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Chronology of the civil war in Ukraine - News for February 12, 2015

MAP OF OPERATIONS 07-10 February
No drain Novorossia no
(Author: Egor Kholmogorov)
1. No drain Novorossia there is no trace. The agreement is a reprint of September that is impossible nonsense. All remain at their (shelling, alas, too).
2. The statement that Russia recognized the republic part of Ukraine - a lie. Russia has never officially challenged the membership. Unofficially Putin said again about the Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

3. "Now Putin signed ...". False. Putin did not sign anything. Signed a contact group of third-parties.Communiqué powers not subscription.
4. The most important fact about which will dance events - Unrecognized boiler. Poroshenko lied that the boiler is not. Therefore, the APU will throw masses of infantry and vehicles on the attack and on the web really is a grinder, which most likely will break all the truce.
5. The most alarming signal that the part of the Russian mass media repeated the lie about Semenchenko Release boiler. Ie, 5-6 column is ready to pour the sake of friendship with all the successes Poroshenko militias. But the media column 5 have always done.
6. The EU will attempt to alleviate the pretext of Minsk relations with Russia. Most likely, the US will not give them this. Even Mistral will not give back. But it seems that Poroshenko discredits itself in the eyes of the EU completely.
No ceasefire is currently not
Militia continues to destroy "debaltsevsky pot". Self-propelled artillery "Carnation" militia DNI with key heights around Debaltseve firing at the columns of the Ukrainian army executioners, who are trying to break through Debaltsevsky boiler.
Punishers occur simultaneously inside and outside the ring, from the Artemovska and Svetlodarsk. 22 millimeters - the caliber of the ACS, aiming to beat Moves armored column of the enemy.
Intelligence reports the data. On the track of the storm punishers Ukrainian village Logvinova that sculpted militias under the control of a few days ago, cutting off the APU supply route groups under Debaltseve. There is a fierce battle, keep the defense militias supported by these "Stud" that are on the surrounding heights.
Reports from the front today:
Posted by Artem volunteer:
- In the area Debaltseve battles are conducted for each house. Against the background of the upcoming peace agreements, each of the parties to the conflict trying to take as much territory. The difference is that the punishers occupy the land of Donbass and army soldiers Novorossia they are released, saving their wives, children, parents.
Posted by volunteer with the call sign "Horn":
- Although not a truce - fighting continues, we continue to beat Debaltsevsky boiler, and the enemy is trying to get out of there. This morning near the village, Luhansk militia put forward to Bolotennogo and that part Valuisky that we control, as well as from the bridge and conducted a campaign to destroy the weapon emplacements APU.
- The battle lasted for about 5 hours. According to the results we have destroyed several defensive firing points, three reference points and 5 units artillerii.Takzhe APU in retaliation fired at frontline us. items.
- With regard to Minsk. I have noticed that people are very much their obrugivayut.People panic is not appropriate! Voyentorg works, we keep the position, there are fights. I doubt that the world will come out with the Nazi cannibals. But if there is a chance to do everything in a peaceful way and it is 0.01% - that for this it is necessary to cling to the hairs. Because I'm tired of that our people are dying. May be able to expel the invaders through diplomacy. And if you will not work - the war until victory is inevitable.
Posted by a local resident:
- Lugansk, 10 minutes ago in the eastern part of the lay cassette.
By militias:
- Horlovks under fire. Falls on Kalynivka. All be in shelters.
19:55. Donetsk:
- Avengers are shelling out cannon artillery Kuibyshev district.
20:00 Logvinova:
- Ukrofashisty continue desperately to break through the boiler, attempts have not yielded results. VSN went to the counter as a result of which the security forces were driven to their original positions.
20:15. Donetsk:
- Intense firing incendiary (phosphorus) shells fired punishers in district waste heap w. Panfilov, Metro, airport, toward the first pad and sand.
Posted by LC Intelligence:
- According to intelligence reports Militia, in the village of Lugansk in order to disrupt the agreements reached in Minsk after 20:00 Ukrainian punitive planned provocation with numerous victims among the civilian population.
Posted by volunteer with the call sign "Varyag":
- Under Mariupol battalion "Azov" tried to take the empty villages, but the coordinated work of the artillery and infantry militia stopped the Nazis and threw them back. Civilian casualties is quite significant, destruction of infrastructure and large cities DNR.
