Monday, January 26, 2015

Ukraine forces burned bodies of Foreign Mercenaries during their retreat

Defense Ministry DNR: Ukraine forces burned bodies of Foreign Mercenaries during their retreat.

______________________________________ Basurin: Soldiers ukrovermahta sun Burned body of Foreign Mercenaries DURING the Retreat. Command DNR PROVE Facts of the sun ukrovermahta Mercenary Forces from the United Stated by States.This WAS A Representative of the Ministry of Defense DNR Edward Basurin, Commenting on the video with English-speaking soldiers in the form of ukrofashistskogo Battalion "Azov", which detected Bandera zhurnashlyushki in Mariupol.

ACCORDING Basurina, These shots, is despite the active discussion on the Internet, CAN not be Considered A Direct proof of the use of Mercenaries ukrofashistskoy Army. HOWEVER, ACCORDING to the Militia Commander, WHO has Already Collected A SUFFICIENT number of Indirect Evidence of Foreign Participation Operations in punitive gentsidnoy Pindos-Bandera Junta. - We have Repeatedly faced with traces of Foreign Mercenaries Fighting on the Side ukrofashistskoy Army.

Most Often we Find A Small Militia in English, electronic Devices with Foreign sermons, record Radio intercepts Foreign Language. Even Their form differs from That of the soldiers Wear sun ukrovermahta - Told Basurin. Nevertheless, he Said, the international Observers Believe in the Presence of foreign troops in the Donbas only if the militias will be able to take them alive.

In the Meantime, for the Army DNI this WAS not Possible Because COMMAND ukrovermahta goes to Extreme Measures to minimize the Chances of Detecting traces of Foreign Mercenaries, even after Their Deaths. - In the summer of LC Army tried to Surround A Group of Foreign Mercenaries DURING the battle for the Lugansk Airport. Then They Were Able to Take Them just Killed, Although it is - A rarity Because ukrofashisty tried to destroy the traces of Their Presence in the Lugansk and Land Burned Their Bodies in the Retreat - Added Basurin.

Recall the English-speaking Germans hit the camera lens Bandera zhurnashlyushek during shooting effects shelling eastern suburbs of Mariupol on January 24. One of the Nazis at war, according to the stripe in ukrofashistskom battalion "Azov", covered his face and demanded that the operator removed the equipment. Video with English Nazis involved in the Fighting in the Donbas is not the first time Made Public.

LifeNews published Numerous videos of Evidence. One of the videos WAS filmed in the Same PLACE, in Mariupol, in the summer of Attack natsgadov ukrovermahta. The footage Gave orders natsgadam in English. Inosrantsy Served as Commanders, Directing Military Operations. The Participation of Mercenaries inosrannyh-Fascists in the battles in the Donets Basin on the Side of the Junta informed and EX-Commander of the Army Igor DNR Fusiliers. ACCORDING to HIM, on June 19 at the battle of Yampil by ukrofashistov was attended by about 80 WHO Mercenaries Were Armed with assault rifles English.

Ukraine pulled Military Reserves to the area of the Military operation in the south-east of the Country.  

This WAS Stated by President Poroshenko at the ongoing meeting with Security Officials.

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press / Sergii Kharchenko

"We Also Agreed on steps to Bring up Reserves - Said the President of Ukraine. - If the Enemy does not want to Respect the ceasefire, we Will Give the teeth," - he Said. Meeting with the Security Forces Carried out to Develop A plan of "next steps and counter terrorists" - the report indicates.

Poroshenko Also argues That the Country's Armed Forces have Won some "Tank battles" , Which took PLACE on the Territory of Donbass January 22. "There Were Real Tank battles. Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated in These battles. The Enemy paid A High price for being adventurous Attempts to Attack Our Sun "- quoted policy of" Ukrainian Truth ". But WHERE EXACTLY These are Mysterious battle took PLACE, and from Whom he chose not to Elaborate.

Meanwhile, in the Self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Stated That Among the Debris at the Airport in Donetsk found the Bodies of Foreign Mercenaries . "Found Under the rubble of A new terminal of the body in the form of NATO, ACCORDING to the detected personal belongings Belong to Foreign Nationals from the Mercenaries of Private Military companies Operating Under the guise of Ukrainian subversive groups "- quoted by RIA Novosti DEPUTY Commander of the headquarters of the DNI Edward Basurina. It is worth noting That in September 2014 the parties involved in the talks in Minsk, agreed to the withdrawal of foreign mercenaries from the conflict zone.

Earlier DNI headquarters Militia Called the number of dead and Captured Ukrainian Security Forces in the area of the Donetsk Airport. ACCORDING Basurina, Prisoner surrendered 44 people.

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