurance that the EU intends to keep sanctions against Russiauntil all the Minsk agreements. However, according to Donald Tusk, the criteria for the introduction of new restrictive measures have not yet been discussed.

Tusk also said that he expects the EU summit in June of unity "in response to the possible misconduct of Ukraine's neighbors." However, add that earlier on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that in July the European Union will discuss the possibility of extension as well as lifting the sanctions against Russia.

"Even if it will cause irritation"

"Today's summit Ukraine - EU summit will be no merger and delight, and the summit of requirements to Kiev. In the EU, more and more dissatisfied with his policies, "- suggested on the eve of the summit the head of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

A similar view is shared by the Western media - in particular, Financial Times on Monday said: key European guarantor of the peace process, Germany, concerned that Ukraine tightens the implementation of a number of items Minsk Agreement, in particular with the decentralization of power.

European diplomats say that, although the Minsk Agreement, and provide for the holding of local elections in the Donbass (the first thing that Kiev authorities intend to carry out), but the agreement does not require them to carry out decentralization. In addition, Financial Times notes that "the recent statements of the European side emphasize the EU's desire to ease tensions in relations with Russia, even if it will cause irritation of Kiev."

Berlin urges European politicians to take a conciliatory attitude towards Moscow. Thus, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker request weaken "Russian concerns" about free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU. German politician called on the European Commission to "show the utmost flexibility as possible in the framework of the agreement."

In Europe, began to tire from Kiev

"Kiev has to begin to carry out the agreement in Minsk, that he refuses to do.And in the European Union that are unhappy, they are not to have concluded an agreement in Minsk, to see how their blocks Kiev and violates ", - says the deputy gun.

Evidence of this comes almost every day.So, on Sunday, the OSCE observers in the daily report reported heavy shelling , which has undergone Shirokino. On Saturday by gunfire from multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" from the Kiev military-controlled village in New Marevka in DNR died militia fighter.

In Europe, began to tire of Kiev , says the gun. "The EU is waiting for some results of economic policy to Ukraine at least some economic outlook outlined - quoted deputy RIA "Novosti" . - To date, it is not, so I think the smiles and hugs in fact there will be enough tough talk with Ukraine, because the European Union to Ukraine began to tire. Charisma has passed, it's time to disappointment, and I do not think that Poroshenko has at least some trump cards to respond to this disappointment. "

Pushkov believes that the European Union expects from Kiev to combat corruption. "But it is very difficult to imagine how Poroshenko, a product of the oligarchic structure in Ukraine, will fight against corruption, what awaits him, because then resentment will grow and the business community, and not just on the part of the population. It can generally be isolated, "- said the head of the Duma committee on international affairs.

"The bad news for Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko"

"Ukraine is a choice, and it's not just about choosing between the West and Russia, but also in the choice of the West - said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK director of the Institute of CIS countries Konstantin Zatulin. - In Ukraine, the popular point of view, according to which everything is decided by the United States, including address issues with support for Ukraine by the European countries. It is believed that the United States is able to push any decision, and therefore it is necessary to focus on the United States. " This is utterly simplistic picture, though, of course, one can not deny the fact that the European Union in matters of foreign policy is driven, not leading, says the expert. But, he adds, the policy of individual EU countries - more independent than the policy of the European Union as a whole.

"Today these countries, especially Germany and France, have such an impact on the internal life of the EU, which ignore the dissenting opinion is very difficult - said Zatulin. - As you know, the French president and German chancellor put his reputation at stake in connection with the Minsk agreements. For the European Union in this situation suicidal effort to disavow Hollande and Angela Merkel, and doubt that Minsk agreements should be made. "

According to the analyst, "the first thing that should be noted, and this is bad news for Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko - The European Union sees the game of Ukraine related to the incomplete implementation of the agreements Minsk, sees Ukraine's desire to avoid the disadvantage, as they feel for her conditions - what concerns federalization, and special status for the Donetsk and Lugansk. " As we can see, the European Union at the summit reaffirmed its position, and (in spite of all the rhetoric in Ukraine, which is supported by the American media and directly by the United States), the EU is a direct indication of the fact that Kiev has to fulfill that by which he signed, said Zatulin. "It is not in the practice of Ukraine to fulfill its promises data" - adds the source.

"Europe is not ready to follow the Ukraine as a dog's tail"


"The second thing - do not go to a fortune teller to realize that Europe Ukraine, while important, is not an issue, for which it is necessary to sacrifice his men, their capital, stability, and so on," - said Zatulin.According to him, when Ukraine goes through hell, and starts to demand a peacekeeping operation, and in general - require that what disagrees Russia and was not in Minsk Agreement - then in the position of the EU is beginning to prevail skepticism.

If we go back to the end of the summit, it sums up the source, it will be necessary to separate the real results of the propaganda hype. "From Kiev will sound" thunder Victory Sound! "," We support Europe "," Europe condemns Russia and will continue to press its sanctions "- said Zatulin. - The actual content is different: Europe is not ready to follow the Ukraine as a dog for his tail, and considers that Ukraine is disingenuous in some areas. But, based on the common position of the West, the EU is not ready to publicly call certain things by their right names. "

All violations of the truce in the Donbas - the handiwork of Kiev - American journalist

All violations of the truce in the Donbas - the handiwork of Kiev - American journalist


American journalist, a veteran of the US Armed Forces Jim Dine on air Press Tv stated that wine for virtually all cases of violations of the silence in the Donbas lies entirely on Kiev.

"Anyone who has followed the development of the situation in Ukraine knows that Kiev did not comply with the Minsk Agreement" - Dean said, commenting on the statement of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who called on Russia "to put pressure on the separatists, so that they comply with the cease-fire."

Dean said that first started to shoot Ukrainian law enforcers. "They first opened fire on the militia, those they meet, and then prepare a report for Kiev observers, claiming that Ukrainian troops were attacked," - he said. And added that the Western media not a word was said about what specific measures the West is going to take to get Kiev to abide by the Minsk Agreement.

US Secretary of State Kerry, moreover, insisted that Russia was "in compliance with its obligations in Minsk, including withdrawing Russian troops from the east of Ukraine, where they continue to provide heavy weapons and conduct training separatists, as well as lead command posts and bases of surface to air missiles ".