- In wartime conditions continued to incur losses, but, nevertheless, is intercepted by a specific initiative of warfare and despite the fact that the militia is 3 times smaller than the Army of Ukraine, we are keeping the initiative in their hands and conduct business to a victorious conclusion of the liberation of the Russian population New Russia.
Posted by residents of Mariupol:
- At 15.40 were heard automatic rifle and machine gun fire. Then they went to the tanks at 5 units and then began to beat the artillery. All this happened in the direction Shirokino.
- At 16.01 was the launch of castles. At 16.20 the tanks returned, but in a quantity of three units. In the field and on the road lay the shells, and there was black smoke from three places. This departure from Shirokino like to go to the nameless on the left side.
- In Shirokino all off, people leave en masse. In Lebedinskoe punishers built roadblock and caught up with technology. Go home, roam there want. APCs ride through the streets, screaming. And there are attacks.
- As at 18.00 MSK in some areas of Mariupol heard very strong Baja.
Militia managed to burn LC column punitive, trying to break debaltsevsky boiler
In fierce fighting continues Sanzharoki. At a height of 307.9 is a terrible fight.Punishers taken 6 attacks, all of which were recorded by the Cossacks and the people's militia.
Under Chernukhin there are fights. Stakhanov today a day of mourning: thousands of residents without fear of attacks, this afternoon went to the funeral of 10 soldiers of the regiment them. Platov, who sacrificed their lives for the motherland and the people in the fight against Ukrainian invaders.
Ukraine pleads aggressor forgive the debt of $ 3 billion
Ukraine, which declared the Russian Federation, the aggressor country begging for alms from the enemy. It's like the neighbor distribute the yeast in the water drain, write all the fences that his wife is an idiot, and children freaks, make the whole area of ​​jumping and shouting that the neighbor la-lo-lo, tilt all the other neighbors spit in his soup and beat window, and then come to ask - no, not even salt and black caviar wagon. So immaculately, with a slight smile student with Maidana.
That is, the first set on a neighbor sanctions to undermine its economy, and then pull out another 3 billion hristaradi. That's what the government Yatsenyuk, which is not coming out of the coma of default, appealed to the Government of the Russian Federation with a request to restructure the debt of $ 3 billion. This was announced by head of the Russian Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov.
"Ukraine has requested to consider debt restructuring talks I've had with my colleague Kiev - said Siluanov. - We are not ready to go to the deferral or installment debt. We expect and look forward to the discharge of all obligations that Ukraine should in December this year. We value any currency revenues, "- said the Russian Minister of Finance.
According to him, Russia is not in a situation where it can easily part with foreign currency obligations. "Return of the resources invested some time in foreign currency bonds of another country, it is very important", - said Siluanov. He recalled that Russia has a right to demand early repayment of the debt of Ukraine."We have such a right, but as long as it does not use" - he said.
In fact, Ukraine was still begging for a reprieve in Davos, where Poroshenko came with a piece of Volnovakha bus. Minister of Finance, American Yaresko reported that "all who Ukraine must - we forgive." That is, today announced that the country is in the center of Europe will go to the negotiations on restructuring with all its creditors. Spoke on this topic with the Russian Federation, but it is known that money to pay the debt in the budget laid: it boasted and Yatsenyuk and members of his Cabinet. If they "forgive", they will settle in the pockets of postmaydannogo government, which already settled comfortably proceeds from the resale of the American and Canadian arms to Syria, which caused considerable scandal in the United States.
Results of Minsk. "Time will tell" with Peter Tolstoy
Eugene Poddubny from the combat zone. 12/02/2015

February 12 Map of hostilities in the Donbass 12/02/2015
News 20-00
1. Ukrainian security forces arrested journalist Neva News
Andrew Zakharchuk reporter who works with the news agency Neva News, arrived in Ukraine on February 2 and February 10, he was arrested for the SBU is that, quote, "incorrectly covered the events in Ukraine." This is the wording of the text of the judgment, which was adopted today, on February 12, the court of the city of Nikolayev.
