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Yevgeny Ichshenko - hero of our time.We remember with pain ..

Yevgeny Ichshenko - hero of our time. We remember with pain

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Elisha Bertolasi

On the territory of the People's Republic of Lugansk was murdered Yevgeny Ishchenko, commander of the Cossack and popular mayor of Pervomajsk. The body was found on 23 January, but probably was killed the day before. Along with him were also killed three Russian volunteers who were bringing humanitarian aid to the population of the People's Republic of Lugansk. This information refers to the declaration of the official representative of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lugansk, published by LIFEnews.

According to available information, Yevgeny Ishchenko and Russian volunteers would come under fire from a group of reconnaissance and sabotage Ukrainian army.

After his departure, not seeing him get to a scheduled meeting with the leader of the People's Republic of Lugansk Igor Plotnizki has begun to fear the worst. After a day without news of him has been learned of the discovery of his car with the four bodies near Pervomajsk.

The city of Pervomajsk is the closest to the front line in the Lugansk region. In the city there is not a single building, which has not been affected by the blows Ukrainian army. No coincidence that the inhabitants of Pervomajsk have nicknamed their city: the "Stalingrad" of Donbass, however, despite the enormous destruction, thanks to its mayor - commanding the city has never given up and continues to live.

Ishchenko was 49, was a former miner. He missed six months to retire, but with the beginning of military operations in the Donbass had to take up arms to defend his land.

We met personally. With dismay and pain he learned of his death on the web between the various agencies that bounced off the mournful news. We know that you can die in war, in the war of Donbass is very easy to die. I remember with pride and regret. We had dinner together: frugal dinners, a few pieces of bread with hot borsch, a cup of tea, and now he was ready to quit under pressure from thousands of commitments. More than once accompanied me in front of the first line on the barricades of Pervomajsk. I remember his blue eyes and his penetrating gaze lively, always attentive despite the effort of the harsh life at the front and the burden of many responsibilities in a city, his city, bombed, destroyed, semidesrta, for months under siege by the forces Ukrainian.But Yevgeny, tireless was always at the forefront, not only as a brave Cossack commander to organize the defense of his Pervomajsk but also as Mayor to resolve all civil matters: helping people after the attacks, organize the repair of water systems and electrical , open soup kitchens, distribute humanitarian aid arriving from Russia, vital and essential to keep alive the exhausted civilian population remained.

According to the testimony of Anna Khokhlova, the head of the information center of Sverdlovsk Cossack: " For the remaining twenty thousand inhabitants of Pervomajsk Yevgeny was like a father . "

In July, at the height of the fighting in the Lugansk region, Yevgeny had a son. Under bombardment took his wife from the hospital and I took her to safety in Russia, then returned immediately to Pervomajsk.

In Italy there is often talk of heroes, we abuse of this term, usually talk about it in front of the coffins of soldiers who die in '"export democracy" (plenty salaried), or in front of the fallen scuffles between supporters of various football , with the respective noise from the stadium to the funeral. But, as they say, every people is created heroes in their own image and likeness! I, however, I speak with grief in front of a friend, in an extraordinary person who in this life I have had the honor of knowing. A man who left everything to defend their identity, their homeland and his beloved people to death. "Zhenya rest in peace in the land that you have defended and loved to the gift of your life .

It has already been made ​​into a video titled Yevgeny Ichshenko - hero of our time.We remember with pain ..


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