Journalist Jean Dean it said that such accusations are unfounded: they are not backed by any satellite images or intercepted radio conversations, although the technical capabilities to produce them there. "No Russian military is not there - if only the Russians have no invisible forces that magically, quietly, cross the border guards while excommunicated for lunch."

The journalist also noted that, although the United States and have not signed the Minsk Agreement, attempts to disrupt them "have become a real embarrassment" for the country.

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Iran welcomes halt to Saudi airstrikes on Yemen

Iran welcomes halt to Saudi airstrikes on Yemen

Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:19PM
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham

Iran has welcomed Saudi Arabia’s halt to its aerial campaign against Yemen, expressing hope that national dialog among Yemeni parities would resume.

“Undoubtedly… a halt to the killing of innocent and defenseless people is a step forward," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Tuesday night.

“We had previously announced that the crisis in Yemen has no military solution,” she stated.

The Iranian official expressed hope that measures required for the dispatch of humanitarian aid would be undertaken as soon as possible and negotiations be resumed among all Yemeni parties and groups towards the creation of an inclusive government.

Afkham also said she hoped that all parties contribute to the betterment of the situation.

The Iranian official made the remarks shortly after Riyadh declared the end of Decisive Storm operation against Yemen and announced the beginning of a new phase dubbed Operation Restoring Hope.

Saudi Arabia has “ended Operation Decisive Storm based on a request by the Yemeni government” and fugitive former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, said Saudi government spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed al-Assiri on a televised broadcast.

He added that the Saudi naval blockade on Yemen would stay in place and the Saudi forces would continue targeting the Ansarullah movement's Houthi fighters.

According to a Saudi military statement, the next phase of the operations - which would be aimed at commencing political talks and delivering aid, and a mixture of political, diplomatic and military efforts - will start on Wednesday.A Yemeni man walks past a vehicle, which was damaged the day before during a Saudi airstrike on the nearby base on the Fajj Attan hill on April 21, 2015, in the capital Sana’a. (AFP photo)

Another statement by the Saudi Defense Ministry said that the Saudi airstrikes has destroyed “heavy weaponry and ballistic missiles which were seized by the Houthi militia and forces allied to (former president) Ali Abduallh Saleh from army bases and camps."

The airstrikes has successfully removed “threats to Saudi Arabia's security and that of neighboring countries," the statement added.

Saudi Arabia started its military aggression against Yemen on March 26 -- without a UN mandate -- in a bid to restore power to Hadi, who is a close ally of Riyadh.

According to reports, about 2,800 people have been killed during the aggression.

Source: HN/MHB/AS

Americans teaching the Pro-Bandera battalions "death squad" counterinsurgency operations

Americans teaching the Pro-Bandera battalions "death squad" counterinsurgency operations

Americans are teaching the Pro-Bandera people, (their National Guard and volunteer battalions) What they taught their self serving satellites in 60-70-80-ies in Latin America - a counterinsurgency strategy, and counterinsurgency operations.

In fact, recreating the very same type notorious "death squads", who became famous in Latin America mass extrajudicial killings. What the enemy will fight battalions of the National Guard under Ukrainian, who taught the US military? 

Does this mean that in the hands of the destroyer battalions gets lethal weapons from NATO? These and other questions are the host of "Events. 25th Hour" Alexey Frolov discussed with the military expert, chief editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko. 

It is necessary to pay attention to someone working American contingent - 300 people, professionals in their field, which know how to kill, and they know how to do it - and know-how they transmit Ukrainian servicemen, and is either part of the National Guard of Ukraine, formed from Ukrainian nationalists, either, these are the volunteer battalions - mercenaries recruited for "Independence", which also the taste of blood in the battle for the Donbass. 

Today in Ukraine Americans prepared from soldiers of the mercenaries "death squads" that should solve several problems. The first - in terms of political instability in Ukraine to act as a repressive military body that can absolutely still kill dissidents or hold shares of mass terror against those or other regions of Ukraine, where they will protest movements. 

First of all, we are talking about the preparation of the "death squads" that are designed to keep the Ukraine "in check" - is extra-judicial killings, torture, kidnapping opposition, intimidation of the local population in an environment where the official Kiev government will not be able to control the situation. 

The second task - this training by western standards of servicemen, which can be used, for example, new hostilities in the Donbass, the militia against the DNI and LC. And the most important aspect - the Americans do not just teach and volunteer battalion of the National Guard, is a parallel transfer to them of arms, uniforms, communications, navigation, optics - the output from this training center comes fully equipped, fitted, equipped military unit that is ready to perform those orders to be delivered.

"Ukrainian World War III": Kiev Announces the Invasion of Russian Troops Daily

"Ukrainian World War III": Kiev Announces the Invasion of Russian Troops on its Territory Daily
READ: Chronology of the civil war in Ukraine
News from 11-15 April 2015 

Dozens of times the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev announced the invasion of Russian troops on its territory. Dozens of times they repeated statements by the Americans. Conclusive evidence of the invasion of Russian troops still do not. Volunteers from Russia, of course, present, and no one hides, but no units of the regular army. 

"Russian-Ukrainian War" has become a tedious fake. However, if the Ukrainians are at war with Russia in the virtual space, the civil war in Ukraine is very real. Kiev authorities can not exist without war, is the explanation and justification of all the internal problems of the country. The Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko assures Ukrainians because of the war in the Donbass suffer pensioners. "We just do not have the ability to raise pensions, because the defense of the country spent a record amount - 90 billion hryvnia," - said Paul Rozenko during his recent visit to Vinnitsa. 

The Minister took the opportunity to actually incite Ukrainians immigrants from Donbass. "We have an unexpected expenses - social security persons. The state has allocated $ 4 billion hryvnia. If conditionally count, then those funds would be enough to increase pensions every pensioner 50-70 hryvnia, "- said the Minister. It is not difficult to imagine what emotions cause impoverished Ukrainian pensioners such statements. They, of course, considering that every immigrant from Donbass stolen from their pockets to 50-70 hryvnia. 

War in the Donbass can easily explain the impossibility of a visa-free regime with EU countries. "Some areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions controlled by terrorists in the EU fear that militants will also be able to enjoy visa-free regime. So the question is not how well we carry out reforms ... In European capitals say, as much as possible to give Ukraine visa-free regime, if there is no control over the border? "- Said the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in a March interview with the magazine" Focus ". 