2. Eight thousand soldiers under Debaltseve Poroshenko started up in consumption
Note that the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak also publicly denied the fact of the encircled troops APU under Debaltseve. In the presence of journalists, he said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully perform combat missions in the area, and the information about the environment - another invention of the militias. At the same time, according to various estimates, surrounded by Debaltseve are from 5 to 8 thousand servicemen APU.
3. Ukrainian refugees complain about the work of the OSCE in the conflict zone
In the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine is not enough OSCE observers believe the residents of these regions. The report observers noted that people on the border with Russia, on the border checkpoints "Donetsk" and "Gukovo" complain of lack of presence of representatives of the OSCE.
In Parliament because the bill came to blows deputies.
The Verkhovna Rada deputies scuffled Yegor Sobolev fraction of "self-help" and Vadim Ivchenko from the "homeland."
The incident occurred during consideration of the bill №1580 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on now simplify the business environment (deregulation)."
As a result of the fight in the Sobolev split lip, bloody nose from Ivchenko.
"There was a fight against corruption in the literal sense of the word. Unfortunately, it happens, "- Sobolev wrote in Twitter.
Speaker Volodymyr Groisman instructed to punish deputies, according to "Ukrainian Truth".
Sobolev and Ivchenko suggested to deprive the right to participate in the meetings of Parliament for 5 days.
Ukrainian punishers shot soldiers APU, which intended to give the militia
The Ukrainian side is actively using detachments, which suppress any attempt to give soldiers the slack and, moreover, to lay down their arms and surrender to the defenders of the Donbass. This was reported by representatives of the Militia.
Defenders of Donbass documents presented to journalists shot punitive colleagues.According to one of the commanders killed before it contacted the headquarters of Militia and was informed that they are ready to switch sides in order to save his life.
At a time when Ukrainian troops approached the area controlled by the militia, their "at a distance of 20-25 meters vtupuyu like cattle, shot in the back of the National Guard," the spokesman added Militia. Executions were carried out with a machine gun. The fact that they were killed by shots in the back, supported by data intelligence VSN.
According to preliminary information, three people were killed, but the number could be larger because the negotiations were to surrender the whole company (100 employees). Bodies of the dead still lay on the place of execution. Pick them up, as noted by the commander, it was not possible because of the tight firing mortar fire that led the Ukrainian side.
One of those killed - Mahlyak Alexander, born in 1986, lives in Poltava region.
Bomb shelter. "Where does the scorpion"
Putin: It's not the best night of my life
Poroshenko declared "unacceptable" conditions of the Russian Federation in Minsk
President of Ukraine Poroshenko said that as long as the talks in Minsk is no good news, and some Russian proposals he described as "unacceptable", reports on Thursday, Agence France-Presse.
"Unfortunately, there is no good news. At the moment, any news. Hope is still there, "- he said, saying some of the" unacceptable conditions "with the Russian side.
Following the meeting, which lasted more than half a day in Minsk, expected to be signed by the Presidents of Russia, France, Ukraine and German Chancellor document to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. According to RIA Novosti, a source close to the negotiations, "Norman Four" achieved great progress. According to him, the outcome document agreed by 80% and consists of more than 10 points. After the signing of the participants of the summit, the document will direct contact group.
Putin made a statement at the end of the Minsk talks: document agreed
Following the talks in Minsk, agreement was reached on a cease-fire with 00 hours on February 15, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. His quoted by RIA Novosti.
Vladimir Putin also said that after the meeting of Norman Quartet, which lasted about 16 hours, a document was signed the contact group on measures aimed at the implementation of the Minsk agreements.
Russian President said that in Minsk, he also agreed with Poroshenko to instruct military experts to assess the situation in Debaltseve.
Vladimir Putin said that in the framework of a political settlement of the situation in Ukraine requires a constitutional reform that takes into account the rights of residents of Donbass.
- In a political settlement of several conditions, some positions. The first - a constitutional reform, which should be taken into account the legitimate rights of the people living in the Donbass, - said Russian President Vladimir Putin.
- It's not the best night of my life, but a good morning - failed to agree on the main - concluded the Russian president.
Minsk document provides for the adoption of the permanent law on the special status of certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. He also points to the amnesty and the disbanding of all armed groups. Exchange of prisoners produce in the format of "all for all". Donbass gets right to the linguistic definition, self-organization and cross-border cooperation with Russia.
