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Summary of military events in the New Russia for the last days of the military analyst Boris Rozhina.

Summaries of the militia of New Russia


Summary of military events in the New Russia for the last days of the military analyst Boris Rozhina. 

"During the last days, the Ukrainian military continued to violate the cease-fire, mainly in the region of the Donetsk airport, leading with the firing of artillery and mortars. Despite this, the restoration works have intensified in many cities of the DNI . Also, the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure in full swing began in the LC. 

The representative of the Russian Federation in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (STSKK) Colonel-General Alexander Lentsov noted the interest of the APU and leadership Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republic of early withdrawal of weapons. Control of the diversion of weapons on the territory of the LC and DNR is a collaborative groups project. The joint teams made ​​up of representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as representatives of the LC and the DNI in the Joint Center for Monitoring and Coordination. DNI, LC and Kiev signed the documents prepared STSKK Planning and Oversight diversion of arms. 

Mapping the removal of arms agreed and signed by the head of the LC head of DNR. However, the evidence from the field, the Ukrainian army in no hurry to withdraw heavy weapons from the contact line. Thus, a large group of heavy machinery APU is still concentrated in the area Volnovakha. It also noted the redeployment of Ukrainian tank units. Meanwhile, in Kiev, the Ukrainian authorities continue to accuse the Russian Federation of aggression, asking for closed borders in their attempts to legislate for the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic of membership of terrorist organizations. 

That, in turn, is at odds with the agreements reached in Minsk on February 12 at the summit, "Norman Four", especially in terms of the amnesty to all participants of the events in the Donbass, as well as the constitutional reform in Ukraine, designed to resolve the conflict peacefully. Military developments in DNI night from 19 to 20 February, the Ukrainian security forces, in violation of the truce, fired at Donetsk airport, adjacent shopping center "Metro" and neighborhoods Putilovka of heavy artillery, were also used multiple rocket launchers "Grad", "Hurricane" and large-caliber mortars. 

On the morning of February 20 shelling ceased at dusk and by evening of February 20 to start again. Attacks were harassing in nature and were carried out with directions Avdeyevka, experienced, water shortages. Also on February 20 they shot at the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk, as a result of this shelling, they have killed one civilian. Donetsk airport shopping center "Metro" Putilov district came under fire from heavy long-range artillery at 00:07, 1:40 and 20:00. 

Sun DNI position near Donetsk airport at 09:05 under fire from small arms, and at 10:50 and at 12:45 of the mortars from Avdeyevka; from positions in the area of Pilot at 09:15 and at 09:50 of the mortars, and at 11:10 and at 12:30 from the same direction was opened artillery fire; at 10:35, 11:05 mortar attacks were carried out with a position in the area of the water. At 11:00 from positions near Avdiyivka mortar attack was carried out at the village of Spartacus. At 11:40 the shelling was coming from positions near the settlement Water-October through the village. In the afternoon on February 20 were recorded two fire Donetsk railway on the stretch-Yasinovataya Kostiantynivka. 

First Ukrainian artillery, firing from Avdeevka, released 24 of the projectile on the site of the railway line in the range of 6 to 18 kilometers, if we start counting the distance from the station Yasinovataya. Failure were taken about two and a half kilometers of railway track. This railway section is controlled by the militia. The second artillery strike came in the distance Yasinovataya-Kostiantynivka on the area between 41 and 47 kilometers in the direction of Kostyantynivka. In this section of the railway and for 15 minutes 13 immediately exploded projectiles. Were damaged sleepers, rails, some broke down from the mount and moved in different directions. 

This part of the railway line is under the control of the Army of Ukraine. From Yasinovatskiy area, much of which is controlled by the security forces, was fired Makiyivka, shells hit on Grigorievka. On the outskirts Yasinovataya walked fight using heavy machine guns and small arms, in violation of the armistice security forces were attacked by militia checkpoints . at 12:35 from positions near the settlement Maori of small arms and heavy machine guns fired on the northern outskirts of Gorlovka. 

The consequences have been reported. A group of Ukrainian soldiers left the area Debaltseve, rioted Artiomovskiy. APU soldiers arrived in Artiomovsk, complain about the lack of competence of commanders, remember a difficult situation, many of whom only by sheer luck managed to escape. According to local residents, as well as those present in the Western media, the Ukrainian military Artiomovskiy satisfied with drunken fights and terrorizing the locals. According to intelligence DNI, Artiomovskiy and Slavic inhabitants of the SBU steals for a further exchange of Kiev on the security forces.

February 20 it was announced about the exchange of prisoners, but Ukrainian side order and terms of the exchange of military personnel are not agreed with the DNR and the transfer procedure is incorrect. A large group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is still concentrated under Volnovaha. From this location is convenient to control the route Donetsk-Mariupol. Major violations of the ceasefire in the region since the beginning of Volnovakha truce has not been fixed, but around the city was seen moving armored divisions Ukrainian troops. 

