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In Poland, the number of refugees from the Ukraine beats all prior records

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In Poland, the number of refugees from the Ukraine beats all prior records
War torn Ukrainians are forced to seek a better life in Europe. Refugees in masses cross the border with Poland, where the number of applications for residence beats all prior records. According to local media, Warsaw is even glad of this trend, because the Ukrainians not only do not pretend for a big payday, but in the long term will help to improve the demographic situation in the country. 

The popularity of Poland among immigrants from the Ukraine beats all records. "From the East dramatically increases the flow of willing to work and settle in Poland" - the author writes in Rzeczpospolita, the translation of which publishes InoTV. From January to November last year about the work in this country addressed about 359 thousand. People, which is 134 thousand. More than in 2013. The reason this came the war and the crisis in Ukraine. 

For Poland, this phenomenon has become profitable, as the country comes to "army of workers, does not require a high salary," the newspaper writes. Scale emigration confirm recent data on the number of applications Labor Polish companies to provide jobs to foreigners from the East. Last year their number approached 400 thousand. From published reports, we can conclude that by 2014 for refugee status in Poland to submit documents to 86 Ukrainians annually, and last year the number jumped to 2318. Similarly, the situation is with those who seek to obtain a residence permit: in 2013 there were 12.9 thousand, and in 2014 - almost 30 thousand. people. 

The interest of Poland is confirmed by workers in the field of design and employment of migrants. According to Alexandra Wielgus from the Union growers of Poland, which helps farmers to hire immigrants, in the Gorki region last year, employers were given about 43 thousand. Statements about wanting to employ visitors. A year earlier, there were only 26,000. "The situation in Ukraine leads to the fact that they not only come to work, but also want to stay here," - said Wielgus. According to her, it is now more than ten monthly considering applications for residence permits. Previously, there was only one month. 

"A total of 200 kilometers from my home in Mariupol, there is a war," - said the publication of one of the refugees named Alexander. He came from the vicinity of Dnipropetrovsk and lived in Poland for eight months. According to Alexander, he had no reason to come back: the fall of the hryvnia, economic collapse, and fear for his safety forced him to stay. "It is better to carry his wife and daughter here, but registration procedures are complicated," - he said. Experts also believe that Poland should facilitate the stay of Ukrainians. "Immigration gives us the opportunity to raise the population level. This situation will not last forever, "- said the representative of the Warsaw School of Economics Stanislav Clusaz.

West offers Russia guarantees of non-alignment of Ukraine to NATO | Radoslaw Sikorski

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Today at 4:45 am
Radoslaw Sikorski: West offers Russia guarantees of non-alignment of Ukraine to NATO Today 
Speaker of the Sejm of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski at a conference at the Atlantic Council in Washington, said that the purpose of settling the West Ukrainian crisis offers Russia a guarantee of non-alignment of Ukraine to NATO. However, the statement of the Polish diplomat does not inspire confidence, as previously Sikorski has already been busted in the distortion of facts and statements. So, he had previously stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly offered the former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk "to split Ukraine" between Russia and Poland during a meeting in Moscow in February 2008, which actually was not at all the truth. 

The Speaker of the Polish Sejm , former head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Radoslaw Sikorski today at a conference at the Atlantic Council in Washington, said that for the sake of settling the Ukrainian crisis the West is ready to offer Russia a guarantee of non-alignment of Ukraine to NATO, as well as a free trade zone in the Northern Hemisphere, according to Tass. "As I understand it, already made ​​proposals to guarantee that Ukraine in any foreseeable future will not become a member of NATO, "- was quoted as saying the speaker of the lower house of the Polish parliament. 

In addition, Sikorski said that Moscow was also offered a laughable dialogue between the European Union and possibly of the future of (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,) the New World Order's Diabolical Agenda Granting Corporations impunity to any government or it's citizens...and the Kremlin's Eurasian Economic Union "to establish a free trade area of the Northern Hemisphere." However, according to the diplomat, these initiatives were not satisfactory with Russia. However, whether to trust statements Radoslaw Sikorski - is the big question. The fact that the previous speaker of the Polish Sejm has already been convicted of false statements, says it all. 

For example, in an interview with US magazine Politico, Sikorski stated that in February 2008, as part of a bilateral meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin, proposed Donald Tusk, who then held the post of Prime Minister of Poland, to divide Ukraine. Later, commenting on this statement, Radoslaw Sikorski called it a "historical allusions" and "bad joke", and then admitted that his "summed memory" and said there was no talk at all. "Man can sometimes hurry me down memory after checking it turned out that Moscow was not a bilateral meeting between Putin and Tusk, "- he said, commenting on his scandalous statement. 