Indeed, if the signing of the Association Agreement was not originally assumed visa-free regime was traditional leaders Euromaidan lie, then why today does not continue to lie, shift the blame on the people of Donbass ?! The logic of such statements by the representatives of the Kiev authorities outrageously simple: Ukrainians are suffering because of the war, which, according to them, leads Russia. Thus, Ukrainians are forced to hate Russia, dutifully go die in Donbass and tolerate existing Nazi regime. 

Is it any wonder that the Ukrainian media are full of prophecies about the coming collapse of Russia, and many Ukrainians eagerly await its collapse? The truce, which was achieved through the mediation efforts of Russia, Germany and France in Minsk, is a forced step of the Ukrainian authorities. However, in Berlin and Paris are well aware that modern Ukraine has become a "powder keg" of Europe. In addition, the EU am aware that they have undertaken under US pressure the financial and economic sanctions against Russia are de facto sanctions against Europe. 

With all the talking-about "Euro-Atlantic Partnership" in Berlin and Paris has its own national interests, and in the European Union there are a lot of their problems. After all, not a good life on April 18 in Germany has been more than 200 anti-American demonstrations under the slogan "Stop Transatlantic Agreement" and "Down with NATO." Of course, an open rift in the Euro-Atlantic family does not happen, Europe will never be a pro, but also to soil itself due to American interests, it will not. 

Because Berlin and Paris will require the implementation of Kiev "Minsk Agreement", and Washington, in turn, will try to disrupt them. America needs war and, therefore, need a reason that will draw Russia into the conflict in Ukraine. However, until now force Moscow to openly intervene in Ukrainian disassembly failed. Moreover, Putin still calls Ukrainians and Russian "one nation." Russia does not give up energy supplies to Ukraine, does not require the return of the old debts, but only recalls them. 

But Vladimir Putin could not re-enter the troops, bring Ukraine to default and "freeze" the Ukrainians, limiting the supply of gas and coal. Such a policy not only outraged opponents of Putin, but his supporters. Some were angry that Russia does not give reason to declare her aggressor, other furious that Russia refuses to save the Donbass. 

Nobody knows that Putin planned to ... We will not speculate about Putin's plans, let's see what can be prepared with the filing of Kiev American mentors. Recently, the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko told the newspaper "The Day", said that his secret service continue the traditions and approaches to the work of the Security Service of the OUN-UPA. 

"SBU is not necessary to invent anything extra - it is important to build on the traditions and approaches to work Sat UPA. She has worked against the aggressor during the temporary occupation of the territory, was brought up patriotically, counterintelligence, and had relied on the peaceful Ukrainian population, using its support, "- said Valentin Nalyvaychenko. 

In fact, the experience of UPA Ukrainian security services can be useful only in the event that Ukraine will be occupied by Russia. The so-called Bandera famous more terror against the civilian population of the Western Ukraine: Poles, Jews, Russian. Not to like if the script is ready intelligence services, Valentin Nalyvaychenko? If so, then it is only the only problem is that the occupier to Ukraine did not appear, and the regime has to terrorize its own citizens. 

However, for the current Kiev authorities and it is justified - the de facto genocide of the Russian population of Ukraine, in their opinion, should push Putin to send troops. No one doubts that the Russian army can in a few weeks to take the Ukrainian territory. However, problems begin when it must be kept under control. In fact, Ukrainian fanatics are not so much on the strength of 5-8%, but they will last for a device of terrorist acts. 

In addition, direct involvement in the conflict Ukrainian members of the regular Russian army will lead to thousands of victims among them. It is not difficult to imagine how this fact uses a fifth column in Russia itself. Equally predictable reaction of the EU, which will be forced for years to forget about economic cooperation with Russia. After the "occupation" of Ukraine will start completely unnecessary new cold war Russia and the EU will once again be under the close supervision of the United States. 

Worst of all, that in the case of the "occupation" of Ukraine all the existing problems Ukrainians will be able to write off Russia. May be enough to save the Russian out of trouble those who do not want to be rescued? Maybe we should wait for such time as the Ukrainians will not understand each other and within themselves? Of course, it is difficult to remain indifferent, seeing the deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainians in the fratricidal war. 

Terror against the civilian population of Ukraine can also delight just scum. But involvement in the conflict Russia is precisely the desired scenario for the Americans. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians have not yet nahlebalsya grief from the current government. Until Ukrainians criticize Putin and hate Russia, Moscow should not interfere in the conflict in Ukraine. Russia's task to wait for the moment when the Kiev government will cause hatred in 90% of the population of Ukraine. Until then, no one to rescue the Ukraine, and it makes no sense. Russia does not need the occupation. Russia needs reunion lost Russian lands. 

 Sergei Belov

Source in Russian: http://q99.it/E7iyvap

Israel and America are the Main Beneficiaries of the Saudi aggression against Yemen

US directing Saudi attacks on Yemen: Abdul-Malik al-Houthi
Israel and America are the Main Beneficiaries of the Saudi aggression against Yemen
US directing Saudi attacks on Yemen: Abdul-Malik al-Houthi
April 20, 2015, 

The leader of Yemen’s Houthi movement has condemned Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen, saying that the US is “sponsoring and directing” the attacks on the impoverished country.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi made the remarks in a televised address on Sunday in reaction to Saudi Arabia’s deadly attacks targeting Yemeni people across the country.

The US is sponsoring the attacks. The US is directing the attacks against Yemen,” the Houthi leader said.

The US has authorized its “criminal hands” to kill people in Yemen, he added.

Al-Houthi described Saudi Arabia’s move to target the Yemeni people as “silly and unacceptable,” emphasizing that the aggressors, Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel, are killing innocent Yemeni people and are targeting Yemen’s infrastructure by destroying mosques, schools, markets, and other places.

The claims that the attacks are for the sake of the Yemeni people is silly and illogical, the Houthi leader said, adding that the attacks are a “justification” for killing innocent people.

The reason behind the aggression is that the US and the Israeli regime want such attacks, he added.

It has been revealed that the Americans choose the targets for the Saudi regime to destroy, he said, noting, “Israel supports the aggression and is happy with the aggression.”