According to the Ukrainian side, on February 20 in the morning clashes resumed in Shirokino. At 6:45 and 8:15 positions ATO forces were fired from automatic weapons. On the part of the Ministry of Defense DNR reported that militia units were not fighting on the southern borders. In this case, the positions of units DNR was conducted harassing artillery fire. Debaltsevsky boiler On the night of 19 February 20, was shot Svetlodarsk city, located to the north of Debaltseve. The shelling was damaged pipeline glazing in some homes. Local residents shots were fired from the Uglegorskaya TPP. APU on the former vegetable base Orsa equipped firing point, which for several weeks were shelling Gorlovki, Debaltseve now Svetlodarsk. 

The night of 19 to 20 February Debaltseve area was relatively calm.Continued access of Ukrainian troops, handing over their weapons. Control of the city passed to the army DNR. On February 20, during the forces of the People's Militia verification activities in the vicinity Debaltseve 17 more Ukrainian soldiers without weapons voluntarily surrendered. On February 20, the area of the boiler Debaltsevskogo estimated militia fighters were about 600 APU and more armored vehicles. These groups pinpoint the air with the help of the UAV and detection are destroyed in the event of failure of security forces to surrender. 

In the area Debaltseve militia found 265 pieces of military equipment. Were found in good condition and have been adopted by the army DNI 28 tanks, 63 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, 145 cars, 16 anti-aircraft ZSU-23-2, 13 artillery pieces and mortars. Also, the militia has received about 1,000 units left the APU small arms, 39 warehouses with ammunition and two cars with weapons. In addition, the militia found in Debaltseve 57 bodies siloviki. Debaltseve State, in accordance with the agreed plan of withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of demarcation shall be inland LC and DNR. This was stated by the representative of the Russian Federation in a joint center for monitoring and coordination of the ceasefire and stabilization (STSKK) Colonel-General Alexander Lentsov. 

Representatives of the Center demonstrated Map showing her line of contact of the parties, "from which will solve all the problems." According to the Ukrainian General Staff, in a few days will be held rotation security forces, who came out of Debaltseve. Out-of Debaltseve security forces placed along the new line of defense (in the area Artiomovskiy) in the next two or three days they will be replaced after the preparatory measures will be carried out.In particular, the rotation of these units need to prepare the conditions for the safe withdrawal of troops from this area, as well as to prepare the units that will be in the future to continue the defense of this area. 

Military developments in LC Over the past day in Lugansk People's Republic remained relatively calm. Large-scale military operations were not carried out, there were short battles in the local area Popasnaya.At 11:45 the sun LC positions near the settlement Frunze shelling was conducted from the perspective of the APU in the area Trёhizbenki. Trёhizbenka militia LC gave the Ukrainian side of the wounded soldiers. Two Ukrainian military moved from Alchevsk to a military hospital for further treatment of Kharkov. 

Soldiers of the brigade "Ghost" Army LC unilaterally passed two prisoners to the Ukrainian side. Both young men were seriously injured when a convoy was returning from APU Debaltseve Artiomovskiy after the next attack. Alchevsk city hospital lacks medicines to bring up wounded soldiers, so contacted the Ukrainian militia commanded the soldiers to continue treatment at a military hospital in Kharkov. The head of the People's Republic of Lugansk Igor Carpenter ordered the Ministry of State Security to identify remaining in the liberated territories of the Ukrainian military sabotage -razvedyvatelnye group. Chapter LC also instructed to immediately begin demining released early settlements. Others Around midnight on February 20 the first platform of the Kiev railway station train arrived №711 Kostiantynivka Kiev with the men who came out of Debaltseve. 

The number of returnees, and from which they are units, not reported. President Poroshenko enacted the decision NSDC "emergency measures to counter the Russian threat and manifestations of terrorism, supported by the Russian Federation." According to the decision of the National Security Council, it is proposed to "exclude from the calculation of the electricity market enterprises producing electricity in areas beyond the control of" Kiev. Interior Ministry instructed to strengthen the enforcement of the order of registration of residence and place of stay of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons. NSDC also suggested Attorney General of Ukraine to take measures to recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic terrorist organizations. 

Poroshenko signed a law ratifying an agreement with Lithuania and Poland to establish a joint military unit. The brigade is created in order to participate in international operations conducted under the mandate of the UN Security Council and decisions of the authorized bodies of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. Agreement shall be open for accession by other States on the joint invitation of the parties. Structure, staffing, weapons, military equipment and other aspects of the team will be determined by a separate agreement between the technical bodies that implement the state. 

EU is not yet known details about the Ukrainian initiative to deploy peacekeepers, there is no official position on the matter. This was announced on Friday the head of the EU Delegation to Russia Vygaudas Usackas. In Ukraine, ordered the closure of 23 checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Russian border. The order was passed by the Cabinet on Wednesday. Among the ten closed checkpoints are located in the Luhansk region, two - in Donetsk, nine - in Sumy, one - in Kharkiv and one - in Chernigov. On January 20, Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic arrived extraordinary convoy from the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry of humanitarian assistance to residents of the area Debaltseve and Chernukhin. 

On the morning of 30 cars convoy arrived on the territory of New Russia, were unloaded in Makeyevka - for Debaltseve, in Lugansk - for Chernukhin and Komissarovka. After sorting humanitarian aid, consisting mainly of food, will be directed to the needy.Evening of February 20 empty trucks back Emergency Situations Ministry in Rostov region. "

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