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West offers Russia guarantees of non-alignment of Ukraine to NATO | Radoslaw Sikorski

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Radoslaw Sikorski: West offers Russia guarantees of non-alignment of Ukraine to NATO Today 
Speaker of the Sejm of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski at a conference at the Atlantic Council in Washington, said that the purpose of settling the West Ukrainian crisis offers Russia a guarantee of non-alignment of Ukraine to NATO. However, the statement of the Polish diplomat does not inspire confidence, as previously Sikorski has already been busted in the distortion of facts and statements. So, he had previously stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly offered the former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk "to split Ukraine" between Russia and Poland during a meeting in Moscow in February 2008, which actually was not at all the truth. 

The Speaker of the Polish Sejm , former head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Radoslaw Sikorski today at a conference at the Atlantic Council in Washington, said that for the sake of settling the Ukrainian crisis the West is ready to offer Russia a guarantee of non-alignment of Ukraine to NATO, as well as a free trade zone in the Northern Hemisphere, according to Tass. "As I understand it, already made ​​proposals to guarantee that Ukraine in any foreseeable future will not become a member of NATO, "- was quoted as saying the speaker of the lower house of the Polish parliament. 

In addition, Sikorski said that Moscow was also offered a laughable dialogue between the European Union and possibly of the future of (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,) the New World Order's Diabolical Agenda Granting Corporations impunity to any government or it's citizens...and the Kremlin's Eurasian Economic Union "to establish a free trade area of the Northern Hemisphere." However, according to the diplomat, these initiatives were not satisfactory with Russia. However, whether to trust statements Radoslaw Sikorski - is the big question. The fact that the previous speaker of the Polish Sejm has already been convicted of false statements, says it all. 

For example, in an interview with US magazine Politico, Sikorski stated that in February 2008, as part of a bilateral meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin, proposed Donald Tusk, who then held the post of Prime Minister of Poland, to divide Ukraine. Later, commenting on this statement, Radoslaw Sikorski called it a "historical allusions" and "bad joke", and then admitted that his "summed memory" and said there was no talk at all. "Man can sometimes hurry me down memory after checking it turned out that Moscow was not a bilateral meeting between Putin and Tusk, "- he said, commenting on his scandalous statement. 

The former head of the Polish government, Donald Tusk, in turn, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has never offered him to divide the territory of Ukraine. "None of the meeting with President Putin no such proposal has not been made ​​public," - said Tusk. According to him, in 2008 in Moscow, he did not hold a bilateral meeting with the Russian leader, on which, according to the first version of the Sikorsky, came the words of a possible division of Ukraine. The scandal associated with the statements of the Polish Sejm Speaker, in Poland provoked a wave of negative comments in his e-mail. 

Many journalists and analysts have condemned the policy, and the largest opposition party "Law and Justice" even demanded his resignation. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the time that this case needs no comment. In his opinion, the most correct response to such incidents is declaring its willingness to publish the full text of the conversation. "Before there were episodes when the outgoing head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of Russia interpreted statements, telling of his meetings or telephone conversations with him a large number of representatives of the EU-members. 

There were other cases, including in relation to me, when during the war in the Caucasus Mikheil Saakashvili invaded South Ossetia, our British colleagues tried to misinterpret my words. In politics, this has happened very often. Even if it were not for the Ukrainian crisis, no one is safe from the fact that the partner does not go unethical or just do not spill the beans when you do not have to, or perevrёt "- a view expressed by the head of Russian diplomacy.

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