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Heavy fighting for Uglegorsk: Ukrainian army is trying to regain the city

January 31, 2015, 15:11

Heavy fighting for Uglegorsk: Ukrainian army is trying to regain the city


Ukrainian army is trying to regain the city Uglegorsk previously occupied by the DNR. According to numerous reports from both the DNR and the Kievan forces in the morning on January 31 APU soldiers launched a counteroffensive to retake the city.

The National Guard battalion commander "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko wrote on his Facebook page a few hours ago:

"According to the order of Staff ATO g.Uglegorska the liberation of parts of the APU, the National Guard and police battalions. Within a few days the enemy entrenched in Uglegorsk. Heavy fighting on the outskirts and in the city. The enemy defenses were breached in several ways. ATO troops defending the city, within a few hours actively help develop the offensive. "

The fact that for Uglegorsk fierce fighting, according to the DNR and.

"Ukrainian military stepping on Uglegorsk, heavy fighting on the outskirts of the city. Punishers just started trying to capture Uglegorsk (DNR) "- write" Reports from the militia of New Russia ".

At 15.00 MSK battalion commander "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko made a post suggesting that take Uglegorsk Ukrainian military fails.

"During the fighting for the liberation of Uglegorsk opponent was used heavy armored vehicles, widely used bombs and artillery. During the development of the operation the enemy inflicted a series of counterattacks in the area Chernukhin, Yenakievo and some other platoon strong points. The enemy was involved more than 15 tanks and a significant amount of APC. In the area of ​​the APU, the National Guard, police battalions reflect counter enemy attacks, "- 

writes Semenchenko, apparently trying to justify the lack of success by the presence of heavy armor in the militia.

According to the militia, in debaltsevsky boiler to the aid blocked Ukrainian military convoy breaks fresh divisions of Kiev. Militiamen try not to miss it, and are heavy artillery fire on the road.

In Uglegorsk, which is a key settlement near the village of Debaltseve where blocked eight thousand Ukrainian soldiers, the last few days unfolded fierce clashes. On January 30, DNR stated that took Uglegorsk almost complete control, taking key positions at major intersections of the village.

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