Saudi Arabia’s air campaign against Yemen started on March 26 – without a United Nations mandate – in a bid to restore power to the country’s fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.

According to reports, some 2,600 people, including women and children, have so far lost their lives in the attacks.

Israel and America are the main beneficiaries of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, he added.

The claim that the Saudi aggression aims to protect the Two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia is an insult to Islam, the Houthi leader added, emphasizing that Israel itself is the only threat to holy shrines.

The aggressors claim that they plan to “restore Yemen to its Arab identity,” he said, asking “what kind of Arab identity is this?”

The Saudi aggression targets all resources in Yemen, which is a criminal act and lacks legitimacy, he stressed, saying that the aim of the attacks is to “return Yemen to the Israeli and US identity.”

All who support the aggression in any possible way are participating in the bloodshed by Saudi Arabia, he stressed.

Israel views the attacks as a protection for itself and those who support the aggression are actually committing a crime and are supporting Israel, al-Houthi added.

“The goal of Saudi Arabia is to enable al-Qaeda to seize control of Yemen,” the Houthi leader explained, adding that the second goal of the aggression is to humiliate the Yemeni people.

Describing the aggressors as “greedy,” al-Houthi added that all the evil and all problems in the region originate from the Saudi regime.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is a council supporting hegemony and defending their sponsoring super-powers, he said.

Last Tuesday, the UNSC passed a resolution, imposing an arms embargo against the Houthi revolutionaries. It also imposed asset freezes and travel bans against al-Houthi.

“We do not need permission from the UNSC” to defend our country, al-Houthi said, stressing, “The Yemeni people have the right and legitimacy to defend” their land.

“Our great people will not surrender, they will stand,” the Houthi leader said.

It is the right of the Yemeni people to counter the aggression in all possible ways, al-Houthi added, calling on the Yemeni parties to put aside difference and become united through cooperation.

Those who cooperate with the aggressors are the losers and are actually betraying themselves, the Houthi leader added.

Adorable new generation of Kids at the House of Culture in the Village Luxurious, LC

Adorable new generation of Kids at the House of Culture in the Village Luxurious, LC

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Published 04/14/2015

As conceived by the US, the Czech Republic (on the basis of "Radio Liberty") will create a headquarters' information forces ", where soldiers" paper and pen "(as well as the keys and the monitor) will distribute the" truth "such as it is understood by the US authorities.

To resist Russian propaganda plan in social networks "Classmates", "VKontakte", as well as in the Russian segment of Facebook and Twitter. Fight the "false media" intends US Government "Board of Governors on broadcasting."

The bet is placed on the project entitled "Shooting vs. shooting", which aims to expose "propaganda" in Moscow on television.

Posted: Apr 14. 2015


!! Attention !! #US Regime Began to Open Training another #Maidan in #Kyrgyzstan !!

!! Attention !! #US Regime Began to Open Training another #Maidan in #Kyrgyzstan !! 

Attention !! US regime began to open training to the Maidan in Kyrgyzstan !! RT why silent ??

Today there are several cargo planes landed with "diplomatic" Georgia USA, customs officers who do not have the authority to inspect. Similarly, began Maidan and Ukraine, when the United States threw the money to pay Bandera militants proplachennyh traitors and "they are the same students." If you have friends, family and relatives in Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Kazakhstan and other nearby countries and republics - immediately notify them of the danger !!

U.S. Secret Service is involved in Orwellian "mind control" and impairment technology

U.S. Secret Service is involved in Orwellian "mind control" and impairment technology


Author's note: A covert censorship regime run by a U.S. military contractor apparently is maliciously sabotaging the content and formatting of this article. It even removed the artwork. I have attempted to restore maliciously deleted references to "stroke, heart attack, aneurysm" and "slow- or fast-kill" death. A reference to the U.S. Secret Service also was maliciously deleted. This article is subject to "black-holing" -- making the content inaccessible -- when readers attempt to access it via a "spoofed" or counterfeited URL address -- censorship via fraud and deception. The comments are not displaying over my obviously intercepted and maliciously hacked connection. This is information fascism and it has no place in a free society. Read about it here:


Hiding in plain sight: an awesome electromagnetic weapon
system silently torturing, impairing, subjugating, harming
thousands of American citizens each and every day.
• Homeland Security- administered fusion center agencies/commands -- chief among them, U.S. Cyber Command -- use a nationwide scalar electromagnetic radiation "directed energy" neuroweapon system to silently torture, impair, subjugate, or slow- or fast-kill extra-legally targeted Americans and their families -- an American genocide hiding in plain sight.

• Victims' own cell phones may be used to target them.

• A government-devised "electromagnetic ghetto."

• How a young FBI agent's "I believe you" gave victim the faith to go public.

President Obama has told the nation and the world that America does not torture.

President Obama is wrong -- and security/military/intel officials in his administration know it.

America tortures. Not just Gitmo and Bagram "war on terror" detainees, but its own citizens.

Each day, a nationwide scalar electromagnetic radiation "multifunctional" radio frequency directed energy weapon attack system employing phased array cell tower antenna transmitter/receivers and GPS satellites, under the administration of U.S. Cyber Command and military contractor Lockheed Martin, is used to silently and invisibly torture, impair, subjugate, and degrade the physical and neurological health of untold thousands of American citizens who have been extrajudicially "targeted" by a hate- and ideology-driven domestic "disposition matrix" as "dissidents" or "undesirables."

Most of these "targeted individuals" have no idea what is making them sick, tired, exhausted, irritable, confused, lethargic; plagued with painful, debilitating head and body aches; sharp, piercing, painful ringing tones audible only to the target; temporary or permanent cognitive impairment; induction of stroke, heart attack, aneurysm; or diseases such as cancer...

...leaving them unable to function normally and lead a happy, healthy life.

The weapon system also is capable of lethal attack -- both "slow-kill" and "fast-kill."

Victims of this government-engineered, stealth genocide are robbed of the most basic of human rights -- free will, freedom from external manipulation of their physiological and neurological functions.

