Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is Ukraine a police state?, Or "Were We Born to Make Kafka Come True?"

Is Ukraine a police state?, Or "Were We Born to Make Kafka Come True?"

Yesterday, 2:06
Ukraine - a police state or "We were born to make Kafka come true!"

Ukrainian army bypasses the flanks. Who? All.

Despite the peace process, which ended with the signing of the still new Minsk Agreement, the Ukrainian side is behaving extremely inadequate. And okay even refusal to recognize Debaltsevsky boiler. This can be understood. "Facebook" is not easy. For the sake of "Facebook" even had to "defend" the airport a week after he was finally taken by the Donbass militia.
But why should simultaneously engage in peace talks and senseless provocative lawmaking?
For example, the law №1849 on Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, which states that in relation to evade conscription for military service are allowed to carry out the unspoken investigations, among them - telephone wiretapping, the removal of personal correspondence and reading SMS.
Frankly, these actions are carried out long ago. But apparently, in the bodies still working "domaydannye" employees who, in contrast to the "postmaydannyh" still archaic and old-fashioned feel that chaos should be legally issued, and somehow indecent work. Unpleasant because when conscience tormented at night, and now it will be possible to convince himself that simply executes the job description and act strictly according to the law. Self-deception, of course, but at least temporarily save yourself from illness and existential neurosis can. Well, when you have to answer for their actions, and that moment comes always, will be able to shove the blame on higher - at the Verkhovna Rada, for example.
A push down anything and not have to. Glad she has a unique thing. As you are such a bill?
public denial or justification of the military aggression of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine in 2014-2015, production and (or) distribution of materials, which is denied and (or) is justified by such military aggression, - punishable by a fine of five hundred to a thousand times the income or arrest up to six months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to three years, or imprisonment for up to three years with confiscation of materials in which negated and (or) is justified by military aggression, and their means of production and distribution. "
Whether it is necessary to understand that the Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mr. Muzhenko, publicly stated that the Ukrainian army is not at war with the units of the Russian armed forces, according to the bill must be imprisonment with confiscation? .. Expropriation only what is unclear. Perhaps the most.But what to do with the TV channel, which broadcast this statement? As the hero Papanova, "sit a mustache?"
In general, democracy is on the march, European values ​​triumph. At the same time, the war no one is declared, and martial law was introduced. Well, no Debaltsevskogo boiler, of course, are not. Ukrainian army bypasses the flanks. Who? For some reason, just remember the famous movie.
Nevertheless true, first celebrations of the "peremog" then arrests of dissidents, then all combined, and now it's time our valiant guards.
Rada voted for the bill, according to which  "evasion of service of civil protection in the special period (except the recovery period) or in the event of mobilization target - is punishable by imprisonment for a term of two to five years."
Given that no one is going to recover, and mobilized in the "Civil Protection" send "to protect citizens" straight to the so-called zone ATO, then this decision really have to get on the flanks for those who do not want to kill their fellow citizens. As practice shows the last few weeks, "flank" are neighboring countries (in particular, the "aggressor" Russia), where people hastily relocated away from the "Civil Protection".
The bill is also expected to  "establish for natural and legal persons apartment for service personnel cantonment authorities and civil protection units, as well as the evacuated population during martial law."
At the same time, UNN reported that some MP Pashinsky  "expressed the view that martial law should be imposed only in the case of a full-scale offensive in Russia, because otherwise benefit from the sale of no."
I can not understand, do cheburashek attack submarine and the Altai bronekavalerii full-scale offensive?Apparently not. But this time without the occurrence of the benefits of the law there, and it is still accepted, can we assume that soon, despite the new Ming agreement, "Facebook" will delight us with the invasion of Russian combat avatars, this time, of course, a full-scale invasion.
It seems that such laws in terms of peace negotiations and at the same time refusing to see a gopher (Debaltsevsky boiler), which is, accepted an ulterior motive. APU in the boiler will be sure to disarm, as well as take control of the relevant territory, the more so as the weekend (when in theory earn ceasefire) quite have the time. And that's just another reason for the "Facebook" to announce a full-scale invasion and derail the peace process? After all, without the war power in the country collapsing economically untenable.
 But it's about a little and victorious war. However, current war with its own people in the Donbas to the Kiev authorities is not wins. And therefore remains to tighten the screws on the territory under their control, turning Ukraine into a totalitarian police state, where the only human right is the right to lick the boots red-faced American and Curly Bandera with SS-ovsky runes on his shoulder. For how long?
"We were born to make Kafka come true!" That's the slogan of the absurd and the anti-human transformation of the current Ukraine.

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