Friday, February 20, 2015

Five thanks to what only Ukrainians can do....

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Today at 11:37 am

Five thanks to what only Ukrainians can do....

I want to thank the Ukrainians. Thank you for the truly invaluable experience, which I learned by watching our independent neighbors internet.

1. Only Ukrainians can carefully collect the network all the way down to the smallest, ugly facts of corruption in Russia and put them under Russian accounts to attract more attention to bleeding ulcers totalitarian regime. It should be understood that such shameful phenomenon simply impossible in the country of victorious patriotism, and endless lustration is about to eradicate these remnants of the past forever.

2. Only Ukrainians can daily and meticulously keep track of all the Russian currency fluctuations and world prices for Brent, the fraternal aid in a fit completely oblivious to the death rattle own currency. Only through such enthusiasts, I myself became a regular glance at stock quotes, which was charging me optimistic for the whole working day. By the way, the oil is already 62.4. Thank U!

3. Only Ukrainians can devote as much time to the President of my country, and to view his conversion (to the State Duma, the Council of Federation), and his three hour press conference, and even his New Year's speech, which I, to my shame not do. It is our free online Ukrainian interlocutors able to spend hours discussing the slightest nuances of appearance, facial expressions of my President, referring to it more often than all the saints and heroes Hundreds of Heaven. Shame on me - so I do not have devotion.

4. Only the Ukrainians were able to demonstrate their own voluntary sacrifice to me and to the world the true nature of any nationalism. It is thanks to the brotherly Slavic people, I realized that the blood and genetics do not mean nothing, is only important cultural community. It is thanks to the free will of our Slavic brothers, I became convinced Imperials and firmly believe that we, Russian - Horde uniting dozens of nations based on the general concept of justice, and Russia has never been a "Russian." On the contrary, for me now is quite obvious that anyone who proclaims the greatness of a nation, the next step will inevitably be forced to declare the nullity of the lives of other nations. And this is - the Nazis, the war and the end of humanity. I am glad that many who call themselves Russian nationalists are now committed, finally, self-determination: the Nazis, or they simply love the country. Thank U!

5. It is only thanks to the Ukrainians, I realized that for the greatness of the country's useless shouting patriotic slogans and waving on every occasion national flags. All that is needed for prosperity - to work, work and do not steal. And to live in a prosperous country all want. This is patriotism, not what we usually show.

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