The weapon system is capable of delivering speed-of-light scalar (longitudinal) electromagnetic wave attacks (as well as other types of radio frequency energy such as microwaves) that are precision tuned to specific brainwave frequencies of each human target. Virtually all of the victims previously have visited a doctor or neurologist seeking treatment for pounding headache, unexplained fatigue, sleep problems, or disturbing symptoms such as cognitive impairment. Those medical visits allow shadow government operatives to harvest medical records, including EEG test results that facilitate "brain mapping" -- how radio frequency weapon torturers are able to mount radio frequency attacks fine-tuned to each unique individual targeted for no-touch torture, impairment, even "slow-kill" or "fast-kill" homicide.

The scalar waves produced by the radio frequency directed energy weapon (RFDE) are capable of carrying multiple subcarrier radio frequencies that affect human physiology at variable power levels (or "amplitude"). In effect, the RFDE arms security forces with a "God machine" that can manipulate, disrupt, or destroy the biological processes that govern the functioning of human beings. Scientists describe this effect as "neuromodulation" of the human nervous system -- the remote manipulation of physiological and neurological processes, including alteration of consciousness and mood states. Electromagnetic weapon attack precision-tuned to the brain frequencies of unique individuals can put unknowing victims into an induced state of forced fatigue, involuntary yawning, deep sleep -- or, conversely, forced wakefulness -- within a matter of minutes, according to victim accounts and supporting published literature.

Pulsed electromagnetic wave manipulation of brain-controlled physiological functioning has been demonstrated in the Arizona State University laboratory of neuroscientist Dr. William J. Tyler, whose work has been funded by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, according to published articles. Tyler describes the process as radio frequency "neuromodulation." In his writings, Dr. Tyler discusses the use of phased array electromagnetic antennae to precision-target the desired radio frequency neuromodulation effects on human physiology:


A recent Popular Science article cites a quotation from Tyler published on the Department of Defense "Armed with Science" blog:

“...(M)y laboratory has engineered a novel technology which implements transcranial pulsed ultrasound to remotely and directly stimulate brain circuits without requiring surgery."

Tyler told Wired.com's "Danger Room:"

"The brain serves all the functions of your body, and if you know the neuroanatomy, then you can start to regulate each one of those functions.”

The cell tower radio frequency weapon system also is capable of broadcasting disturbing, torturous sounds, even voices, directly into the head of "targeted individuals," using triangulated electromagnetic waves that make a direct connection to the region of the brain that controls hearing, bypassing the auditory organs to generate sounds that are perceptible only to the target. This technology, sometimes deceptively referred to as "voice to skull" ("V to K") or "microwave hearing", raises the specter of what is commonly known as Orwellian "mind control." Persons who report hearing "voices" in their heads may not be delusional or mentally ill; they could be entrained subjects under a heinous form of high-tech social control that facilitates the remote manipulation of human behavior via "subaural suggestion" directly into the brain of the "target" -- bypassing the auditory organs. This weapon system conceivably could be used by rogue elements to spawn Manchurian candidate- style "patsies," persons unknowingly programmed to commit politically-motivated assassinations and other acts of social chaos:



Because the radio frequency attack system can be precision-targeted to triangulate its multiple beams on unique individuals, this silent torture and impairment technology can and is being used by federal and local law enforcement to impose a regimen of extra-legal electromagnetic incarceration -- an "electromagnetic ghetto" imposed upon citizens without benefit of due process under the law.

According to victim accounts, "innocent but targeted" persons may be subjected to heightened levels of silent torture or impairment if they dare to venture beyond their immediate neighborhoods -- to go "beyond the pale." Operators of the electromagnetic wave weapon obtain the necessary targeting location coordinates from hidden GPS devices; the victim's cellphone; or infrared laser targeting devices trained upon the victim by law enforcement or "community stalkers" who may be affiliated with town watch or community policing groups.

The planning for this electromagnetic ghetto is documented in several federally funded studies, such as a March 2001 report from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.


Government documents describes such weaponry, capable of targeting and delivering a wide array of electromagnetic microwave and other radio frequency energy with extreme precision, as "non-lethal" or "less than lethal." In fact, experts familiar with radiation weaponry say these systems can be used to torture; inflict bodily injury; cause illnesses from cataracts to cancer; induce fatigue, weakness, excruciating pain or loss of consciousness; or to KILL -- "slow kill" or "fast kill," depending on the "amplitude" (signal strength) of the attack.

A 2006 video produced by the U.S. Air Force "Directed Energy Directorate" at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico discusses how electromagnetic weaponry is designed to "accurately aim and put this energy on target with surgical precision" -- at the speed of light.


A 2008 article on the Wired.com magazine "Danger Room" blog site discusses a court document said to indicate that the U.S. Secret Service is involved in the development of directed energy weapons technology. The article speculates that the agency may have deployed such devices in the course of its official duties.


According to publicly available patents upon which the system is based...



[WARNING: The active links, above, are subject to MALICIOUS HACKING and may re-direct readers to a phony, or "spoofed" web page. The writer suspects, but cannot prove, that rogue elements are responsible. If you suspect the freepatentsonline.com pages have been hacked, please use a search engine to locate another site that publishes public patent documents. The last time I checked, the patent numbers themselves -- 7629918 and 4456912 -- were correct. Alternative sites are not given here, to dissuade further malicious hacking by those seeking to cover up the truth.]

... this "multi-functional radio frequency directed energy weapon system" generates precision-triangulated "directed" bursts of pulsed electromagnetic energy using the combined power of multiplexed, phased array antenna installations that are configured in a "Delta T" form factor: a metallic triangular base upon which are mounted multiple vertical transmission stanchions.

These multiple mast antenna arrays generate various forms of electromagnetic energy, including scalar electromagnetic waves. Scalar waves are "out-of-phase" radio waves that have the unique ability at the precise point of intersection to extract from a near- zero point temperature vacuum state electromagnetic energy of variable amplitude (strength). At maximum amplitude, the energy produced by scalarwave radio frequency weapon attack produces what physicists term "molecular dissociation" -- destruction of physical matter that literally vaporizes -- or, in the words of physical engineer Dr. Judy Wood, "dustifies" -- the target. Dr. Wood believes that scalarwave dustification resulting from radio frequency weapon attack explains what really caused the destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001.

Radio frequency weapon technology has its roots in the pioneering work of the scientist Nikola Tesla, whose "Tesla coil" invention first demonstrated the awesome energy-producing properties of scalar waves.