Also, governments DNR and LC will be eligible to participate in the appointment of prosecutors, judges and the formation of militias.
DNR and LC refused to sign the document agreed "Norman Quartet"
Leaders of the DNI and the LC at the meeting of the contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass refused to sign the document agreed "Norman Quartet." It is reported source TASS.
Vladimir Matveev. 2015: Threats and War. 02.09.2015. Rassvet.TV
Who limit US hegemony is stable whether their leadership, the imposition of the interests of Russia and the Rothschild Europe in the grip of the United States, of collusion in the 70 United States and CA's petrodollars and present their mutual relations, the price of oil, the destructive role of Israel in the world, randomization of Eurasia and explosive point, what are the goals of the Zionists and Satanists and others.
00:06 - Cope whether the United States to the role of a leader?
15:02 - Russia and the Rothschilds
20:48 - The European Union and the United States
27:29 - US and Saudi Arabia
32:30 - about oil prices
39:29 - Games Israel
53:04 - Explosive Eurasia
1:02:19 - What the Zionists imposed on humanity?
Outcome of the negotiations by the readers)))
Ukrainian media invented the news of the broken pencil Putin
Ukrainian media spread fictitious news that Russian President Vladimir Putin during the negotiations, "Norman Quartet" in Minsk broken pencil. After a two-hour meeting in a narrow circle leaders went to press for a joint photo, and then went to the gym to continue meeting in the extended format. At this point, a journalist who arrived in Minsk about 500, had the opportunity to spend a few minutes shooting protocol, reports RT.
Despite the fact that everything that happened in the room was recorded on cameras and camcorders, the internet was photographed treated, on which Vladimir Putin was holding a broken pencil.
Ukrainian media, and behind them, and many others, picked up the "news" and disseminated by it, drawing a parallel with Viktor Yanukovych, who once broke a pencil before, during one of his press conferences. Articles with this "news" followed by caustic comments of users of social networks.
IMF and Kiev signed an agreement on the allocation of Ukraine $ 17.5 billion
International Monetary Fund and the Ukrainian authorities signed an agreement on granting Ukraine $ 17.5 billion for four years. This was reported by the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.
DNR: Ukraine over the past 25 days has killed more than 2,300 Ukrainian security services
More than 2 thousand 300 Ukrainian security forces were killed in the last 25 days.This was announced at a briefing deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps DNR Edward Basurin.
LC increasing militia group for the main impact
In the eastern part of the boiler Debaltsevskogo Ukrainian army continues to suffer serious losses. Correspondent visited the village Chernukhin where civilians are fleeing to escape the shelling, and at the forefront of the army of self-proclaimed People's Republic of Lugansk.
LC militia hoard forces for a decisive blow to the Debaltseve. While battles are conducted only on the outskirts of the city. One of the hottest spots plot - Chernukhin village. Begin full-scale attack on the village, for which a few weeks, fighting, militia can not yet: there is a lot of civilians and refugees.
Refugees are taken by the so-called road of life. She is trying to take advantage of people who are serving time in prison - APU shelling razed the local jail. Some of the prisoners died, the other chief gave the green zone on the lam.
With militia artillery positions are gradually "processing" area, where there is the position of the APU. Only then there will come reconnaissance groups and spend cleaning the area. Yet speak militia, soldiers are trying to operate in Ukraine, they say, cunning - enable LC orders come closer and then opened fire on the sighted points. To prevent the growth of losses militias in no hurry to carry out actions unprepared.
Odessa - you are super !!
Odessa - Russian city !! Odessa citizens, despite the US-occupation of Bandera - do not give up! Russian - never give up, keep it up !!
Yarosh merges President: We made a mistake by supporting the election Poroshenko!
While in Minsk negotiations, the leader pravosekov Yarosh quickly began to pour Poroshenko. Apparently, it was the SS will be the "gravedigger" of the current president.
Yarosh Commander accused of treason, kollabortsionizme, surrender Ukrainian territories, corruption, kickbacks and other deadly sins. Moreover, openly threatened Poroshenko coup and prophesied the end of the "zlochynnoy" oligarchic BP, thus outlining a new scheme coup: the elimination of Poroshenko, "Reichstag fire" full-scale war in Ukraine.
