Thursday, February 5, 2015

Summary of military events in New Russia by military analyst Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad")

K Harkiv - New Russia
Today at five forty am Summary of Military events in New Russia by Boris Military Analyst Rozhina ("colonelcassad") ________________________________________ During working the working day Repeatedly subjected to artillery shelling Heavy Donetsk. According to local residents, the fire was the most powerful in their memory, and the intensity was significantly higher than summer attacks.

Ukrofashistskaya army continues to systematically destroy the capital of the Donbass, for that matter, and other settlements of New Russia. It is noted some slowing offensive operations in the area Debaltsevskogo "boiler" associated, primarily, with a higher concentration of Ukrainian units in a relatively small area. As previously reported, the M-03 physically block failed, but the road is under constant fire VSN. 

If ukrofashistskoe command did not dare to unlocking the track, then continued fighting, obviously, lead to the depletion of defensive capabilities Debaltsevskoy groups WCC (BC junta) and the next disaster. On the other sectors of the front were mainly artillery duels and fights without significant local changes in the front line. Military developments in DNI Ukrofashistskaya artillery during the February 4 led intensive shelling of residential areas and suburbs of Donetsk heavy artillery. Total recorded 26 attacks on settlements. 
The main points of hospitals and schools. There are many victims. By 17:00 the death toll from the attacks in Donetsk Ukrainian artillery reached 6 people, 28 wounded. February 4 was broken power supply unit and the Central Water filtration plant in Donetsk. Without water left several areas of the city, as well as neighboring towns: Yasinovataya, Krasnogorovka and Avdiyivka. In most homes, there is no light. Restoration work carried out under artillery fire. 
Around 11:40 was produced mortar fire district pl.Freedom, md. Textile worker. The shelling has died. Around 12:40 local residents reported that around 5 area, pos. Scheglovka worked mortar. The shelling ukrofashistskimi warriors in Donetsk area of ​​textile shell hit the hospital №27, have killed and wounded, also damaged in the high-voltage line 110, the entire neighborhood was without power. 
At 17:00 APU fire district made toy factory (on the border of the Lenin and Kirov regions in Donetsk), as the projectile flew to the area of ​​PJSC "Nord". Some witnesses claimed that the fire was fought with mortars, others have suggested that the WCC has worked DRGs (BC junta) from imported portable reactive complex. The shelling has affected. 
At 17:05 Ukrainian security forces was produced massive bombardment of MLRS "Hurricane" Zdanovskaya fork (highway at Mariupol) in Donetsk. Shells hit the stop, there are victims, also getting locked in dressing "Parallel", in the courts of the 9-storey houses on Peace on TEN vegetable on Skliarenko. 
At 22:16 the inhabitants of Donetsk region 1 and 2 areas heard shots MLRS. 
As of 22:30 for OTSKB in Donetsk there was a fire. On February 4, Donetsk security agencies DNR was found ukrofashistskaya reconnaissance and sabotage group of four people. One diversantka taken prisoner and now gives evidence.Remaining in the shooting - were destroyed. EXP (BC junta) fired in Donetsk with several gun positions located in the locality Krasnogorovka. The position of the siloviki are located directly on the territory of the settlement near homes, schools and other public institutions. The territory of refractories plant in the localityKrasnogorovka, where a large crowd of equipment and personnel WCC (BC junta), was under artillery strikes Novorossia. 
As A result, there are hits and defeats the purpose. By the end of February 4th Fighting Resumed in Avdeevka, Militia Managed to Organize A Counter-Attack Position on the ukrofashistov. In Marinka by gunfire from AGS ukrofashisstkogo Checkpoint wounding five soldiers WCC (BC junta) .from 15:00 to 15:30 presumably because of mortars was fired district Gvardeyki in Makeyevka. 
