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Reflections on #MH17 (Video) Documentary

On July 17, 2014, a Boeing 777 crashed on Malaysia Airlines (flight MH17) down over eastern Ukraine. All 298 passengers died, including 193 Dutch.
Netherlands took charge of the investigation into the cause of the disaster, but joined with a cover deal to Kiev. And became a pawn in an international political game.
Unvarnished Cold War rhetoric is making a comeback. Putin herein is the ultimate bad guy. What he says is labeled as poisonous propaganda in the West.
Meanwhile, it seems, all involved suffer from tunnel vision. Can we still assured that the investigators do their work independently and objectively?
Russians wear material that suggests that the crash was caused by either an attack by a fighter jet or by a Ukrainian with Ukrainian BUK-M1 missile fired. Conversely go EU countries and the US assumes that the separatists in eastern Ukraine Boeing, whether accidentally shot down.
In MH17: The Cover-Deal makes Joost Niemöller the mid-term. The most striking facts are put in a row and the main theories - from all camps - evaluated. The author identifies disturbing trends and presents a world where major interests truth stand in the way of a deal more weight than forensic material.
The theories. The facts. The deal.
Extent: 168 pages + 16 pages of illustrations (color)
ISBN: 978 90 490 2417 8
Price: € 14.95
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The book presentation in Nieuwspoort

