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Bandera Would Have Killed These Junta Fools

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Bandera Would Have Killed These Junta Fools

Feast zhidobanderovskih hyenas: Yatsenyuk is Preparing A new Repartition Banderostana
________________________________________ In Banderostane (Ukraine occupied by the Junta) - Panic. On the day when the leader of the junta announced mourning for the dead under Volnovaha Prime ukroreyha in an interview with Deutsche Welle announced plans to start junta cabinet re-privatization of the most ambitious in the past 20 years. The redistribution of property between the oligarchs in a country at war, with heavily armed private armies ukrofashistskimi - it way to a grand massacre. But friends, classmates and fellow students zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk, which maydanutaya the whole head off debeluyu Tatiana Chornovil has called "the Chernivtsi hyenas" - a chance for even greater enrichment. The executive power of the junta almost entirely in their hands. Attempts zhidobanderovtsa Paracha under his control huntovskoy prosecutors to destroy the backbone of this success has not yet brought ... Prologue (about hyenas and not only) hyena calls them not only offended for kidok with Anti-Corruption Bureau Tatiana Chornovil. About scam prime minister's team writes regularly junta banderoresurs "Browser", controlled by the former head of the State Committee Mikhail Brodsky. Among the public accusers zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk - human "emissions Revolution": former Minister of Health, Oleg Musii and former economy minister Pavel Sheremet. All of them have lost their jobs as a result of a collision with the interests of the corrupt environment premiere ukroreyha. After the fact Musii accused zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk that he "hates all maydanovskoe" and Sheremet admitted that they Brodsky broken teeth on the same company - "Ukrekoresurs" - which turned out to be part of, also in the prime minister's orbit corruption team. So who are they "Ocean's" in the current (after the elections) and the previous (before the election) team pindostanskoy Six Yatsenyuk? Three Men in a "boat", not counting the banker in the first government ukroreyha zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk were just two other youth Yatsenyuk - Minister of Justice became Pavel Petrenko and infrastructure minister Maxim Bourbaki. Both served the people as a fiery regolyutsionerov, although maydaune were never seen again. But seen in school №9 of Chernivtsi, where scum Yatsenyuk sitting at a desk with Lesha Bourbaki and was friends with his brother, the weather Maxim. In Chernivtsi University. Fedkovych where friends came to law school, to their close Kompashki joined by two others: a graduate of the same school ninth Pavel Petrenko and born in the Ternopil region Andrew Lush. Now the band has successfully searches through all the key areas in ukrofashistskoy power. Zhidobanderovets Yatsenyuk - the prime minister. He obeys all executive power in Banderostane. And that says it all. Andrew Lush leads the largest financial institution - the state "Oschadbank." Government ukroreyha with the leader of Yatsenyuk in conditions of severe crisis generously dumps him 11 billion UAH. for additional capitalization. As noted in an article for banderoizdaniya "Browser" Michael Brodsky, "persons with disabilities, senior citizens, the whole country was collected monthly at 100-200 UAH. Subsidies and bonuses to 11 billion USD. Drain old friend." But the money due to inflation and the falling hryvnia against the dollar in more than two times longer enough. So now the Cabinet ukroreyha breaks scheme to transfer "Oschadbank" exclusive right to conduct lotteries. Under the pretext that the market at a yield of 2 billion. UAH. per year need to clean up from untrusted players. In fact, players are not going away, just create another channel for receiving from them "kickbacks": according to the proposed rules "Oschadbank" concludes contracts with private companies, which, as its agents earn on lotteries. Pavel Petrenko led by the Ministry of Justice ukroreyha. The most "bread" Business of Justice - is the sale of debtors' property and confiscated; control of the bankruptcy proceedings; control of the legal profession and notaries (with the issuance of work permits); registry of property rights; lustration and combating corruption. On the last episode crossed the interests of "battered stars Maidan" widows "ATO" Raging bitch Tatiana Chornovol and promises to fight corruption Minister Petrenko, with the result that was born the term "Chernovtsy hyena." The reason why the Ministry of Justice ukroreyha brings the fight against corruption in Banderostane to the pageant banal: you can not hit the hand that feeds you, and the same. Corruption in the Office of another prime minister is best written deputy Kharkiv City Council, lawyer, chairman of the Ukrainian Chamber of arbitration managers and leader of the "Reforms against Corruption" Anatoly Rodzinskiy. "II do not know any lawyer who would say that in the executive and Registration Service, in bankruptcy or notary disappeared corruption. Conversely, many argue that officials" rowing "bribes, as the last time ... A hundred days the new leadership of Ministry of Justice immediately created two monopolists for sale on the Internet was arrested by Ministry of Justice of property: state SE "Informyust" and Private Ltd. "Alfahimtreyd." Minister Justice ukroreyha can not say that he knows nothing - in all key positions in the department work "personally his" lawyers. The deputy minister - chief of staff Igor Alekseev works. His greatest achievement in 28 years of life was the work of a law firm "ML GROUP" Minister Petrenko. It was he who, together with the Minister appoints all department employees. The head of the registration service works Anna Onishchenko. Its main achievement in 28 years of life also was the work of a "ML GROUP". The head of the executive service of Ministry of Justice is working Dmitry Storozhuk, which is almost two years was deputy Petrenko, when he headed the legal department of "Front for Change." Since then, this record appeared in his blog, in the government were serious personnel changes related to the parliamentary elections. Now, a key figure in the personal environment Petrenko and "reshaly 'questions called his assistant by the name of Michael Fedelesh, who previously worked in the Security Service