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#MH17 wreckage: Where was the rocket? (1) Door Joost Niemöller

#MH17 wreckage: Where was the rocket? (1)
MARCH 3, 2015

By: Door Joost Niemöller

Today, the Research Council organized a visit for security for the press on airbase GilzeRijen. The wreckage was stored in two shelters and into a hangar. In the first shelter were the so-called plate pieces. In the second shelter were also plate pieces, as well as pieces with fire damage, and parts of the interior. In the hangar were the parts that are of interest to the researchers, it was told.

The Research Council had decided, as allowed us know, this visit to the press, after it was decided that the relatives are allowed to deliver at a glance. The relatives were allowed to take pictures and the likelihood that these pictures anyway so would end up in the media, was great. Hence.

I made a photo report in three parts. First the shelter with the sheet metal, the shelter with the internal parts, the hangar with the parts that would be of interest to the research.

Part One: The sheet metal.

Interestingly, the sheet metal is that so many of them. Traces of fire are not showing up on. Traces of wefts by a rocket, or also not by balls. All damages are wrinkles and cracks, so the eye caused by the fall.

This raises an important question for me: if it was a rocket, fired from a Buk installation, according to the public 'most plausible scenarios, how is it that we see nothing of this? By bullets fired from a cannon aboard a jet I can still something there to imagine: Who will be directed to a certain point.These weft holes will be only in a limited area can be seen. But a ground-to-air missile, the head exploded at some distance, and tens of thousands of small particles on a surface as large as possible are taken. Well, this is not what we see in all this sheet metal.

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  1. No, and in part 2 you see nothing, and in Part 3 you will see nothing, because the most interesting is in the cockpit and you do not come near.
    Perhaps a little blog about the role of the AIVD and the incompetence of the prosecution nevertheless interesting.
  2. The parts with the strikes do not get to see. In the news either. The rocket is not it, that explodes in his goal. At a bend you get round impacts of the balls ("balls"), which he describes as a shotgun and emissions impacts of irregular fragments of the rocket structure. Those impacts are kept out of sight. The bottom stone is being held under the hat. For a criminal investigation? Bullshit.
      1. Let's keep it on incompetence. If there had been of competency had this murder, a priori can not take place. And malice, because why blijvenl those parts where that round slant holes in it out of the picture? 
        Anyway, the campaign is running, so back to the things that matter to fatsoensrakkers: win souls. To thaw you have nothing.


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