Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Studio 13" Artwork conveys the atmosphere of present day Ukraine

 "Studio 13" Artwork conveys the atmosphere of present day Ukraine

Antimaydan | Russia
Today at 3:34 am

Now in Moscow at Zvenigorodskoe highway d.3 in the complex LOFT 1905, an exhibition of young photographers "Studio 13". Artwork convey the atmosphere of present day Ukraine, all the fear and terror brought before the eyes of visitors. 

About a year ago, Ukraine has ceased to be an independent country, it will become is subject to Western ideas. The exhibition is dedicated to the anniversary of the tragic events that occurred on the Maidan. 

The author of one of the works come from the fire now covered Novorossia. The artist saw with my own eyes how the power that must protect its people, acting on orders from the West and runs ATO against innocent people.Today's exhibition was attended by about 300 people. Among the guests was - publicist Nikolai Starikov, part of the movement "Antimaydan." 

Writer to appreciate the work of young artists. Nikolai Starikov expressed its position in relation to the events in Ukraine. According to him, the President Poroshenko holding Ukrainians in the form of Molotov cocktails and brings a lighter, preparing to throw his country into civil war. 

Besides, Nikolai Starikov said that the movement, "Antimaydan" not tolerate this in our country and, therefore, on February 21, will host the "Year of the Maidan.Do not forget! Not easy! "At the Revolution Square. The exhibition will be open before 22.00.Prihodite! There is time to make it.

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