Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spoils of War militia under Debaltseve is incalculable

Spoils of War Militia Under Debaltseve is incalculable.

1) Spoils of War Militia Under Debaltseve is incalculable. That's Because the trophies trophies !!! VIDEO.

2) IMPORTANT! Posted by journalists. "APU Attempt to circumvent the Minsk Agreement through the Reactivation of guns of less than 100 mm. APU started to re-entry and adoption of the Soviet 85-mm anti-tank guns D-48.

The tools developed in the late 1940s, their serial production lasted about 3 years from 1955 till 1957 are manufactured in factories gun number 9 (Uralmash) and № 75. A total of 819 units produced. The reason for re-entry - the plight of the army in the field of modern military equipment and lack of funds.

The main feature antitank gun D-48 is an Exceptionally Long barrel. For Maximum Velocity muzzle barrel length WAS Increased to 74 caliber (6m. 290 mm.). In order to bring guns into the firing position calculation took about 2 minutes. Ammunition consists of 100 unitary shots (created specifically for the D-48): 44 armor-piercing and high-explosive 56 ". At a distance of 1 km armor-piercing shell at an angle of 60 ° Armor penetration 150-185 mm.

Gun D-48 required to get around Minsk Agreement and provide new parts and the National Guard under MAT artorudiyami. "

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