The former head of the Polish government, Donald Tusk, in turn, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has never offered him to divide the territory of Ukraine. "None of the meeting with President Putin no such proposal has not been made ​​public," - said Tusk. According to him, in 2008 in Moscow, he did not hold a bilateral meeting with the Russian leader, on which, according to the first version of the Sikorsky, came the words of a possible division of Ukraine. The scandal associated with the statements of the Polish Sejm Speaker, in Poland provoked a wave of negative comments in his e-mail. 

Many journalists and analysts have condemned the policy, and the largest opposition party "Law and Justice" even demanded his resignation. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the time that this case needs no comment. In his opinion, the most correct response to such incidents is declaring its willingness to publish the full text of the conversation. "Before there were episodes when the outgoing head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of Russia interpreted statements, telling of his meetings or telephone conversations with him a large number of representatives of the EU-members. 

There were other cases, including in relation to me, when during the war in the Caucasus Mikheil Saakashvili invaded South Ossetia, our British colleagues tried to misinterpret my words. In politics, this has happened very often. Even if it were not for the Ukrainian crisis, no one is safe from the fact that the partner does not go unethical or just do not spill the beans when you do not have to, or perevrёt "- a view expressed by the head of Russian diplomacy.

12th convoy Russian Emergencies Ministry has successfully brought in Donetsk

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12th convoy Russian Emergencies Ministry has successfully brought in Donetsk

"Humanitarian Convoys" continue as the 12th convoy of Russian Emergencies Ministry has successfully brought in Donetsk and Lugansk more than 1,500 tons of humanitarian aid. Emergency situations on the road did not arise, said the ministry. "In Donetsk and Lugansk profit of more than 170 trucks, which were previously divided into two columns, each with more than 80 cars" - reports the RIA Novosti news agency. 

In each of the regions delivered more than 750 tons of humanitarian aid: food, medicines, including insulin, building materials, electric power equipment. "In no way abnormal situations have arisen. Technique is working, drivers feel fine. After unloading the car will leave the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk, "- noted in the MOE.

15 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 30 Wounded in Eastern Clashes

15 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 30 Wounded in Eastern Clashes

Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:47 PM

People stand beside the corpse of a civilian killed in the shelling of a residential area in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, January 30, 2015. (AFP photo)

Clashes between pro-Russia forces and the Ukrainian army in the east of the country have killed 15 Ukrainian soldiers and injured 30 others over the past 24 hours.

"In the last day, 15 soldiers died and 30 more were wounded. That is the figure for the whole frontline," Ukraine's Defence Minister Stepan Poltorak said on Saturday.

Reports also said civilian casualties have risen as heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine rages on.

The recent casualties came a day after the peace talks between Ukraine and pro-Russia forces in the Belarusian capital city of Minsk were cancelled following Kiev’s refusal to attend the talks.

Meanwhile, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) urged both sides to stop fighting and provide the affected civilians with the "unrestricted supply of basic goods and humanitarian assistance."

Back in September 2014, Minsk hosted the representatives of Ukraine, Russia, and the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk who finally inked a ceasefire deal to end deadly clashes in eastern Ukraine. However, the truce has been violated almost daily by both the Ukrainian military and pro-Russia forces.

The two mainly Russian-speaking regions of Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine have been the scene of deadly clashes between pro-Russia forces and the Ukrainian army since Kiev’s military operation started in April 2014, in a bid to crush the protests.

The fighting has left more than 5,100 people killed and over 1.5 million displaced, the United Nations says.

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Heavy fighting for Uglegorsk: Ukrainian army is trying to regain the city

January 31, 2015, 15:11

Heavy fighting for Uglegorsk: Ukrainian army is trying to regain the city


Ukrainian army is trying to regain the city Uglegorsk previously occupied by the DNR. According to numerous reports from both the DNR and the Kievan forces in the morning on January 31 APU soldiers launched a counteroffensive to retake the city.

The National Guard battalion commander "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko wrote on his Facebook page a few hours ago:

"According to the order of Staff ATO g.Uglegorska the liberation of parts of the APU, the National Guard and police battalions. Within a few days the enemy entrenched in Uglegorsk. Heavy fighting on the outskirts and in the city. The enemy defenses were breached in several ways. ATO troops defending the city, within a few hours actively help develop the offensive. "

The fact that for Uglegorsk fierce fighting, according to the DNR and.

"Ukrainian military stepping on Uglegorsk, heavy fighting on the outskirts of the city. Punishers just started trying to capture Uglegorsk (DNR) "- write" Reports from the militia of New Russia ".

At 15.00 MSK battalion commander "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko made a post suggesting that take Uglegorsk Ukrainian military fails.

