Friday, January 16, 2015

Ukrainian shell hit a bus at Dokuchaevsk [18+ Graphic Photos]

Ukrainian Shell A bus hit at Dokuchaevsk 

15/1/2015 Ukrainian punishers January 15 Dokuchaevsk fired at a bus carrying workers of one of the plants DNR. As a result, one person was killed (female, 45 years) and seven were seriously injured. The bus were working dolomite plant, returning home after the change. On this day, Jan. 16, told reporters chairman of the National Council of DNI Andrew Purgin. 

"Yesterday shell hit the bus with 23 workers dolomite plant in Dokuchaevsk, killing a woman and seven men are in hospital in a serious condition," - said the speaker. Purgin also recalled that last night, four more civilians were killed by gunfire Ukrainian security forces Petrovsky district of Donetsk. According to the chairman of the People's Council, the tension observed in almost all along the line of contact with the Ukrainian Armed Forces militia DNR. 

We should also mention the fact that in contrast to the tragedy with the bus in Volnovakha, where as a result of being blown up by a mine Ukrainian people died (a junta hastened to blame This militia), the tragedy of a bus in Dokuchaevsk affected by the fire from the Ukrainian punitive, remains virtually unnoticed by the media.

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