Poroshenko blurted, "truce" to deceive.
"Vesti". Special Issue (12.02.2015) © RTR
APU can not escape. Report Eugene Poddubniy
Army Artillery of New Russia does not allow the output of military equipment from the APU Debaltseve
Mortar squad during the day meets the fire attempts to attack the enemy and moving ever closer to the positions of security forces in Kiev Debaltseve. Name and composition of this division are classified, but the correspondent was able to observe with your own eyes these mortar in action at the front.
- Works artillery, infantry in some areas it is our, their attempts to move into the attack and counterattack. But all are on the positions held local fighting. There is a war artillery - they are in us, we - them - says one of the participants artillery militias.
Commander with the call Arch and his men are confident that long their Ukrainian opponents in Debaltseve not last. Delivery of ammunition basically shut down, the column of military equipment, which is trying to break out of the village, also come under mortar fire.
Shelling with small breaks are conducted throughout the day. During the day, the militia several times to change its position and shelter, moving closer to the locations of Ukrainian law enforcers.
We have to work with is not the latest technology, but the men did not lose his presence of mind and believe that "victory is not far off."
- There were two mortars 1942 issue, were not in a war machines also bring with someone else's name, a weapon to war. Still tinkering, fighting the old technique - ironically from a secret militia detachment.
- No modern army we did not win. And in order to defeat the US army, it is necessary to turn off the TV and not once bring Coca-Colla.
1. Yatsenyuk about the project "The Wall": a little pricey
Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk at an enlarged meeting of the Cabinet announced its intention to "reduce the cost of" project "The Wall" at the border of Ukraine and Russia, according to a Ukrainian TV channel.
"There is a solution to reduce the price the equipment of the state border, because the first draft of 8 billion - a little expensive slightly. That we met and immediately began to work on further equipment of the state border in the first place on the territory of the Kharkiv region, "- said Yatsenyuk at a meeting.
2. Poroshenko signed a decree on celebration of the memory of the "Heavenly hundreds"
President of Ukraine Poroshenko signed a decree on the celebration of the memory of "heroes hundreds of Heaven" - so called in the country Euromaidan activists who were killed during the February clashes in Kiev; Day of Remembrance of the date for February 20th.
Decree "On perpetuation feat participants Revolution dignity and perpetuate the memory of the heroes of hundreds of Heaven" published Wednesday on the website of the Ukrainian president.
"The document established the annual celebration of the Day of February 20 characters hundreds of Heaven - in reverence of courage, fortitude and resilience of citizens who lost their lives during the Revolution of dignity (November 2013 - February 2014), defending the ideals of democracy, defending human rights and freedoms , the European future of Ukraine ", - the document says.
Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers instructed to develop and adopt a comprehensive action plan, providing in particular - the creation in Kiev museum dedicated to this event; carrying out with the participation of the National Academy of Sciences, museum, archive and research institutions of prospecting collection of documentary, photographic, video and other materials on these events.
3. Poroshenko: the basis of statehood Ukraine - Galicians
Poroshenko believes Galicians basis of statehood of the country. He said this during a Cabinet meeting, the Ukrainian edition.
This statement was made president of Ukraine after the speech the governor of Lviv region Oleg Sinyutka, who assured the audience that the Galicians will never play for the federalization of Ukraine.
"There is no doubt about it. I, on the contrary, I believe that the Galicians are the foundation of the Ukrainian state, "- said Poroshenko.
Ukrainian POWs: We did not know what Debaltseve in the boiler, the command left us
World presentation of the Antichrist.
Address to Orthodox Eduard Hodos. Part 1.
00:50 - Look who came to us ...
7:48 - 5775 year Exemptions from common sense.
10:06 - Messianism in Judaism: tradition or gamble?
14:46 - Chabad victory march.
19:13 - Secret and explicit in Chabad.
22:33 - Why will not kill me?
24:49 - seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe saw himself the Messiah.
28:04 - How molded image of the Messiah.
29:30 - Stalin killed Rebbe.
31:50 - The first stage - a narcotic.
34:29 - religious war in Ukraine: Causes and Consequences.
38:45 - The second stage - the Antichrist alive and well in the material body in our world.

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