Some scientists believe that scalar wave technology, if exploited for peaceful purposes, could provide a cheap and efficient solution to the world's energy demands. But the companies that hold the patents appear to be withholding the technology exclusively for military and national security applications.

The God machine can do even more than allow its military and security state operators to lord over the world's population. The Raytheon patent states that this weapon system can be used to "alter atmospheric conditions." In other words, this scalar wave directed energy weapon system can manipulate the weather -- harnessing the world's climate, turning the weather into a potential military super-weapon.

The old adage, "You can't change the weather," no longer is true.

The scalar radio frequency weapon system also appears to be capable of inducing "telekinesis" -- the movement of distant objects via an unseen electromagnetic force field spawned by the intersection of triangulated electromagnetic waves. The scientific principle behind the "force beam" is present in some existing technologies, such as the propulsion system that drives so-called "magnetic levitation" or "maglev" trains now in service in Japan, South Korea and China.

The covert installation of RFDE antennae everywhere across America explains the profusion of cell towers, and why so many towers are clustered so close together, from urban neighborhoods to expansive rural plains and farmlands.

The cover story -- that these are just cell phone towers -- amounts to nothing less than a big government lie.

Yet the system is inextricably and ominously linked to consumer cellular communications.

It appears that a human target's own cell phone may serve as a covert targeting device for this attack system. Those who are marked for electromagnetic attack could be paying for a telecommunications service that enables their silent torture, impairment and potential injury.

(For more on targeting technologies, see the footnote at the bottom of this article.)

This cell tower attack network has been deployed under the cover of "national security," apparently as a means to instantly and covertly disable electronic devices that could be used as weapons by terrorists or hostile forces. But the capabilities of the scalar electromagnetic weapon grid extend far beyond mere application of destructive force. It also appears that the weapon can literally "hyperjack" (a cyber-era derivative of the term "hijack") any microchip controlled electronic device. The weapon is capable of overriding user commands, and, based on empirical evidence, apparently is capable of reprogramming microchips "on the fly." Because the weapon generates electromagnetic force fields, it also can be used to manipulate or degrade the operations of non-computerized motorized devices, from electric motors to gasoline, diesel or jet engines.

The celltower RF weapon grid incorporartes targeting capabilities, and apparently utilizes synthetic aperature radar (SAR) systems capable of precision-targeting as well as wireless video and audio "through the wall" surveillance -- no traditional cameras or microphones needed. The technology requires a continuous radar stream of electromagnetic energy -- meaning that the entire population of the United States is being bathed in radio frequency emissions every minute of every hour of every day. Because the system has been built out only in recent years, no entity has studied the long-term health effects of having a stealth cell tower weapon system clustered in populated areas. Scientists long have known that even non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation has a deleterious effect on human health, although the full extent of the danger remains a subject of debate.

Silent assaults directed at a targeted individual can cause "induced dementia" -- symptoms that mimic Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive dysfunction. Cognitive impairment apparently can be arrested if and when the attacks cease -- or if the "amplitude" of the electromagnetic radio frequency is turned down by its clandestine government operatives. Prolonged exposure to these electromagnetic attacks can and does degrade human health, and, as mentioned, can induce both injury and disease leading to premature death.

"The idea is to make the 'target' look mentally ill or emotionally unstable, so that the person can be shunted into a mental hospital or otherwise marginalized and removed from society," says one alleged victim, who says that the silent attacks rendered him so weak, disoriented and fatigued that he was unable to work for a period of four years.

This victim says he slowly regained his full cognitive abilities only after repeated visits to a local FBI office, where he pleaded with agents to intervene on his behalf. But he reports that the attacks have continued, causing chronic fatigue, extreme weakness, near- daily forced sleep attacks and sharp sudden pain that he says amounts to torture.

He also maintains that his local police chief appears to be aware of the covert attack system, but is powerless to stop the attacks.

"What kept me going when the attacks were most severe, from the summer of 2004 and into 2008, was when I went down to the FBI and literally begged a young FBI agent to help me, and she looked me directly in the eye and said, 'I believe you.'

"When she said that, it gave me the confidence to go public despite my fears that I'd be treated like some kind of a nut case. Now that the truth is getting out, I'm grateful to that young agent for giving me the faith to fight this."

By the pervasive deployment of these weapons systems as a tool of torture and enslavement, the U.S. government is denying thousands of its citizens the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The U.S. government has enabled the "slow kill," torture, or impairment of thousands of its own people while cruelly stripping them of free will -- the very essence of what it is to be human.

This classified weapons system functions in every community in America. Some local police officials know about it. Apparently, they have been sworn to secrecy on "national security" grounds. The mainstream media has its collective head in the sand, buying the government propaganda that a new generation of directed energy weapons is "less lethal" and thus "saves lives."

That is another big lie.

This covert torture matrix is every bit as heinous as the death machine of Nazi Germany -- perhaps even more so, because it is silent and invisible.

Victims of these silent assaults also are subject to relentless "community stalking" harassment, vandalism and terroristic acts performed by government-enabled "community watch" and policing organizations that have been transmogrified by a secret multi-agency federal program into a vigilante American Gestapo.

Victims also say they are subject to financial and career sabotage enabled by government agencies that have deemed them to be "dissidents" or undesirables -- or have slandered them as suspected criminals or "enemies of the state."



Federal "threat fusion center" agencies and commands and their state and local law enforcement and corporate partners are conducting an ideology- and hate-driven slow-kill domestic genocide under the false flags of the wars on terror and crime -- enabled by the naivety of those who believe "it can't happen here."

President Obama: Wake up. You and other top officials also may be in the cross-hairs -- and this stealth technology, when applied using Pavlovian methodology, can even be used to covertly influence behavior and decision-making -- maybe even your own.

"These are crimes against humanity and the Constitution, being perpetrated under the cover of national security and 'safe streets' by multiple federal and local agencies and commands -- an American genocide hiding in plain sight, enabled by the naivete of those who think 'it can't happen here.'" -- Victor Livingston, former reporter for WTXF-TV Philadelphia, Phila. Bulletin, N.Y. Daily News, St. Petersburg Times; producer/host, MSG Network Sports Business Report; columnist, NowPublic.com/scrivener.