"During the fighting for the liberation of Uglegorsk opponent was used heavy armored vehicles, widely used bombs and artillery. During the development of the operation the enemy inflicted a series of counterattacks in the area Chernukhin, Yenakievo and some other platoon strong points. The enemy was involved more than 15 tanks and a significant amount of APC. In the area of ​​the APU, the National Guard, police battalions reflect counter enemy attacks, "- 

writes Semenchenko, apparently trying to justify the lack of success by the presence of heavy armor in the militia.

According to the militia, in debaltsevsky boiler to the aid blocked Ukrainian military convoy breaks fresh divisions of Kiev. Militiamen try not to miss it, and are heavy artillery fire on the road.

In Uglegorsk, which is a key settlement near the village of Debaltseve where blocked eight thousand Ukrainian soldiers, the last few days unfolded fierce clashes. On January 30, DNR stated that took Uglegorsk almost complete control, taking key positions at major intersections of the village.

Video: / YouTube

Monday, January 26, 2015


January 26, 2015 

Published in the New Russia Ukrainian law enforcement officers need a win at any cost, loss account decided not to pay, taking into account the dead and injured is not news. According to information from Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa military hospitals, they received a secret order from Kiev not to report through official channels, data on actual losses in the area of ​​ATO. 

Objective information on casualties among the personnel of the government troops also absent in the National Security Council, and in the presidential administration. Officials explain this situation the fact that short-term political considerations work to compile information about the dead stopped. By the number of daily incoming wounded to hospitals in the Dnieper, the loss of the junta for the past four days amounted to 1,500 (calculation was carried out by the same method as in the previous article). 

That is, from 17 January is already more than 3000 people (or rather not say, but I think it at least). Of those killed 700-800 people (too low). Such losses were not carrying APU since August. And now for the Mechnikov and other hospitals in the Dnieper. All littered with wounded (all surgical departments). Beds are in the hallways. On today (yesterday) only here (Metchnikoff) is up to 160-170 seriously wounded. Wounded so much that in the Military hospital beds even put in the auditoriums. 

Often they carry the wounded throughout the city until attach (branch is not taken, because all crowded). No drugs (all only by volunteers). Hospitals themselves only take care of the wounded and transactions (that is, our staff, your medication where you take them does not matter). There is a small reserve of hospitals, but there are medications are used only domestic. No currency for the purchase of imported drugs, so if they want, there are no options. Only at his own expense. Doctors say it's some kind of horror. Morgue Mechnikov packed to zayazku. Corpses lie just because "mounds". That is, in each cell instead of stuffing one killed two, and even three if you can. 

What is surprising, because as soon as Mechnikov four days brought 52 killed. Plus died of his wounds in the hospital. Plus other morgues of the city and the area (there is information that is transported by the corpses of the district morgue. In particular, in Pavlograd). I'm not talking about Kharkiv which sent no less than in the Dnieper and those who have not yet taken from the battlefields (as well as those who are buried under the ruins of the airport. 

According to most of the junta there killed more than 100 soldiers ). When the medical staff talking about official reports of the press center of the ATO losses APU, watching you as jerk who believes in fairy tales. And they can understand. Only one hospital Mechnikov is killed (that fresh, that is, in the last week) is several times more than a talking head Lysenko reported for the same period. Outcome. A terrible slaughter for the APU continues. And this massacre no end in sight. And judging by the idiotic bans guide junta very frightened.

Beginners Ukrainian Army Militia go into Operation Against Nazi perpetrators

Beginners Ukrainian Army Militia go into Operation Against Nazi perpetrators

An interesting situation arises in "Debaltsevskom pot". Army punitive rent captured without a fight, and then assist in the elimination of the former allies.

An interesting situation arises in "Debaltsevskom pot". Army punitive rent Captured without A fight, and then Assist in the elimination of the Former Allies. 

  1. The next Wave of Mobilization and designed DURING her Army of not having time to War, Begins to Fall Apart. The Reason for the Violent ways of Completing the Ukrainian Army with the help of her Crime. 

One example Occurred in the Red Plowman. Army APU at will are captured and turned and begin to fight against the punitive battalions. To help the rebels of the Ukrainian Army militia forces arrived from near Trinity, and together they were able to clear the occupied territory punitive. After the battle, the rebels Joined the Militia in Their Move to A new City Mironovsky.

Another strange incident occurred in Lozovoi. Towards Army militia were sent to several units that were supposed to be customized fighters from the ranks of punitive. However, for unclear reasons, while shooting in the back began precisely on them. 

Another strange Incident Occurred in Lozovoi. Towards Army militia were sent to several units that were supposed to be customized fighters from the ranks of punitive. 

However, for unclear reasons, while shooting in the back began precisely on them. Until now, the perpetrators Were not IDENTIFIED. Among the people there are two full-fledged versions of All of These events Either in the ranks of the Ukrainian Army Riot another, or Plan A cunning militias and Their subversive Group.

