Thursday, March 12, 2015

Aksenov invited Nuland stroll through the streets of the Crimea


Aksenov invited Nuland stroll through the streets of the Crimea 
Crimea Head Sergey Aksenov advises the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to visit the country to be able to see for myself the situation and continue to do for the Crimean allegation category US Deputy Secretary of State said earlier that the Crimea "suffering in the realm of terror "where respect for human rights is the norm, not the exception. would come out on the street, walk to the center, look, people live, she would have asked questions - said Aksenov. However, he stressed that, before condemning the Crimean authorities you need to take into account aspects of external action, under which the republic develops. Aksenov said that henceforth not wish to comment on the various statements of Western politicians to discredit the Crimea. I do not comment on dreams - said the head of the republic. He also noted that the Crimeans as well can speak of a "reign of terror" in the United States, but do not.

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