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The World is Being Brainbashed Into a Constant State of Confusion.

Kharkiv - New Russia 
The World is Being Brainbashed Into a Constant State of Confusion. 
By: Owergreen 
Today at 5:00 am
As the EU Teeters precariously, 
______  The World is Being Brainbashed Into a Constant State of Confusion. 
Nobody knows exactly what to do anymore or when and if to do anything. Every move is constantly being reported on, as to whether it is wiser to go or not go there. This country will never sign this if,... another countries party requires immediately recognition,... and yet another says that if someone recognizes something the that something  requires a fourth country's review, and then they turn to yet another fifth country, who gets mad and starts bombing a sixth country, and in the seventh country they draw hateful racist cartoons. This countered by an eighth country immediately shooting them for it, and soon the ninth and tenth planning to capture all there is to kill and hold hostage. 
I can't help but have the feeling that we are presently at a time carrying out international gatherings such as the winter and summer Olympic Games all on one football field any sporting event. Then someone in the winter sleigh with a stick scores in football gate, where a frozen goalkeeper clinging to his underwear, and a number of basketball players on skis, with a barbell in the snatch overcome the 100 meters hurdles. A judge with a whistle states that will never recognize the capture of Crimea. In response, polite people (perhaps fans) thin smear it on the green meadow. At the same time they are constantly and blue-eyed, sincere stare into the eyes of the judge and, alternately, the voice Siluanova, the voice Ulyukayev, said that all this is due to sanctions. 
No other madhouse game like this has ever in my lifetime, has experienced such corruption and confusion in a hundred years or better of its existence. The matter has gone so far that even Psaki is turning silent, but even silence no longer has any value. Nothing could have at least partly, or even minimally properly explained away current events. This is certainly a problem and trouble for the West, because the Russians, under the eternal Russian mess, easily oriented itself in all this. Squinting through narrowed eyes at the television screen, they say to each other: "Look Here You, said that the country does not want a default, but his complete government of saboteurs from Gref to Siluanova remain" What day is there not at least something new in "Ukraine's Problems." Only Putin is not silent. 
 It is a silent Russian president the western audience would prefer. The world does not want any of this either, but of course what he does say, and his works do bear fruit. We can always count on knowing the position of Russia on how to engage the Republicans into negotiations, as CONTRPOST.COM wrote about this more than once," Europe if she could would wiggle out of the implementing any of the Russian demands, but this time, Lavrov baited ​​a deadly hook and jumped from the topic to the failed West. 
Astana will not go forth, as it did in Minsk, while not negotiating with Novorossiyans, There is nothing the West will not be able to do, and will have to comply with Putin. But what about the requirement to recognize the Republic of Ukraine by terrorist organizations? It's one against one contradictions don't serve the other well, the demands of Banderastan (Ukraine occupied by the junta), the EU has spit from the spire of Cologne Cathedral, meaning while Notre Dame. Real example of this action, - The Volnovaha on which Europe just does not care about. Who is it then, and where it is at all, why should someone have to maintain some idiot in power, who staged a massacre in their own country? Demonstrations in Kiev, of course, they will arrange as well, and someone will be able to withdraw from Banderastan.  
This country of the second class citizens and second-class people there too, which is evronebozhitelyam soared due to some ukropapuasov? Yes no zhist! But on Putin's actions do not respond can not be so with the republics of the matter will have to be. Here because of the dusty curtains followed the instruction: "Invite to a meeting in Minsk only representatives LC" and this is the explanation. The main claim of the West, of the Minsk talks is not closed border with Russia. That is why invite LC because of the Russian-Ukrainian border is precisely in the Luhansk region. Junta need to negotiate with the LC on the ceiling border with Russia to cut off the rebellious republic of Russia, in the hope of quick deal with the DNR. 