In Germany it's been acknowledged that Poroshenko deceived Europe

In Germany it's been acknowledged that Poroshenko deceived Europe

The government of Germany stated that Poroshenko words with deeds.

German Government Commissioner for relations with Russia Gernot Erler told the newspaper Nordwest-Zeitung said that Ukrainian President spoke of the desire of the political solution to the conflict in the east of the country, but in reality he is stepping up military strength. Recall this week Kiev began mobilization.

On the one hand, Poroshenko in Davos said that a military solution is unacceptable. On the other hand, emphasized the German politician, in Kiev continue to sound aggressive speech.

According to Erler, there is a danger that Ukraine will prevail "logic of war".

German politician believes that in the near future to organize a meeting of the so-called contact group. It should include representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the militia, and the negotiations should be conducted under the supervision of the OSCE.

In addition, it offers the European Union consider whether the political position of Kiev with the policy of Europe.

"There is only a political solution, not a military one" - reminded Erler.

Photo: Mikhail Palinchak / TASS

Ukraine forces burned bodies of Foreign Mercenaries during their retreat

Defense Ministry DNR: Ukraine forces burned bodies of Foreign Mercenaries during their retreat.

______________________________________ Basurin: Soldiers ukrovermahta sun Burned body of Foreign Mercenaries DURING the Retreat. Command DNR PROVE Facts of the sun ukrovermahta Mercenary Forces from the United Stated by States.This WAS A Representative of the Ministry of Defense DNR Edward Basurin, Commenting on the video with English-speaking soldiers in the form of ukrofashistskogo Battalion "Azov", which detected Bandera zhurnashlyushki in Mariupol.

ACCORDING Basurina, These shots, is despite the active discussion on the Internet, CAN not be Considered A Direct proof of the use of Mercenaries ukrofashistskoy Army. HOWEVER, ACCORDING to the Militia Commander, WHO has Already Collected A SUFFICIENT number of Indirect Evidence of Foreign Participation Operations in punitive gentsidnoy Pindos-Bandera Junta. - We have Repeatedly faced with traces of Foreign Mercenaries Fighting on the Side ukrofashistskoy Army.

Most Often we Find A Small Militia in English, electronic Devices with Foreign sermons, record Radio intercepts Foreign Language. Even Their form differs from That of the soldiers Wear sun ukrovermahta - Told Basurin. Nevertheless, he Said, the international Observers Believe in the Presence of foreign troops in the Donbas only if the militias will be able to take them alive.

In the Meantime, for the Army DNI this WAS not Possible Because COMMAND ukrovermahta goes to Extreme Measures to minimize the Chances of Detecting traces of Foreign Mercenaries, even after Their Deaths. - In the summer of LC Army tried to Surround A Group of Foreign Mercenaries DURING the battle for the Lugansk Airport. Then They Were Able to Take Them just Killed, Although it is - A rarity Because ukrofashisty tried to destroy the traces of Their Presence in the Lugansk and Land Burned Their Bodies in the Retreat - Added Basurin.

Recall the English-speaking Germans hit the camera lens Bandera zhurnashlyushek during shooting effects shelling eastern suburbs of Mariupol on January 24. One of the Nazis at war, according to the stripe in ukrofashistskom battalion "Azov", covered his face and demanded that the operator removed the equipment. Video with English Nazis involved in the Fighting in the Donbas is not the first time Made Public.

LifeNews published Numerous videos of Evidence. One of the videos WAS filmed in the Same PLACE, in Mariupol, in the summer of Attack natsgadov ukrovermahta. The footage Gave orders natsgadam in English. Inosrantsy Served as Commanders, Directing Military Operations. The Participation of Mercenaries inosrannyh-Fascists in the battles in the Donets Basin on the Side of the Junta informed and EX-Commander of the Army Igor DNR Fusiliers. ACCORDING to HIM, on June 19 at the battle of Yampil by ukrofashistov was attended by about 80 WHO Mercenaries Were Armed with assault rifles English.

Ukraine pulled Military Reserves to the area of the Military operation in the south-east of the Country.  

This WAS Stated by President Poroshenko at the ongoing meeting with Security Officials.

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press / Sergii Kharchenko

"We Also Agreed on steps to Bring up Reserves - Said the President of Ukraine. - If the Enemy does not want to Respect the ceasefire, we Will Give the teeth," - he Said. Meeting with the Security Forces Carried out to Develop A plan of "next steps and counter terrorists" - the report indicates.

