Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Today, February 4, Lutugintsy bids farewell to our fallen heroes


Today at 12:58 pm
We are slowly starting to forget what the word "war" means. Everyone is tired, exhausted, and almost mad with the endless roar of guns, we enthusiastically pray for a breath of peaceful air.

Peace - that means no taste of gunpowder on his lips. 

Peace - that means no burning smell and rifle grease ...
Only the deaf, distant shots remind us that somewhere out there, our land is still marching bloody junta killed our defenders, bloodshed of innocent people. We dismiss this knowledge, for the hundredth and thousandth time, repeating to himself, like a mantra: "Everything will be fine. We stand. We will meet the day of our victory. " And say goodbye to those who approached this victory. 

Cost of his own life.
Anton Fedorenko, in Lutuginschine almost everyone knew, a first rate Athlete & Champion. Just a wonderful person. And, as it turned out, a true patriot. Taking up arms one day, Anton took dozens of circles of hell, defending the homeland, protecting us. A good friend. Loyal friend. Brave soldiers. His short but eventful life was cut short at the front, where the military commander's staff went to his next trip. 

For Anton, it was the last. 
Today, February 4, Lutugintsy bids farewell to our fallen heroes. In the last journey of the glorious countryman came to spend hundreds of residents of our city: brothers in arms, co-workers, friends and loved ones, the usual, ordinary Lutugintsy. All of us, once again, brought together to share a common grief ... Today, February 4, we again felt all the pain and anguish of losing a loved one ... 

Today, February 4, another star of the sky became richer ...

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