Monday, January 26, 2015


January 26, 2015 

Published in the New Russia Ukrainian law enforcement officers need a win at any cost, loss account decided not to pay, taking into account the dead and injured is not news. According to information from Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa military hospitals, they received a secret order from Kiev not to report through official channels, data on actual losses in the area of ​​ATO. 

Objective information on casualties among the personnel of the government troops also absent in the National Security Council, and in the presidential administration. Officials explain this situation the fact that short-term political considerations work to compile information about the dead stopped. By the number of daily incoming wounded to hospitals in the Dnieper, the loss of the junta for the past four days amounted to 1,500 (calculation was carried out by the same method as in the previous article). 

That is, from 17 January is already more than 3000 people (or rather not say, but I think it at least). Of those killed 700-800 people (too low). Such losses were not carrying APU since August. And now for the Mechnikov and other hospitals in the Dnieper. All littered with wounded (all surgical departments). Beds are in the hallways. On today (yesterday) only here (Metchnikoff) is up to 160-170 seriously wounded. Wounded so much that in the Military hospital beds even put in the auditoriums. 

Often they carry the wounded throughout the city until attach (branch is not taken, because all crowded). No drugs (all only by volunteers). Hospitals themselves only take care of the wounded and transactions (that is, our staff, your medication where you take them does not matter). There is a small reserve of hospitals, but there are medications are used only domestic. No currency for the purchase of imported drugs, so if they want, there are no options. Only at his own expense. Doctors say it's some kind of horror. Morgue Mechnikov packed to zayazku. Corpses lie just because "mounds". That is, in each cell instead of stuffing one killed two, and even three if you can. 

What is surprising, because as soon as Mechnikov four days brought 52 killed. Plus died of his wounds in the hospital. Plus other morgues of the city and the area (there is information that is transported by the corpses of the district morgue. In particular, in Pavlograd). I'm not talking about Kharkiv which sent no less than in the Dnieper and those who have not yet taken from the battlefields (as well as those who are buried under the ruins of the airport. 

According to most of the junta there killed more than 100 soldiers ). When the medical staff talking about official reports of the press center of the ATO losses APU, watching you as jerk who believes in fairy tales. And they can understand. Only one hospital Mechnikov is killed (that fresh, that is, in the last week) is several times more than a talking head Lysenko reported for the same period. Outcome. A terrible slaughter for the APU continues. And this massacre no end in sight. And judging by the idiotic bans guide junta very frightened.

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