Poroshenko Also argues That the Country's Armed Forces have Won some "Tank battles" , Which took PLACE on the Territory of Donbass January 22. "There Were Real Tank battles. Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated in These battles. The Enemy paid A High price for being adventurous Attempts to Attack Our Sun "- quoted policy of" Ukrainian Truth ". But WHERE EXACTLY These are Mysterious battle took PLACE, and from Whom he chose not to Elaborate.

Meanwhile, in the Self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Stated That Among the Debris at the Airport in Donetsk found the Bodies of Foreign Mercenaries . "Found Under the rubble of A new terminal of the body in the form of NATO, ACCORDING to the detected personal belongings Belong to Foreign Nationals from the Mercenaries of Private Military companies Operating Under the guise of Ukrainian subversive groups "- quoted by RIA Novosti DEPUTY Commander of the headquarters of the DNI Edward Basurina. It is worth noting That in September 2014 the parties involved in the talks in Minsk, agreed to the withdrawal of foreign mercenaries from the conflict zone.

Earlier DNI headquarters Militia Called the number of dead and Captured Ukrainian Security Forces in the area of the Donetsk Airport. ACCORDING Basurina, Prisoner surrendered 44 people.

Zakharchenko: "DNI and LC are trying to Join Forces"

Zakharchenko: "DNI and LC are trying to Join Forces"
Ilya  News

January 26, 2015

The head of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko said that the militias DNR and LC are now trying to join forces.

"Fights are throughout the DNI, we are trying to connect with LC," - said the head of the republic. This, he said, will free up at least a whole brigade, which can be thrown into other important areas.

If the association occurs, the consequence of this would be to create another "pot" in the area Debaltseve, where the largest group of Ukrainian law enforcers.

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Ukrainians are Encouraged to Boycott Mobilization, That is being Labelled Appropriately as “Coffinization”

Ukrainians are Encouraged to Boycott Mobilization, That is being Labelled Appropriately as  “Coffinization”

Translated from Russian language by J.Hawk

A Ukrainian journalist working for TV channel 112, Ruslan Kotsaba, has asked Ukrainians to boycott military mobilization, describing the events on the Donbass as a civil war in which “DPR supermen” are killing “VSU [Ukrainian army] supermen.”

Kotsaba said that he is prepared to serve a prison term rather than go into the army.

“Don’t even bother sending me a draft notice,” said the journalist.

“It’s impossible for people to kill one another simply because they want to live separately. There are no regular Russian army units in the Donbass, there are only the local guys whom they call the ‘levy’, or ‘separatists’, while they call us ‘dills’ [‘ukropy’]. All of this back and forth around the Donetsk airport is a massive cosmic injustice. Right now the best young guys are killing other best young guys. I am a frontline journalist and I know what I’m talking about. All the while these f*****s are sitting at HQs and in the Verkhovna Rada, which is a major injustice” said the journalist.

He called on Ukrainians to refuse to be mobilized.

“I call on all normal people to refuse the mobilization. If they want to go as volunteers, let God judge them, it’s their responsibility. But I know that one day this war will come to an end and they ought to know that the volunteers will be made to bear responsibility for everything,” said the journalist.

Ruslan Kotsaba was born in Ivano-Frankovsk, actively supported the Maidan, and voted for Petro Poroshenko. He is also known for his position concerning the Donbass conflict. In his view, civilian population is being killed there, and he calls it a civil war because Ukrainians are dying on both sides.

As noted earlier, the next wave of mobilization will draw into military service 50,000 people. During the course of the year between 100,000 and 200,000 Ukrainians may be sent to fight in the Donbass.

Ukrainian national deputies—battalion commanders are offering Ukrainian draftees to officially buy their way out of the draft by paying several thousand dollars

Translator’s Note: This is only to be expected, and it’s only going to get worse. Ukraine is a country in no shape to wage a war. Perhaps if the government were to renationalize all the stolen properties currently under control of Ukrainian oligarchs (whose ranks, incidentally, include the current president…) and conduct another, more equitable, wave of privatization, perhaps the Ukrainian people would be more willing to support the war. The proposal to allow draftees to buy their way out of the draft actually makes things worse, because it threatens to create a major social divide (as if yet another one was needed) in the Ukrainian society, by dividing it into those who can afford to pay with money, and those who are condemned to pay with blood. It's also very interesting that Kotsaba does not think the current Ukrainian government policy (or maybe even the government itself) is long for this world. The suggestion that the volunteers might be found responsible for, well, everything they were ordered to do by their political leadership is a plausible way for the current Ukrainian leadership to normalize relations with the Donbass, Russia, and pretty much the rest of the world.