This cell tower- based radio frequency electromagnetic weapon system apparently can utilize various advanced technologies to target human beings. According to information obtained from unclassified patents, defense industry trade journals, as well as an analysis of victim accounts, it appears that the system incorporates sophisticated "synthetic aperture radar" (SAR) video and audio surveillance capabilities via a constant radar-like sweep -- what has been colloquially referred to as "through the wall surveillance." This surveillance and targeting mode requires no traditional cameras or microphones. Some literature also references a three-dimensional, invisible infrared laser targeting sensor array that can be secreted in or near a target's home or place of business. The advanced targeting capabilities of the system makes possible precision-triangulated electromagnetic frequency attacks, prolonged or sudden and momentary, to specific body parts -- internal or external. It appears that the system is capable of remote, no-touch "radio surgery" or torturous mutilation of human targets; think of a radio frequency "cyberknife" that can be remotely inflicted upon unknowing human targets.

The literature states that targeting systems can triangulate on vehicles or any moving target, facilitating precision attacks even if the target is traveling at extremely high rates of speed.


The electromagnetic radio frequency attack system is capable of acquiring targeting coordinates from the intended victim's cell phone or GPS unit. In that case, the targeting is believed to be less precise, but still capable of generating disorienting and painful attacks, such as prolonged and unremitting headache and induced weakness and fatigue.

Some victims of this stealth technology now use their cell phones and GPS units only when absolutely necessary, and remove the cell phone's battery to prevent the broadcast of their location coordinates. (Just turning off the unit does not suffice, since a cell phone's power can be turned on by remote control.)

It is believed that the government has equipped certain personnel -- either its own agents, or, some victims believe, local law enforcement or civilian vigilantes -- with portable laser-equipped devices that can "paint the target" from a distance. It is possible that some sworn officers may be under the impression that this technology is used merely for "through the wall surveillance," not to attack citizens they are sworn to protect.

The literature also indicates that the electromagnetic weapon system can engage the target by way of tiny RFID tags covertly placed in or on the target's possessions or clothing, or RF microchips implanted inside their bodies (via injection, or surgery). Film-thin RFID tags are ubiquitous in everyday commerce, used for inventory tracking of many consumer products. "GPS-linked" video surveillance systems, in public areas or inside commercial establishments, also could be used to transmit targeting coordinates to government command centers.

High-powered military satellites are believed to be capable of detecting ground-based tracking devices from low Earth orbit.

The article linked below, from the web site of the conservative Heritage Foundation, describes a directed energy weapon system that sounds much like the cell tower- based system described here. The article discusses an electromagnetic wave/laser weapon system capable of both tracking and engaging a speeding target at the speed of light.


The Heritage Foundation article describes directed energy weapon systems as "under development," despite the fact that the cell tower- based system is fully operational. Also, sentences referencing the effectiveness of directed energy systems against "human targets" such as "terrorists" apparently have been expunged in recent weeks -- after this author quoted the article in the "comments" section of this web site.




Did US State. Dept. Tell Klimkin to say: Kiev is not to communicate with elected authorities of Donbass?

Did US State. Dept.'s Nuland Tell Klimkin to say: Kiev is not going to communicate with elected authorities of the Republic of Donbass?

The Unelected, US Appointed, and all around CIA  Puppet Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Coup imposed Ukraine Junta, Pavlo Klimkin after the meeting with the legitimate foreign ministers' at the Norman Four "on one of the Ukrainian TV channels said that Nuland's Kiev Junta can not engage in dialogue with representatives of the DNI and the LC, and insists on that the Russian side should. 

As stated Klimkin, Kiev insists on holding local elections in the Donbas in accordance with Ukraine's Fascist anti-Russian legislation and in accordance with the criteria of the Nazi OSCE. 

The criminal himself ruled out the possibility of standing for election wrongfully alleged"war criminals." Recall that the Ukrainian authorities have declared Separatists and  all the inhabitants of Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republic who refused to leave the territory of Donbas uncontrollable terrorists.


In Sumy, 90% of Kiev's recruits did not show up to the draft board.

Today at 15:30
In Sumy, 90% of Kiev's recruits did not show up to the draft board.

Nobody wanted to die: In Sumy a frustrated appeal, 90% of recruits did not show up to the draft board. Although in full swing spring conscription campaign, military commissars tearing their hair out in frustration, so sad are the results of new "recruitment". 

As of April 14, only 10% of recruits to the military commissariat were on the agenda. This was announced by the military commissar of the city of Sumy Yuri Polous. 

According to him, subject to the call were 2331 people, 2074 did not show up to the draft board in (89% of the total). Accordingly only 257 responded on the agenda - of sumchan. 

Of them 96 received a reprieve , 19 were found unfit for military service, 28 were removed from the military account unfit, and 129 were sent for additional medical examinations. At the military service ready were sent 15 people. 

In addition, in a for search its almost two thousand citizens who evaded army service since the previous appeals, the Commissar suggested that most of them fled to Russia. In general, patriotic primer has dried up and fighting for the team Nenko and chocolate rabbits is no more willing to any. 

Thus, the so called "Russian terrorist forces" can feel relaxed: as resistance from Sumy patriots they are not threatened by.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trans-Ural experts about the new laws of Ukraine: "Fascism is always started with the massacre of the Communists"

Trans-Ural experts about the new laws of Ukraine: "Fascism is always started with the massacre of the Communists"

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Thursday, April 9 passed a law "On the condemnation of Communist and Nazi regimes in Ukraine and banning promotion of their symbols." The document was adopted one month prior to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, which was won by the Soviet Union, led by the Communist Party. The bill actually equated the communist regime to the Nazi propaganda and banned symbols of communism and, therefore, state flags, emblems and other symbols of the Soviet Union. Fall under the ban of the symbols that connect the hammer and sickle; hammer, sickle and five-pointed star; plow, sickle and five-pointed star; as well as the name of the Communist Party. According to the ban and the Victory Banner, which Soviet soldiers hoisted over the Reichstag.

But that's not all. On May 9, Ukraine will now be celebrated not as Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, as well as the Day of Victory over Nazism in World War II, at the same time, there should not take into account the historical date of the Second World War, which ended not in May 1945, and in september.

