Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tomorrow, February 25, The Protest March "Right Sector" controlled Kolomoisky.

Tomorrow, February 25, The Protest March "Right Sector" controlled Kolomoisky.  

Chocolate bunny rabbit Senya against collapse hryvnia so demoralized the masses that started this panic. In supermarkets buying relatively cheap sugar, cereals and salt. The shelves are empty. People square eyes and a wild hatred of authority. In the role of a goat, or rather, goats until remission stands head of the National Bank Gontareva. However, on this, apparently, it's not over. Need a new sacred sacrifice Maidan. And while Poroshenko successfully resists.

Moreover, plans for this role snickering Senya rabbit. Which is in the corner of the goat is terrible - zagryzet with perelyaku. After the "national leader" tore plans Alexander Turchinov, Arsen Avakov and, of course, "veteran" Arseniy spend the anniversary of the February "revolution of dignity" a small coup, it was decided to replace "snickering rabbit" (Yatsenyuk). 

Expression belongs to the head of AP Borys Lozhkyn. At the premiere of plan to hang the responsibility for the failure of reform, the incredible devaluation of the hryvnia, corruption and so on. In general, a complete set. The administration understands that only one resignation of the head of the NBU Valerie Gontareva problem of rising dissent can not be solved. In the currency market today is going Shaped madness.

Collapse hryvnia provoked a sharp rise in gasoline prices (an average of 30%) and basic food. It does not help even the traditional mantra of "nushovyhotitevovremyavoyny." Moreover, the administration has already given up on the so-called "democratic coalition" which nominated Arseniy premieres. To date koalitsionery flatly refuse to vote for changes to the budget proposed by the IMF. And they can be understood as the foundation wants to raise tariffs for communal least three times, and the price of gas for the population to increase by 268 percent. Plus, these "bonuses" as raising the retirement age, retirement pensions at fifteen percent of working pensioners, freezing the already poverty wages. 

Even patriots realize that by voting for this "pokraschennya" they put the fat cross on his political career. And it is in the best case. That is why for the third time postponed the date of consideration in Parliament on Budget and amendments emveefovskih government. Initially wanted to convene an extraordinary session before the twentieth of February and then transferred to 26 February, and now postponed until the third of March. 

And suddenly crawl Prime Minister, in violation of the coalition agreement and took de facto almost fired Valtsmana henchmen. Yes, no! They sat on the basic financial flows, washing AP - tax and customs. 

Moreover, Yatsenyuk accused the Security Service and Prosecutor General's Office - again quota Valtsmana - in the "protection" of corruption schemes. In fairness it should be noted that Arseny did not stay for the post of prime minister. He has repeatedly expressed its willingness to send all away. Money he already earned. Moreover, Yatsenyuk is well aware that the chair under it with its tail begins not just smolder and burn with a blue flame. 

However Kolomoysky said fight, and Arseny went into battle. And immediately controlled by the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch "veterans ATO" dragged to the building of the National Bank tires, threatening to "burn this valtsmanovskuyu with ... ku ... to x frames." Attack group Turchinov-Yatsenuk-Kolomoysky started. Tomorrow, February 25, must pass a protest march "Right Sector" controlled Kolomoisky. 

"Pravoseki" set to storm the NBU and Presidential Administration. Their plans have caused a storm of delight in social networks, where even the patriots began to reflect on the hryvnia, and not the ruble, as usual. mikle1

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