Jan. 20th 2015... Videos of the Genocide in Donbass

Videos of the Genocide in Donbass

  • 1. A resident of Donetsk: Why do they kill us? 
  • 2. Hell in the streets of Donetsk 
  • 3. Kiev district fire 
  • 4. Horlovks experienced a massive artillery attack 
  • 5. 20/01/2015 The shelling of the Kiev district. 
  • 6. Little Girl "Uncle Shoot" 
  • 7.Opolchentsy Givi captured cyborgs Airport Donetsk DNR 01.20.2015..Ot themselves say fighters APU, thank militias that have killed and captured. 
  • 8.Zhizn in Donetsk Hospital # 25 3 under fire Part 1 of 2

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bandera Would Have Killed These Junta Fools

Kharkiv - New Russia
Today at 11:30 am

Bandera Would Have Killed These Junta Fools

Feast zhidobanderovskih hyenas: Yatsenyuk is Preparing A new Repartition Banderostana
________________________________________ In Banderostane (Ukraine occupied by the Junta) - Panic. On the day when the leader of the junta announced mourning for the dead under Volnovaha Prime ukroreyha in an interview with Deutsche Welle announced plans to start junta cabinet re-privatization of the most ambitious in the past 20 years. The redistribution of property between the oligarchs in a country at war, with heavily armed private armies ukrofashistskimi - it way to a grand massacre. But friends, classmates and fellow students zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk, which maydanutaya the whole head off debeluyu Tatiana Chornovil has called "the Chernivtsi hyenas" - a chance for even greater enrichment. The executive power of the junta almost entirely in their hands. Attempts zhidobanderovtsa Paracha under his control huntovskoy prosecutors to destroy the backbone of this success has not yet brought ... Prologue (about hyenas and not only) hyena calls them not only offended for kidok with Anti-Corruption Bureau Tatiana Chornovil. About scam prime minister's team writes regularly junta banderoresurs "Browser", controlled by the former head of the State Committee Mikhail Brodsky. Among the public accusers zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk - human "emissions Revolution": former Minister of Health, Oleg Musii and former economy minister Pavel Sheremet. All of them have lost their jobs as a result of a collision with the interests of the corrupt environment premiere ukroreyha. After the fact Musii accused zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk that he "hates all maydanovskoe" and Sheremet admitted that they Brodsky broken teeth on the same company - "Ukrekoresurs" - which turned out to be part of, also in the prime minister's orbit corruption team. So who are they "Ocean's" in the current (after the elections) and the previous (before the election) team pindostanskoy Six Yatsenyuk? Three Men in a "boat", not counting the banker in the first government ukroreyha zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk were just two other youth Yatsenyuk - Minister of Justice became Pavel Petrenko and infrastructure minister Maxim Bourbaki. Both served the people as a fiery regolyutsionerov, although maydaune were never seen again. But seen in school №9 of Chernivtsi, where scum Yatsenyuk sitting at a desk with Lesha Bourbaki and was friends with his brother, the weather Maxim. In Chernivtsi University. Fedkovych where friends came to law school, to their close Kompashki joined by two others: a graduate of the same school ninth Pavel Petrenko and born in the Ternopil region Andrew Lush. Now the band has successfully searches through all the key areas in ukrofashistskoy power. Zhidobanderovets Yatsenyuk - the prime minister. He obeys all executive power in Banderostane. And that says it all. Andrew Lush leads the largest financial institution - the state "Oschadbank." Government ukroreyha with the leader of Yatsenyuk in conditions of severe crisis generously dumps him 11 billion UAH. for additional capitalization. As noted in an article for banderoizdaniya "Browser" Michael Brodsky, "persons with disabilities, senior citizens, the whole country was collected monthly at 100-200 UAH. Subsidies and bonuses to 11 billion USD. Drain old friend." But the money due to inflation and the falling hryvnia against the dollar in more than two times longer enough. So now the Cabinet ukroreyha breaks scheme to transfer "Oschadbank" exclusive right to conduct lotteries. Under the pretext that the market at a yield of 2 billion. UAH. per year need to clean up from untrusted players. In fact, players are not going away, just create another channel for receiving from them "kickbacks": according to the proposed rules "Oschadbank" concludes contracts with private companies, which, as its agents earn on lotteries. Pavel Petrenko led by the Ministry of Justice ukroreyha. The most "bread" Business of Justice - is the sale of debtors' property and confiscated; control of the bankruptcy proceedings; control of the legal profession and notaries (with the issuance of work permits); registry of property rights; lustration and combating corruption. On the last episode crossed the interests of "battered stars Maidan" widows "ATO" Raging bitch Tatiana Chornovol and promises to fight corruption Minister Petrenko, with the result that was born the term "Chernovtsy hyena." The reason why the Ministry of Justice ukroreyha brings the fight against corruption in Banderostane to the pageant banal: you can not hit the hand that feeds you, and the same. Corruption in the Office of another prime minister is best written deputy Kharkiv City Council, lawyer, chairman of the Ukrainian Chamber of arbitration managers and leader of the "Reforms against Corruption" Anatoly Rodzinskiy. "II do not know any lawyer who would say that in the executive and Registration Service, in bankruptcy or notary disappeared corruption. Conversely, many argue that officials" rowing "bribes, as the last time ... A hundred days the new leadership of Ministry of Justice immediately created two monopolists for sale on the Internet was arrested by Ministry of Justice of property: state SE "Informyust" and Private Ltd. "Alfahimtreyd." Minister Justice ukroreyha can not say that he knows nothing - in all key positions in the department work "personally his" lawyers. The deputy minister - chief of staff Igor Alekseev works. His greatest achievement in 28 years of life was the work of a law firm "ML GROUP" Minister Petrenko. It was he who, together with the Minister appoints all department employees. The head of the registration service works Anna Onishchenko. Its main achievement in 28 years of life also was the work of a "ML GROUP". The head of the executive service of Ministry of Justice is working Dmitry Storozhuk, which is almost two years was deputy Petrenko, when he headed the legal department of "Front for Change." Since then, this