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In Poland, the number of refugees from the Ukraine beats all prior records

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In Poland, the number of refugees from the Ukraine beats all prior records
War torn Ukrainians are forced to seek a better life in Europe. Refugees in masses cross the border with Poland, where the number of applications for residence beats all prior records. According to local media, Warsaw is even glad of this trend, because the Ukrainians not only do not pretend for a big payday, but in the long term will help to improve the demographic situation in the country. 

The popularity of Poland among immigrants from the Ukraine beats all records. "From the East dramatically increases the flow of willing to work and settle in Poland" - the author writes in Rzeczpospolita, the translation of which publishes InoTV. From January to November last year about the work in this country addressed about 359 thousand. People, which is 134 thousand. More than in 2013. The reason this came the war and the crisis in Ukraine. 

For Poland, this phenomenon has become profitable, as the country comes to "army of workers, does not require a high salary," the newspaper writes. Scale emigration confirm recent data on the number of applications Labor Polish companies to provide jobs to foreigners from the East. Last year their number approached 400 thousand. From published reports, we can conclude that by 2014 for refugee status in Poland to submit documents to 86 Ukrainians annually, and last year the number jumped to 2318. Similarly, the situation is with those who seek to obtain a residence permit: in 2013 there were 12.9 thousand, and in 2014 - almost 30 thousand. people. 

The interest of Poland is confirmed by workers in the field of design and employment of migrants. According to Alexandra Wielgus from the Union growers of Poland, which helps farmers to hire immigrants, in the Gorki region last year, employers were given about 43 thousand. Statements about wanting to employ visitors. A year earlier, there were only 26,000. "The situation in Ukraine leads to the fact that they not only come to work, but also want to stay here," - said Wielgus. According to her, it is now more than ten monthly considering applications for residence permits. Previously, there was only one month. 

"A total of 200 kilometers from my home in Mariupol, there is a war," - said the publication of one of the refugees named Alexander. He came from the vicinity of Dnipropetrovsk and lived in Poland for eight months. According to Alexander, he had no reason to come back: the fall of the hryvnia, economic collapse, and fear for his safety forced him to stay. "It is better to carry his wife and daughter here, but registration procedures are complicated," - he said. Experts also believe that Poland should facilitate the stay of Ukrainians. "Immigration gives us the opportunity to raise the population level. This situation will not last forever, "- said the representative of the Warsaw School of Economics Stanislav Clusaz.

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