Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Russian tank won the hearts. New T-90cm. JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation"

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Russian tank won the hearts. New T-90cm. JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" 

Uralvagonzavod "has presented a modified sample of primary T-90cm - the latest version of the family cars T-72 / T-90. The new Russian tank T-90 cm was the star of military-technical interior IDEX- 2015, whose work is completed in Abu Dhabi, and won the hearts of even the harshest military. The machine name is misleading. 

T-90S long been on the Russian Army and exported abroad. However, T-90cm - not just a modernized version of it. For a very many ways it is a brand new tank. What distinguishes T-90cm, shown at the Salon IDEX? The machine weighs more than 40 tons of easily reach speeds of 70 km / h. At the same time has the highest maneuverability. Caterpillars - lightweight with high resource. They obrezinena, that is, allow heavy car moving on the pavement without damaging the road surface. 

In the tank very carefully armor protection, including all upper projections. In his forehead T-90cm take very problematic. In addition to the multi-layered and thick enough armor also set dynamic protection of new generation. It not only prevents cumulative jet, but also breaks the cores piercing armor-piercing shells.Well protected chassis. There also are elements of dynamic protection. The combat management system - one of the most modern in the world. 

All computer systems are built on domestic element base. Ammunition is increased due to additional shells placed in an armored box behind the tower. The tank is 12.7 mm machine gun. For use in hot climates with a powerful air conditioning. Incidentally, they have proved to be excellent during the recent test runs T-90cm in one of the Arab countries. During their conduct revealed that T-90cm on a number of important indicators is superior to American "Abrams". 

Our tank more maneuverable that the battle can be crucial.Patriotic military information system practically in no way inferior to the one that stands on the Americans, or accuracy we have very high. And when fired guided missile it is almost one hundred percent. The projection of the Ural tank is less than the "Abrams". Its mass is more than 10 tons less than American cars. All this combined outputs T-90cm in some of the best combat vehicles beginning of the XXI century. Without a doubt, the T-90cm - the pride of the domestic tank building.

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