record appeared in his blog, in the government were serious personnel changes related to the parliamentary elections. Now, a key figure in the personal environment Petrenko and "reshaly 'questions called his assistant by the name of Michael Fedelesh, who previously worked in the Security Service of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. During the work of the Minister he could light up in scandal raider attacks last "draw" of the object in the center of Kiev - the building "Kyivproject" on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street (between Khreschatyk and the Opera House). On this account there were many articles in the press, where the mentioned Onishchenko and Anna. Anna Onishchenko, however, is no longer working in the registration service. After the rotation of the government she took the post of Minister of the Cabinet. Its track record of not only work in the law firm Petrenko, but the work of lawyers in litigation Yatsenyuk. First, it represents its interests at the suit of some pensioner Vera Ivanova, then the suit then NSDC Secretary Andriy Klyuyev in connection with the performance of the Verkhovna Rada Yatsenyuk. Now in the hands of all the threads are Onishchenko Control Cabinet hardware life: the passage of the documents forming the agenda of meetings of the government, Sight documents, appointment and dismissal of officials. In the context of a general lustration its position acquires special weight. Even the Ministry of Justice, where she was to go to the state register, supervised machine (service minister), Anna has grown expert in lustration. And now subordinate department staffing of the Secretariat of the Cabinet is the lustration test all high-ranking officials: ministers, their deputies, heads of departments, offices, and state committees of the National Commission, and so on. E., Etc. Bourbaki and Ivanchuk: a plague on both your houses on the Acquisition the post of Minister of the Cabinet ukroreyha Anna Onishchenko prime Yatsenyuk forced to compensate for the loss in the fight against the clan leader of the junta Poroshenko its key henchman - Maxim Bourbaki. On the post of Minister of Infrastructure, he stayed until the election and on the list of the "Popular Front" was held in the Parliament ukroreyha.Bourbaki Brothers - not just school friends Arseny. They are still partners in the family business. During the premiership of Tymoshenko zechki when "won" at odds with Yatsenyuk, the media was thrown out information that is not the biggest, but it is quite a lucrative market Chernivtsi "Dobrobut" control the two founders: Lydia Leschova (Aunt Yatsenyuk) and Yuri Bourbaki (father brothers Bourbaki). Moreover, there is every reason to believe clan Bourbaki - proxies zhidobanderovtsa Yatsenyuk on major monetary issues. Moreover, since time immemorial. In the early 2000s, one of the brothers went to the Crimea for Yatsenyuk, when he became Minister of Economic Affairs of the Government of the peninsula. It is no accident that it was directed against Bourbaki the brunt zhidobanderovtsa Poroshenko during an election squabble with Yatsenyuk (when they have not formed a block). Then the Ministry of Transport and "Ukrzaliznytsya", which are vertically integrated in the Ministry of infrastructure, were searched and arrests initiated banderizatsii Service of Ukraine (SBU). Search company related to public procurement. And not only that. For the leadership of the Ministry of suspected corruption ukroreyha interest in establishing a business entity unbanal "Ukrainian passenger logistics center." Officially, the establishment of a center called the fight against speculation railway tickets. In fact, repeated exactly the same pattern as with the lottery company and "Oschadbank": businessmen from the market were not removed by simply being required to buy tickets at the center and pay for that 5% of the cost (fees). Minister of Infrastructure and lit up in the scandal with air carriers who rebelled against the new procedures for the issuance and revocation of authority to operate the overhead lines. As argued carriers, the document was issued under the company MAU (oligarch Kolomoisky controls). "Now the chances of getting any appointment or the right to equal air line almost absolute zero, of course, if you're not MAU", - commented on the situation representatives of airlines. But curiously - in both cases, in the game against childhood friend premiere of "apparent ears" of another faithful companion Yaytsenyuha with university - Deputy Andrew Ivanchuk. Their collaboration continued from the time when the future prime minister and his fellow student at the University of Chernivtsi founded the law firm of "Jurek -AUDIO." Together they worked in the bank "Aval". Then Ivanchuk introduced Yatsenyuk with the oligarch Leonid Yurushev. The press wrote that it Yurushev in 2008-2009 funded projects Yatsenyuk party. At the same time Ivanchuk himself voluntarily served as an informal party "treasurer." In an interview with "Left Bank" a year ago, he admitted it. And he said that Yatsenyuk, in his opinion, will also become the leader of the junta.Apparently, once again wanted to bend before pindostanskoy six and move his main rival in the struggle for influence on him - Maxim Bourbaki. The long squabble between one-party, splashed out when it came to personnel matters. As he wrote in his article Bandera "Observer", an investigation of "Ukrzaliznytsya" was not directed against the former head of the ultrasonic Boris Ostapyuk or its longtime ally - the head of "Ukrzheldorsnab" Alexander Lozinski, it is a step by step process of turning into zhidobanderovtsem Yatsenyuk, MP Andrew Ivanchuk and their accomplices.After the searches and seizures, Bourbaki convened a commission, headed by Deputy Minister Petr Pinkas, a native of the city of Chernivtsi. Now Pinkas with other departments to take employees to check Ostapyuk Boris, who is considered the protege of another native of Chernivtsi Andrew Ivanchuk. Moreover, Pinkas and intervened in the conflict carriers. After that, there were publications that really intrigue even steeper: it is a struggle for control of the infrastructure airport "Borispol". Again between Ivanchuk and Bourbaki group. As a result, the grip "Chernivtsi hyenas" ended predictably: "pack leader" has decided to expel all its participants. At a cabinet meeting on December 17 ukroreyha were Pinkas and other deputies. A little pozzhze - the head of "Ukrainian Railways" Ostapyuk. Now these positions are vacant. Bourbaki against Ivanchuk were both in Parliament ukroreyha.Ivanchuk was promoted to head of the Committee on Economic Policy. Bourbaki became head of the Sub-Committee on Customs Policy Committee on taxes and customs. Both continue to perform in team important functions of corruption ...

