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#US "forgot" about #MH17, ignores the truth, and just stopped talking about the tragedy.

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#US "forgot" about #MH17, ignores the truth, and just stopped talking about the tragedy.

Consortiumnews: US "forgot" about the MH17, not to reveal uncomfortable truths. US have information about the real culprit crash MH17, but did not disclose it, because the truth is they are not at hand, says journalist Robert Parry Consortiumnews. He is convinced that US intelligence was able to identify criminals, and it is not Russian or pro-Russian militia. Therefore, Washington ignores the truth and adheres to the conclusions reached in just five days after the tragedy and on the basis of eyewitness accounts in social networks. 

Since the crash of Flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine has been more than 8 months and investigations in different countries have given different and conflicting results. Despite this the US continues to stick to its initial findings, made ​​just five days after the tragedy, says the American journalist Robert Parry on portal Consortiumnews. According to the press secretary of the Director of National Intelligence, US intelligence official conclusion about the incident remained unchanged from the initial report of 22 July 2014. 

This document was published on the basis of statements of eyewitnesses in social networks, notes Consortiumnews.The report does not say that Russia is responsible for the downed aircraft, but argues that the country is supplying militias in eastern Ukraine, and teaches him. It also does not provide conclusive evidence that Russia supplied the militia system "Buk", from which allegedly was shot down the plane. The document underlines that the militia fighters have repeatedly shot down planes during the conflict and have anti-air weapons. 

Press Secretary Kathleen Butler Parry informed that he could not go into details, but the consensus of the US intelligence community support the conclusion of this report. As suggested by the journalist, US the government used the tragedy of the plane crash in Ukraine as a catalyst for anti-Russian propaganda. US accused of occurred President Putin personally. 

When "the effect of propaganda" came to nothing, the Obama administration has just stopped talking about the tragedy. The US has had enough time to analyze the data from satellites and other sources of electronic surveillance, including telephone. But their initial hasty withdrawal of US authorities have not reviewed. This only confirms the suspicion that the US government has information that is clearly contrary to their public statements, but officials do not want to put yourself in an awkward position, said Perry. 

After all, if we were talking about information confirming the guilt of Russia, it is difficult to imagine that the US will not be made ​​public it continues journalist. Perry Sources in the intelligence community confirm that analyzed the large amount of information, and a number of analysts have come to believe that the plane was shot down radical elements of the Ukrainian army, and not separatists. The first question is the fact that US intelligence could not confirm that Russia is supplied to Ukraine "Beech", which, because of its size, it would be hard not to notice. 

Then Perry sources also reported that experts have lowered class of weapons, who was allegedly shot down the plane with "Buka" to the complex "Cube", not excluding the possibility of defeat, and also with a fighter aircraft. Russia, for its part, presented for all to see a number of materials, indicating the Ukrainian fighter in the vicinity of the downed and MH17 increased activity Ukrainian systems "Buk" in the east of the country in mid-July last year. 

The German intelligence, as reported by the magazine Der Spiegel, also concluded that the rocket launcher had to do with Russia, and was captured on the Ukrainian military base. Germany has denied Russian accusations towards Kiev, but also has not released any evidence. In spite of all this, and despite the overhanging threat of a nuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States, US intelligence agencies with the most expensive and advanced system intelligence in the world, did not provide details. 

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