Handing book HM17, the Cover-Deal to MPs Van Bommel (SP) and Omtzigt (CDA) in Nieuwspoort, October 28, 2014.
On July 17, collapsed flight MH17 down and the only thing we can increasingly be sure, that has been the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines militarily from the air. There is often spoken of an attack, but strictly speaking, that's not certain. Namely is frequently said that the separatists who were "accidentally" with a rocket plane from the sky shots. For now, we still do not know whether it is at all were the separatists. Now, we do not know, but we think it does. That of course is not just. The separatists shots for a while planes from the air. Ukrainian military aircraft. And sometimes more than five thousand meters. That's a good reason to suspect the separatists. But evidence is not natural. Not even the beginning of it.
The vast majority of Dutch thought at first that it was the separatists, judging from an opinion poll by Maurice de Hond, shortly after the disaster. Most journalists in the Netherlands will now say that it was the separatists, and most politicians in the Netherlands do that. All politicians express themselves a lot more careful. But it is therefore true? With this question I started this book. Or rather, with doubts about the "truth" that hung in the Netherlands. Gradually I found a lot that did not fit into this picture. In part on the Internet. But there were also official sources, such as a press conference of the Russian Defence Ministry and a report by Russian engineers, which the theory is put apart that the Boeing 777 was attacked by a Ukrainian fighter jet, first with a mounted gun, then with a rocket from the jet. The Russians came with satellite photos of Ukrainian Buk-M1 systems and radar images of a possible Ukrainian fighter close near MH17. They gave their data to the Safety Board. Who showed in their interim report that they had received the material. The Research Council used the Russian radar data to determine when the device of the radar disappeared. But otherwise they did nothing. Not only no word on a rocket, as is often noted in the media, but also no word on a fighter jet.
Yesterday Der Spiegel published an extensive interview with Fred Westerbeke, the Dutch chief prosecutor. He gave them what side the examination of the prosecution goes out. He praised the good cooperation with Ukraine. Der Spiegel refers to its own message, and once again what always ask the Dutch media: that the German secret service US satellite photos had shown to German MPs in a secret meeting. But that was not in the original message in Der Spiegel, which started all the fuss was about. It was discussed analysis of satellite photos that were submitted. ARD, which also leaked that secret discussions, even spoke of plausible options. There were just so scenarios presented by the German secret service. A very normal procedure. Nothing about that in the Dutch media. Everyone stays here but passionately believe that US satellite photos to confirm our tunnel vision once. Now that US satellite photos there, that's for sure. There was, at least, the Russians say, at that precise moment because a satellite above the crash site. But what will it be seen?Maybe not as much as there was a dense cloud cover, as we learn from the preliminary report of the Research Council. But faith in the satellite photos sustains the spider.
About US satellite photos said for the first time something concrete in the letter that the government tonight sent to the Chamber: The OM has not, and whether it will ever be possible that the OM get this from the Americans, it is very doubtful ! (PDF)
"It is desirable that the OM additional material obtained from the United States for purposes of the criminal investigation. This takes time, because it is legally complicated within US legislation to transfer information to the criminal law. The prosecution has to gain confidence in a timely manner the relevant material. "
There are said Westerbeke, two options on the table. A rocket and a jet. A rocket is, he says, most likely.
The letter that came last night from the Cabinet, is about the investigation of the prosecutor said something else:
"Further research therefore focuses primarily on the scenarios an attack from the ground or an attack from the air."
The government refers to the interview in Der Spiegel, but takes the "likelihood of the rocket is not over." This is reflected in a different, little crooked and therefore not clearly drafted, clip in this answer:
"As we previously in the state of MH17 letter of 24 July reported to the House, the evidence seems to pile up that the plane was shot down by a missile. We can not say with certainty, therefore we must await the final reports. "
'Evidence', which is quite a heavy word. And that they would pilings, which makes it even more impressive. But what "evidence" the government have in mind? Sounds like a good Kamervraag. But I think we all know the answer to wait for the investigations.
Earlier, the prosecution spoke after a press conference yet with more aplomb on that rocket. Is the focus of the prosecution to running a missile into a fighter jet? There they will be happy with it not in Kiev.
I was also curious about the question of Der Spiegel's remark that a rocket Westerbeke the "most likely" would be. That question should read simply: Why? But that question did not come.Interestingly Westerbeke said the OM Moscow requested the radar data showing would be that a Ukrainian fighter jet flight MH17 approaches. Is it not absurd, the interviewer from Der Spiegel asks that Ukraine together with the Dutch OM performing the research? Westerbeke says: "Of course that's a problem. But we can not do without them. "I think that is the crux. The prosecution has a deal with Kiev. What it means, it is silent about this government. How should that ever objectively examine the possibility that it was a Ukrainian fighter jet? How can this ever be a fair trial?
It's me while working on this book, more and more surprised that this point clearer on the agenda has come to be. Not in the media, and actually not in politics. What do we really mean? We want that quickly found that the separatists have done it? Or do we want the truth? With this construction, it is impossible to ever achieve a convincing right process. Well, anyway it will not be soon, says Westerbeke. 2016 certainly not.
Now we are so caught up in a swamp. The prosecution continues to operate very long time in silence. Occasionally we will obviously learn something through a mid-interview, what I find in itself a remarkable structure. The Research Council will next year with something. But so should not be a perpetrator information. The government will hide until the end of time behind this research. Possible in the silent hope that the Ukrainian army will recapture the crash site. And there is another thing.
The question is what can the parliament, except always ask questions that are not answered again, or with the known open doors. Of course, this Parliament can thus build up a file, and it will probably ever come to a parliamentary inquiry, as political relations are at it.
I found it interesting that VVD MP Ingrid de Caluwé at the last committee meeting about MH17 suggested or perhaps it was no idea to follow the route along the UN. That is what Malaysia has proposed. And Russia. At least something in that direction. Blue Helmets on the crash site. A UN commission of inquiry. A UN special envoy. Maybe research can be lifted out as these muddy atmosphere of political deals. Maybe not. There are bad experiences with the powerlessness of the UN. The government has in any case announced nothing to feel for the deployment of the UN, the answer came in tonight:
"The government does not consider it appropriate to initiate a discussion about a possible additional UN mission to the disaster area in addition to the already active OSCE SMM. The chance that this can be achieved in the UN Security Council agreement, moreover, is minimal. "
A meaningless answer. And I would like to know who is now on site at the UN. Not the US, I hope?
Not once in which a civilian aircraft by military means from the air is shot, the last sixty years, it has come to a conclusive legal process. So the probability is very small anyway that the truth ever comes up table.
The search path that is now embarked seems like a dead end. There is nothing but false hope given them to the relatives. Of course politics does not have the power to still stop this investigation. But opening the way to a third, international research, still seems the most promising option. The Netherlands has always talking about the UN, sometimes rightly, sometimes not. But can the heads of Dutch politics for once in the same direction?

