Tuesday, February 17, 2015

- Hello! - Hello! Serge son! - It's not Sergei - Your son is a prisoner of the Militia DNR

GBR "Batman" 
Today at 2:26 am
Taken from a Subscriber.
Your son is a prisoner of the militia DNR -Hello!
-Hello! Serge son!
Where did you get that from you? It's not Sergei.
-What's Wrong with him? (Female voice faltering literally shouting) 
-Don't worry, he is alive and well in captivity militias Donetsk People's Republic 
-In tube second silence, and the wildest scream through her ​​tears: "Koostya bones! Serge in captivity. You hear it in prisoner of the Chechens? "
- Do not perzhivayte you everything your son will be fine but you hear a cry for women only, this hysterical, next heard a voice:" 
Give me the phone, it's likely afferisty call now will require money, "
- Hello you hear, we do not afferisty we militia, if you want to take your son ... But at the end, it seems, no one is listening - there perpalka: 
The woman shouts: "Why do I love you, old fool, listen, it was necessary and to pay all" Man: "Shut your mouth!"
I again: "Hello can you hear me?"
Here in the voice on the phone the very bones, which picked up the phone: 
"Hear, Chechen freaks, I Guard lieutenant in osttavke Konstantin F .. ... Oh, if my son's head upodёt even one hair, I find you all and will tear apart, believe me, I know how to do it. "Again, a woman's voice:" 
What are you doing, they just kill him now! "
Again I: "Hello, do you hear, we will for this and calls - come, take your son."
"I do not have that kind of money that you request, I'm a veteran and disabled, but I find you all you hear .... (mat series) I can still hold a gun in his hands, I in Afghanistan. ... "" Hello, I'm not interested in your life, come and take away your son. "In the tube is heard only skirmish between parents I want to hang Sounds like a senior," Well, give up, I ' ll talk with the Afghan. "
"Hello? Filin, do you hear?"
At the other end of the deathly silence "Hello, b .. .d, Owl, I know you can hear me," From there, barely audible: "Alloooo" "Well, said that, bl ... qb, not you recognize comrades, completely lost its memory? "" Alexander, is that you? "" Well, who else? "
"What are you, too, in captivity?"
"What, th ... nah, prisoner?"
"Well, these have the Chechens, the separatists?"
"Are you quite there ёbn. .sya? See less TV. I am the commander of the militia." "As a commander? There's also some terrorists and the Chechens in the militia?"
"You're a big part of the Chechens and terrorists for thirty years ... You know Fedota remember? Senya and Vaska red, then all old men fighting, a lot of us is here Donetsk." Again, silence, and has an uncertain voice: "And Andrei, my homies where?"
"Andryukha in the world to have died back in June, one of the first." "I call him, and he turned off the phone, I thought he had escaped to Russia."
"You come, tell personally as Andryukha of us escaped. You son pick something come? And we do not know what to do with them, we have no runoff grubs, feed them there." "I will come, of course, I ' ll come, but how? "
"Silently, through Russia, through growth, in another way, my guys you will meet, if necessary." "We must, necessarily have to, I'll leave tomorrow."
"Here's the phone man, he will meet you and holds where it is necessary ..." Two days later, Dad captive soldier APU has already been in the same hut, drank the bitter with commander of a couple and recalled that, another war .
In the morning, two boys and batyu captive, a retired lieutenant with whom I talked, l was taken back to the border with Russia.
After another day Dad came to our location again: "I am here, it, thought about it and decided not to leave kids in Russia sent, and he again to you. Weapons give?" ZY Today found here is the text of the letter , the man asks militia opublikovat. Sam author claims that the story is 100% real, just changed the names of the actors

Taken from a subscriber. 

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