This is called "punch for lice" and the West believe that someone can on this story. To be honest, it reminds me of a story many years ago when he was still the Soviet Union. Then in vogue were VCRs, and they cost money does not mereno. But in seeking such a miracle of technology, I turned to one lucky owner of this luxury. Now, as he says in Israel. So, it is for this his b / VCR have requested price for a new one. On my remarking that kind of money is a new sealed unit in the package, he told me easily answered, "so I repack it (!), You will discover it as a new home." Grieves me so smart guys, both then and now, in the Ukrainian case, attempts to cheat the LC. Grieve because offering "a deal" consider you an idiot who can agree to this. This is exactly the same that spit in the face. Frankly speaking, for such transactions need to beat the face. 
So, for the proposal as to pass over the border, too, they need to beat the face, those who think that sitting in front of them an lies an idiot or selling skin. There are certainly some inverse. Which characterizes them and this, too, is an example. Remember how your favorite radio has issued for proof of Putin's $ 80 billion. Just a single argument - well, you do not realize that it all in the hands of any normal person would certainly hapnul these 80 billion. Thus people who it said showed itself in all its glory. So they would just hapnuli because they consider it normal. They do not know that there are people who believe such abnormal. A further argument to show Putin's corrupt as it was not so, and there is still no. 
For Putin, by the way, this mud has not stuck, and from your favorite radio she was not behind, but instead stuck to and considered corny. So we wait, and as there will be talks in Minsk, and if they do take place. It is clear that there will be two colliding agenda. With ukrofashistskoy hand - overlapping and borders. That is, the LC should skip to the Russian border guards ukrofashistskih. A republic will insist on a cease-fire and withdrawal of troops. 
It should be noted that since the junta embarked on the road of lies, you will promise everything that the Republicans will be asked, and even promised to withdraw the troops, if only to prevent ukrofashistskih border guards on the border with Russia, in any form. Let this be a joint patrols or whatever other option. Banderostanu be cut from the Russian republic of support, mainly on humanitarian convoys, then to bring to the food riots, and then just crush the weakened rebel territory. Let's just say Petrushev not smart enough to fool so small and cheap. This cunning trader in the market trying to give short weight buyer due to ice on the frozen fish, which he himself had previously poured this water.Recently had to see the person's face Petrushka in astrakhan hat supreme commander. 
What can I say - a trader from the market, and therefore the policy had exactly the same, because in Evrozhope disdain them, and because the Ukrainian people in the eyes of Europeans stupid and dirty. How big would not have been lost Banderostana today, the main loss of the country - is flying into the abyss, and the image is the main problem Banderostana. When the European Union attracted Banderostan, it seemed to him that he lures clever country and it would be for the acquisition of Europe. Now the EU see that it hides a gang of corrupt trading in the lives of their fellow citizens, and emerged from these same citizens, that is, and Society and president of dubious field berries. So who regretted that the EU has to accept all coveted. 
Now Germany has definitely wants out in any way, get rid of the sticky candy in your mouth, the sweetness of which have all Evrozhopa blood spitting on it. So now it is time to slowly unload a governmental jam. As for the madhouse in Evrozhope, yet he continues. So Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Mogerini said: "We never perceive changes of borders by force. Not now, not in this world, neither in this millennium. We do not allow such a possibility. " According to one of the older pindostanskih politicians, which had to talk on various topics, USA in the twenties stated that after 100 years did not recognize the Soviet Union, but after 10 years have been opposed, pitting the Soviet Union Hitler, and after 20 years of fighting on the same side. 
Such as Mogerini were many, and there will be more, and can not some babe indicate great country how to behave. It is not known whether anyone remember most Mogerini at least 10 years, and she is taken to explain to us the policy of the EU for 1000 years. Look at Barroso about it and no one wants to remember. Shoved her sneaker into a dark corner and sits back there, like a cockroach. As for the statements Mogerini, it is clear from impotence, no matter what it does not affect the application, so that would sit and pokryakivala. Think about Fule - also pointed to Russia what to do and how to behave with Banderostanom. Now it is not. In general, I must say that Evrozhopa very much a heap with these mladoevropeytsami forever to make any statements. And that's without Banderostana. One can imagine what would have begun, it appear in Banderostan Evrozhope! In general, the quality suffers Policy - respect for Evrozhope falls. And Putin still silent, Russians understand - so runs. 

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