Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Comments from : I.I.Strelkova, "The Militia offensive to the borders" was completed.

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
5.2.15 Today at 3:30 pm

Comments from I.I.Strelkova: "The offensive to the borders" was completed. 

Continuing to advance and "correct errors Strelkova" does not work. Large losses at what much of it - as a result of the outstanding bungling command. 

It is necessary to proceed to the defense (in fact, this has already happened). Achieve a significant success was possible. Actually received "blow fingers spread." In spite of the failure of the offensive VSN (only managed to achieve a number of tactical successes), APU also are in very serious condition. If "The north wind blew" - they now have to quickly and completely destroyed. And since the "wind" is still (hypothetically) can "blow" - there is some panic, coupled with knowledge that complete "svidomye operetta." 

As for the boiler - as at the night from yesterday to today was not closed. "Throat" bag sweep artillery, but not slit. Grouping APU in the protrusion is provided and updated. Not to say that safe passage, but "tighten the neck" firmly at VSN failed. In ukrov same position not too good - to supply grouping normally still very difficult and fraught with regular losses. Therefore it is necessary to counterattack, but it is also fraught with large losses and yet in practice it is impossible. 

At the moment, a large-scale attack is not expected. Private attacks with the aim of improving the position of the return or more than possible. Especially in the area of "debaltsevskogo bag." If ukram not be able to "extend the neck" to an acceptable level, then this bag will "suck their strength and lead to permanent loss of a completely meaningless, having no value, except for purely propaganda. In addition, the bag will continue to shrink due to the constantly VSN private attacks. I think in the next 1-2 weeks we will see "the battle for the airport" - only in far larger scale. 

All of the junta behavior can be described by the expression "Forcing Russia to war" - and the situation with Transnistria - just another private case. I just do not clear - when the Kremlin realize that still have to fight. On Korchinskiy: Korchinskiy - known (from the time of the 1st Chechen) pozёr and son of a gun - there is in any real fight (on memoirs of associates - and I with someone personally talked - in the service) did not participate. 

And his little people - exactly the same. popiaritsya and sfotkatsya - zavsegda they are ready. (Especially - for the money). A real case of "not seen and not heard." This Korchinskiy quite "copies" of his idol - Vyacheslav Surkov, in the middle of "zero" invited him (for 50 thousand. "greens") to lecture the "war in the crowd" in the camp of "our" Seliger. (I was biting elbows with anger - all knew damn could not do). Korchinskiy distinguished by the fact that (quote) - "as a fight, so he definitely somewhere before it went for."

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