As of 16:55 shelling continued, local residents reported a column of smoke rising from the raoynom. February 4 next Horlovks been shelled ukrofashistskih voyakv. The shelling in some Areas there is no Electricity, there are dead and Injured, the Exact number of Victims is Unknown. Ukrofashistskie Warriors Several days of artillery shelling Yenakievo. Very intense shelling, resulting in crumbling housing estates That are on the Outskirts of the City , there are dead and wounded. Ukrofashistskie troops, officers and commanders, literally utyuzhat residential areas. 
In the afternoon, February 4, EXP (BC junta) tried to seize Shirokino (east of Mariupol), the host of the attack was repulsed. The militiamen opened fire on positions WCC (BC junta) in the area of ​​Granite. In the skies over Mariupol constantly observed UAV WCC (BC junta). Militias are trying to bring down, but to no avail, but was shot down drone OSCE. 
Debaltsevsky "pot" Summary on February 4 for the control of population centers in the area Debaltsevskogo boiler: militia took Kamenka Novogrigorovka - for BCH Maloorlovka Novoorlovka and largely controlled by the militia, Barrow Tomb Acute control ukrofashisty, Sanzharovka (height and 307.9), Red Plowman - under the control of the BCH. WCC Division (BC junta) February 4, made unsuccessful attempts to encircle and destroy the units LC protecting Sanzharovku. 
In Kamenka VSN began the construction of fortifications. During Army units LC attacking Popasnaya destroyed fuel depot and ammunition in the terminal area of ​​Popasnaya on the same direction were destroyed 2 tanks WCC (BC junta). In Debaltseve Chernukhin and continued fighting, here both have significant losses in the ratio of 1 (BCH) to 3 (APU). In Chernukhin location WCC (BC junta) and BCH for February 4, has not changed: WCC (BC junta) are in the south, BCH - in the north. During the day in the village were skirmishes with varying intensity, with the support of artillery. 
Local residents of the conversation with the WCC zoldaten (BC junta) revealed that they had lost the other day the commander to surrender do not want: fear of execution, in Debaltseve retreat can not: there are zagryadotryady ukrofashistov. In the area of ​​land Faschevka-Debaltseve with 04: 30 to 12:30 on February 4 with varying intensity was artillery duel between BCH and WCC (BC junta). 
February 4, after the evacuation of civilians in the town of Uglegorsk carried out the operation checks the addresses left in this village. As a result, militias were evacuated from the city of 80 civilians. Military developments in LC February 4 ukrofashistskaya artillery shelled Pervomaysk. The shelling was damaged pipeline 220 kV transmission line. There is no power to Svetlichny. 
About six o'clock in the evening on February 4 from positions near Stakhanov militia opened artillery fire on positions WCC (BC junta) have Debaltseve. As of February 4, route Bahmutka from Lugansk to checkpoint №29 - under the control of BCH, the remaining part of the APU keeps under heavy artillery fire from the area Lisichansk and Severodonetsk. Under fire were settlements Novotoshkovskoe, gold, Slavyanoserbsk. During the day she worked at VSN artillery positions WCC (BC junta) in Happiness. Around 15:10 on the part of the eastern part of Lugansk came the sound of artillery. Presumably, VSN applied blow to the WCC (BC junta) near the village of Lugansk. Lugansk militia under the Cossack village was destroyed ukrofashistskaya subversive group, which is passed along the river, returning to their positions. 
With ukrofashisstkoy side was done attacked the area cottages. No one was injured. At 20:30 near the village of Lugansk was heard bout. Other residents of Melitopol reported that at 18:30 from the airport flew the plane, shoot heat squib. Germany transmitted to the mobile intensive care unit to evacuate the wounded from the area "ATO". 
The General Staff WCC (BC junta) believe that the partial mogilizatsiya in opindosennoy and banderizovannoy country is in accordance with the approved plan without disrupting schedules. Recruitment offices ukrovermahta notified more than 95% of the planned warning to military service zombomaydaunov, more than half of them have successfully passed a medical examination and sent for training in training centers. 

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