What is the purpose of the Ukraine, banning communist symbols and the condemnation of the communist regime, why did not refuse from the date of May 9 finally correspondent On the eve told the plenipotentiary representative of the Governor of the Kurgan region of patriotic education, Major General Vladimir Usmanov and Zauralsky scholar and historian, Professor, Head of the country's history and documentation of the Kurgan State University Vasily Kislitysn .

Both the source agency believe that there is a deliberate rewriting of history, and the condemnation of the communist regime is necessary in order to break a single story, together, a single victory of the two countries. At the same time, as noted by Vladimir Usmanov, selected the right time - 70 years after the war, when the majority of veterans are no longer alive. And the process of distortion of historical facts passes all over the world.

"When were living witnesses of the Soviet victory over fascism, then directly distort the facts of the Victory, the results of the Nuremberg Trials was impossible. Over time, as witnesses have died of war - this was possible. And all sent out to distort the memory of the young generation and our country and other countries. rewrites the history books in many countries, and the contribution of the Soviet Union, or silenced, or shows very pale.

England today believe that it was the center of the struggle against fascism. The US believes that without them would be impossible victory. In Japan gradually instilled that almost Soviet Union bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It seems absurd, but it is. Is shameless pressure on the story, "- said Vladimir Usmanov.

Major-General recalls that "belittling" Victory of the Soviet Union began to condemn Stalin when publications began to appear and the various statements that maligned the Soviet leader, as Supreme Commander. Gradually began attacks on the generals, including Zhukov.

Vladimir Usmanov

"Then it became bad commanders up to the soldiers. Now there is a wave of vilification soldiers stuffing go about rape, about the atrocities of the soldiers during the Soviet occupation.

Today, Ukraine supposedly protects society from the Communist and Nazi slogans, but they offer the throne SS Division, Bandera, wearing Nazi badges. Condemning the communist regime and equating it with fascism, they distort the results of the Nuremberg trials, which was condemned by the international tribunal Nazism and fascism, the communist regime there is not a word was said. Now everyone wants to turn ...

Some people may not like the Communist Party, but the fact that the Communists were headed the struggle against fascism, the head of the army, in the rear, do not recognize the fact that the Communist Party was directing and organizing at the time, was the organizer of the victory over fascism, may Only an idiot or a cynical enemy. The winners would not allow this slander, now there is very little, so it was possible to rewrite all "- said Usmanov.

Historian Vasily Kislitysn, in turn, said that the Soviet Union did not just that he was at the forefront of the struggle against fascism and won. Condemnation of communism is nothing else than the negation of the Soviet victory in the war.

"History has no subjunctive mood. If the Soviet Union and the Communist Party were the winners in this war, saved the world from the" fascist plague ", then this one should remember and say" thank you "and not blasphemous to rewrite history.

Today condemn communism, but that fascism always starts with the massacre of the Communists. Yatsenyuk, who offered to condemn communism, speaks with the voice of strangers - a mouthpiece of the United States, the CIA and so on. There is interesting information about the current leaders of Ukraine, most of them relatives in any way during the war have been associated with the Nazis, either accomplices or someone else, so they it is a family tradition, and by chance they turn up, "- said Vasily Kislitysn.

Basil Kisltsiyn

KSU professor also believes that the struggle against the communist regime is being more and in order to prevent the country's opposition, in such a way to get rid of rivals and divert public attention from his own person, from reports accusing him of corruption.

"These people have integrity, conscience, and justice does not have to wait. But the world is not all like Yatsenyuk, the story is still not rewritten. And today, despite the pressure, many leaders are going to come on the Victory Parade. And let not the first person, but representatives of the world's countries still come "- summed up Kislitysn.

According to Vladimir Usmanov, renaming Ukraine May 9 - is an attempt to get away from the joint venture with Russian holiday. Abandoned altogether from celebrating Victory in this day and to the example of Europe, where there is a May 8, said the source, Ukraine can not yet.

"Society is not yet ready to ensure that sharply forget about May 9 and they went to an intermediate step: May 8th day of remembrance and mourning, and on May 9 Victory Day will leave, but it will color the fact that without Russian May 9 - Victory Day will be over Nazism in World War II. Like them it will turn out, how it will look this gap - is unclear, but eventually, when the last veterans leave, they refuse to May 9 in favor of a European celebration on 8 May. Everything is done in order to break the common history of Russia and Ukraine, the joint struggle against Nazism.

We, too, are similar to the "yes-men" who downplay the victory of the Soviet Union, thus they humiliate Russia, humiliate us, humiliate our young generation - the grandchildren of our winners, erase the historical memory of our souls and our hearts, and it's all done on the eve of such a great holiday, as the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

But victory - is everything, especially in the present conditions, when the society "confusion" and vacillation, lack of ideology of the state. The victory - the only binding factor throughout our nation, nationality and people with different political views. Even now we still win staple, so we should not forget about it "- summed up Usmanov.

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***IMPORTANT***: Powerful Explosion Rocked Donetsk April 11, 2015

***IMPORTANT***: Powerful Explosion Rocked Donetsk   April 11, 2015

Witnesses: Donetsk powerful explosion rocked. April 11, 2015, 21:08 shock waves felt near the railway station in the west of Donetsk and in other parts of the city and in the Kirov region. 

Residents of Donetsk in social networks reported the explosion on April 11 in Donetsk. "Privokzalny, oh ** I ate! Rocked the house's ears. " "Center, shaking the house, which was never realized. Really it's time to make gifts and congratulations? " "Privokzalny. 

Open window and curtains almost blew off. Heard a sound like an explosion. " "quitting smoking, shooting first single, then a couple of volleys with something heavy." 

"I live on the main, 13 floor, it was very audible in my plate of food has risen." felt the shock wave and in the Kirov region of Donetsk."Freedom Square, the windows shook, machines alarm to sound." "The main sound no matter what it does not. As if fallen flat wooden board. " 

"Kirov district, very powerful explosion 20:40." According to unconfirmed reports, the epicenter of the explosion could be in the area of chemical products factory on the outskirts of Donetsk, not far from the sand. There may be ammunition. 

As reported by "Russian Conversation", under the rubble Donetsk Airport are at least 10 bodies of the Ukrainian military. This was reported by a representative of the Commission on Prisoners of War DNR Radionova Lily. 

"What exactly killed the military on the Donetsk airport, we do not know but we believe that no less than 10 ", - she said.