Friday, February 13, 2015

Ex-General of NATO: To be precise, for the West there is no Military Solution

DONBASS | PMOP "Berkut" 
Today at 5:10 am
Ex-General of NATO: To be precise, for the West there is no Military Solution 

Ex-General of NATO: "If the Russian army were there, it could end the war in Ukraine in 48 hours. Information about that at presence in Ukraine of regular units of the Russian army - this is all propaganda", said the former chairman of the NATO Military Committee Harald Kujat broadcasted on German TV. 

If they really were there, he said, the war would have ended after 48 hours. I want to reiterate that constantly from German and European sides it's no understood. Namely, that the conflict can not be resolved in Ukraine by military means. 

Mr. Kouyate, is it possible to say that, from the Russian point of view, such a decision, of course, exists? 

Putin isn't satisfied with the way the situation is developing, and it is successful in military terms for him. 

What might keep him from further progress on this course? 

Harald Kouyate, a former NATO general: To be precise, it is for the West is no military solution. We can not win this war. If we, of course, we are stupid enough to get involved in this war. We lost it, and it will be a terrible disaster. 

For Russia, the situation is quite different. Russia could resolve this conflict by military means. And this, too, I must say. While Putin behaves very restrained. Maybe this time, I do not know, and I think that no one knows about it. 

If Russia really wanted this war would be over in 48 hours. I believe it is necessary to clearly say. Out of retreat Putin or his attack on Kiev? 

Harald Kouyate: No, he does not need to advance on Kiev. He said that if he wants to, he will be in 2 weeks in Kiev. These terms are greatly exaggerated: in Kiev, he would be 5-6 days. A conflict in eastern Ukraine would be discontinued for 48 hours. We constantly hear from various quarters that there allegedly used the regular Russian army. 

Ukrainian president talks about it more often. I have no such information that would reliably prove it. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine a few days ago - on January 30 - said that we are not at war with the regular units of the Russian army. Of course, there are Russian soldiers. Singly. Of course, Russia supports the conflict heavy weapons. 

We have all seen those pictures where the camera shows Poroshenko Russian passports, thereby to prove that there are Russian soldiers. 

Harald Kouyate: This passport single soldier, but not a passport Russian military units. I believe that we must clearly distinguish the fact that, of course, there are Russian soldiers involved ... How is not important. Whether it's a holiday or whatever it was told. But if there attended regular Russian troops, the conflict would have ended after 48 hours. This must absolutely understood. And what we hear is only propaganda from both sides of the Atlantic.

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