of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. During the work of the Minister he could light up in scandal raider attacks last "draw" of the object in the center of Kiev - the building "Kyivproject" on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street (between Khreschatyk and the Opera House). On this account there were many articles in the press, where the mentioned Onishchenko and Anna. Anna Onishchenko, however, is no longer working in the registration service. After the rotation of the government she took the post of Minister of the Cabinet. Its track record of not only work in the law firm Petrenko, but the work of lawyers in litigation Yatsenyuk. First, it represents its interests at the suit of some pensioner Vera Ivanova, then the suit then NSDC Secretary Andriy Klyuyev in connection with the performance of the Verkhovna Rada Yatsenyuk. Now in the hands of all the threads are Onishchenko Control Cabinet hardware life: the passage of the documents forming the agenda of meetings of the government, Sight documents, appointment and dismissal of officials. In the context of a general lustration its position acquires special weight. Even the Ministry of Justice, where she was to go to the state register, supervised machine (service minister), Anna has grown expert in lustration. And now subordinate department staffing of the Secretariat of the Cabinet is the lustration test all high-ranking officials: ministers, their deputies, heads of departments, offices, and state committees of the National Commission, and so on. E., Etc. Bourbaki and Ivanchuk: a plague on both your houses on the Acquisition the post of Minister of the Cabinet ukroreyha Anna Onishchenko prime Yatsenyuk forced to compensate for the loss in the fight against the clan leader of the junta Poroshenko its key henchman - Maxim Bourbaki. On the post of Minister of Infrastructure, he stayed until the election and on the list of the "Popular Front" was held in the Parliament ukroreyha.Bourbaki Brothers - not just school friends Arseny. They are still partners in the family business. During the premiership of Tymoshenko zechki when "won" at odds with Yatsenyuk, the media was thrown out information that is not the biggest, but it is quite a lucrative market Chernivtsi "Dobrobut" control the two founders: Lydia Leschova (Aunt Yatsenyuk) and Yuri Bourbaki (father brothers Bourbaki). Moreover, there is every reason to believe clan Bourbaki - proxies zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk on major monetary issues. Moreover, since time immemorial. In the early 2000s, one of the brothers went to the Crimea for Yatsenyuk, when he became Minister of Economic Affairs of the Government of the peninsula. It is no accident that it was directed against Bourbaki the brunt zhidobanderovtsa Poroshenko during an election squabble with Yatsenyuk (when they have not formed a block). Then the Ministry of Transport and "Ukrzaliznytsya", which are vertically integrated in the Ministry of infrastructure, were searched and arrests initiated banderizatsii Service of Ukraine (SBU). Search company related to public procurement. And not only that. For the leadership of the Ministry of suspected corruption ukroreyha interest in establishing a business entity unbanal "Ukrainian passenger logistics center." Officially, the establishment of a center called the fight against speculation railway tickets. In fact, repeated exactly the same pattern as with the lottery company and "Oschadbank": businessmen from the market were not removed by simply being required to buy tickets at the center and pay for that 5% of the cost (fees). Minister of Infrastructure and lit up in the scandal with air carriers who rebelled against the new procedures for the issuance and revocation of authority to operate the overhead lines. As argued carriers, the document was issued under the company MAU (oligarch Kolomoisky controls). "Now the chances of getting any appointment or the right to equal air line almost absolute zero, of course, if you're not MAU", - commented on the situation representatives of airlines. But curiously - in both cases, in the game against childhood friend premiere of "apparent ears" of another faithful companion Yaytsenyuha with university - Deputy Andrew Ivanchuk. Their collaboration continued from the time when the future prime minister and his fellow student at the University of Chernivtsi founded the law firm of "Jurek -AUDIO." Together they worked in the bank "Aval". Then Ivanchuk introduced Yatsenyuk with the oligarch Leonid Yurushev. The press wrote that it Yurushev in 2008-2009 funded projects Yatsenyuk party. At the same time Ivanchuk himself voluntarily served as an informal party "treasurer." In an interview with "Left Bank" a year ago, he admitted it. And he said that Yatsenyuk, in his opinion, will also become the leader of the junta.Apparently, once again wanted to bend before pindostanskoy six and move his main rival in the struggle for influence on him - Maxim Bourbaki. The long squabble between one-party, splashed out when it came to personnel matters. As he wrote in his article Bandera "Observer", an investigation of "Ukrzaliznytsya" was not directed against the former head of the ultrasonic Boris Ostapyuk or its longtime ally - the head of "Ukrzheldorsnab" Alexander Lozinski, it is a step by step process of turning into zhidobanderovtsem Yatsenyuk, MP Andrew Ivanchuk and their accomplices.After the searches and seizures, Bourbaki convened a commission, headed by Deputy Minister Petr Pinkas, a native of the city of Chernivtsi. Now Pinkas with other departments to take employees to check Ostapyuk Boris, who is considered the protege of another native of Chernivtsi Andrew Ivanchuk. Moreover, Pinkas and intervened in the conflict carriers. After that, there were publications that really intrigue even steeper: it is a struggle for control of the infrastructure airport "Borispol". Again between Ivanchuk and Bourbaki group. As a result, the grip "Chernivtsi hyenas" ended predictably: "pack leader" has decided to expel all its participants. At a cabinet meeting on December 17 ukroreyha were Pinkas and other deputies. A little pozzhze - the head of "Ukrainian Railways" Ostapyuk. Now these positions are vacant. Bourbaki against Ivanchuk were both in Parliament ukroreyha.Ivanchuk was promoted to head of the Committee on Economic Policy. Bourbaki became head of the Sub-Committee on Customs Policy Committee on taxes and customs. Both continue to perform in team important functions of corruption ...

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