We have nothing in the EU in the MH17 file

By Joost Niemöller

Last night there was at the Binnenhof a long committee meeting about MH17. I was there too.What I was wiser? Nothing At All. The pattern in these meetings has gradually become known. All questions relating to the organization of research, or information that is or is not admitted to respond to the Research Council or to the prosecutor, be turned away with variations on the answer that we must await the study. And all questions relating to whether the government or not stabbing dropped, be overridden with observations in the atmosphere that there were no signs that there was danger.The latter is of course nonsense, especially after three days before an Antonov plane was shot down and certainly after Kiev mysteriously closed only a portion of airspace. 

But Minister Opstelten was monotonous and uninterested same phrases read about 'no signal', the two MPs from the PvdA and VVD which together form the parliamentary majority, continued to star for himself look, and the whole opposition could stand on his head, that was all nothing. It remained what it's been months. A frustrating repetition of moves that no step going forward.

In particular, the MPs Omtzigt (CDA) and Sjoerdsma (D66) came with questions, questions, questions. At the PvdA and VVD let them know that they would be better able to wait for the investigation and that all this attention still is not good for the relatives. Who want peace with their grief. Now, there are fixed survivors who want peace with their grief, but the relatives I spoke to is mostly, as I do, and I think everyone an answer to that burning question for the perpetrator. And, with all due respect to the survivors; their alleged state of mind is still not the real issue. That is the cause of the disaster, or the attack or whatever you want to call.

In that respect we seem so get ahead no sense. And there is growing dissatisfaction if we ever do will move forward one stitch.
The Russian ambassador to the EU still wanted to know today whether the Dutch researchers already something had come on, and whether anything could be said there. The Russians already assume that the Dutch researchers take the matter apparently not seriously. At least, that kind of stuff they say. Why did they otherwise that are suspicious wreck share? Why they do not hear witnesses? Interestingly, both as Minister Opstelten Koenders at their answering emphatically stated that the studies had to be done well, because the whole world watched it, so the Netherlands can not afford any mistakes. That indicates something about the underlying ambition. Netherlands wants to score in the field of international law. 

We have an International Criminal Court here. There is much at stake for justice. But what exactly is meant by that "no mistakes"? There will also mean that the political game is played properly. Netherlands is not an international superpower. Therefore Netherlands dare, says the government, not to blow the whistle on a diplomatic consultations befor July 17th. Therefore Netherlands dare not, according to the meaningless answers from the government, to exert pressure on obtaining possible crucial evidence from the US and Russia. Read: Military radar and satellite photos. According Opstelten contacts were "good." And we had to do it with.

Netherlands is of course many buddies too small to have the lead in a study in which much is at stake. Netherlands has in that study no say in the milk and the government can not say anything about how OM research (what matters) is organized, except by saying that the information should be in seclusion shared and that in that closeness Consultations shall be held between the four countries concerned.

There we are, as noted, none the wiser.

Remarkably, no one talks about it in the House or the investigation can not be lifted to higher international level. For example, at the EU level. The EU, the Netherlands is apparently so important, is here, if we may believe the government, from the mouth of Koenders, also totally not on.

That's great that Merkel, Hollande and Putin are now developing a peace plan, to the dismay of some American hawks like McCain who do not want peace, but war.

But whether that is at peace talks at European level will also be talked about disconnecting the MH17 file, so crucial after all within the current tensions, Koenders did not respond. Not even he would try to exert pressure.

Yet a study MH17 will make sense only if the powers to be involved in that investigation. As in other words, not the Netherlands the lead, but Merkel, Putin and Obama. Gates open so that all information can and can really be taken accountability for who did it and who should be punished.

Because it really is not rocket science, how or what. The 25 metal particles tell half the story. Who knows who studied particles, say the experts, all in a week what was the weapon. The damage to the aircraft tell the rest. Then additional structural witness interviews of everyone who may be involved but. Complete radar printout. Kiev under pressure. Make the area a crime scene and do thorough research on the spot out.

But that can only happen if Merkel, ie the EU, dare from underneath that American blanket to crawl and will operate independently.

This Saturday I give a lecture about MH17 in Fijnaart in Roozendaal.

This Sunday I give a lecture about MH17 in Oud Beijerland under Rotterdam.

It was an embarrassment. Increasingly creeps me the uneasy feeling that the absolute failure of the justice minister and the state secretary for aviation to 298 unnecessary deaths resulted.
Bombastic lethargy and empathetic inability to imagine the fate of others here has led to a terrible disaster. But this can happen again tomorrow. Substitute shame fills us all.
Counter-espionage with MH17

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