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Sergey Lavrov, "#Ukraine Civilwar is no laughing matter" West jeers MSC speech

Sergey Lavrov was no laughing matter
February 8, 2015 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the International Security Conference in Munich was marked by scandal: the delegates from a number of Western countries have reacted to his speech with loud jeers and shouts. Sergei Lavrov responded with restraint.

Until Sergei Lavrov at a conference in Munich performed Angela Merkel: German Chancellor it six times interrupted by thunderous applause. Loudest forum participants applauded when Mrs. Merkel welcomed sitting in the front row of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Russian Foreign Minister began his presentation by stating that "the events of the past year have confirmed the validity of Russian warnings about the existence of deep, systemic problems in the organization of European security and international relations in general." "The design of stability, based on the UN Charter and the Helsinki principles, has long undermined the actions of the US and its allies in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, NATO's eastward expansion and the creation of new dividing lines, - declared Sergey Lavrov.- project of building a" common European home "did not take place precisely because our partners in the West were not guided by the interests of the construction of an open security architecture with mutual respect for the interests and illusions and beliefs winners in the Cold War. "

According to the Russian minister, "there is a culmination held during the last quarter of a century the course of Western countries to maintain any means of its dominance in world affairs, to capture the geopolitical space in Europe." "From the CIS countries, our closest neighbors associated with us for centuries in the economic, humanitarian historical, cultural and even family plan, required to make a choice - either with the West or against the West," - said Sergey Lavrov.

Russian Foreign Minister declared: "At every stage of the crisis, the United States, and under their influence - and the European Union - to take steps leading to escalation. So it was, when the EU refused to discuss with Russia the consequences of the introduction of the economic bloc of the Association Agreement with Ukraine, and then were directly supported the coup d'etat, and before that - the anti-government riots. 

So it was when the Western partners repeatedly issued indulgences Kiev authorities, who, instead of the promises the beginning of a national dialogue began a large-scale military operation, declaring "terrorists" of its citizens who disagree with the unconstitutional change of government and rampant ultranationalists. "

According to him, in Moscow do not understand why in the "minds of Westerners in Ukraine do not apply universal principles for resolving internal conflicts, involving primarily an inclusive political dialogue between the protagonists." "Why, in cases such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Mali, South Sudan, our partners urge the government to negotiate with the opposition and the rebels, in some cases - even with the extremists, and in respect of the Ukrainian crisis act differently, actually indulging military operation in Kiev, up to justify or attempts to justify the use of cluster munitions, "- said Sergey Lavrov.

In the conclusion of his speech, the Russian minister stressed that Ukrainian crisis "can not be resolved by military force," and expressed the hope that was held on Friday talks in Moscow with the participation of the presidents of Russia and France, as well as German Chancellor, will bring results. "There are all the possibilities to achieve results and agree on recommendations that will enable the parties really untie this knot conflict", - said Sergey Lavrov.

Further, the conference provided an opportunity to ask a few questions to the Russian guest.And then there was a scandal. Took the floor and the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the European Parliament Elmar Brok, who said that by joining the Crimea, Russia violated the key international standards. Sergey Lavrov also said that in the Crimea all happened in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. 

"The UN Charter there are several principles and the right of nations to self-determination stands on a key point, and territorial integrity, sovereignty is obliged to respect," - said the minister. At this point, Elmar Brok and many other delegates from Western countries began to laugh loudly, accompanying ridicule scathing commentary. Among the participants - more than 20 heads of states and governments and 60 ministers of foreign affairs and defense.

Sergei Lavrov responded with restraint: referring to Elmar Brok, he said that when he asked his question, he too was funny, but he was "restrained".

Further, he drew attention to the developing West in the Crimean issue "double standards". "In Kosovo, there was no referendum" - recalled the Russian Foreign Minister, adding: "Germany also combine without a referendum. We have been active supporters of it. " At these words the Western delegates reacted even more frowned upon: they began to whistle and shout objections. It seemed that Sergei Lavrov was about to leave the scene, but he did not do as well and only dryly noted that "over Russia's position can laugh - laughter prolongs life."

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