Ukrainian shell hit a bus at Dokuchaevsk [18+ Graphic Photos]

Ukrainian Shell A bus hit at Dokuchaevsk 

15/1/2015 Ukrainian punishers January 15 Dokuchaevsk fired at a bus carrying workers of one of the plants DNR. As a result, one person was killed (female, 45 years) and seven were seriously injured. The bus were working dolomite plant, returning home after the change. On this day, Jan. 16, told reporters chairman of the National Council of DNI Andrew Purgin. 

"Yesterday shell hit the bus with 23 workers dolomite plant in Dokuchaevsk, killing a woman and seven men are in hospital in a serious condition," - said the speaker. Purgin also recalled that last night, four more civilians were killed by gunfire Ukrainian security forces Petrovsky district of Donetsk. According to the chairman of the People's Council, the tension observed in almost all along the line of contact with the Ukrainian Armed Forces militia DNR. 

We should also mention the fact that in contrast to the tragedy with the bus in Volnovakha, where as a result of being blown up by a mine Ukrainian people died (a junta hastened to blame This militia), the tragedy of a bus in Dokuchaevsk affected by the fire from the Ukrainian punitive, remains virtually unnoticed by the media.

War in the Online #Novorossyia Jan. 16, 2015

War in the Online #Novorossyia

4:19  AFU Began Bombardment from Avdeyevka (two positions), They work Approximately at the area of Putilovka. 

3:47 The Chief of staff of artillery A call with A Sign "Fomich": "Now is the Situation A bit more calm. We have the Held positions, and at present A FRONT line is Unchanged at present. AFU Planned an Offensive, judging by equipment and manpower accumulation. Our artillery Attacks on Their positions Behind the River, on the 31st roadblock Which we occupied in the Evening, have restored A Situation and Kept the FRONT. Ukrainian Army has serious Losses, and ACCORDING to the Reports of Intelligence They have A lot of Killed and wounded. The Ukrainian Army bombed Zholtoye, Slavyanoserbsk, Smeloye, Rayovka, Vesyolaya Gora. They tried to Cross the River, A Pontoon erected to throw around Krimskoye equipment. But All These Operations for Them appeared unsuccessful. Remained the FRONT line, as Yesterday, Along the River to Krimskoye and through the 31st roadblock to Frunze ". 

4:42 Ukrainian Military men Leave the Airport of Donetsk (video)

00:53 Representatives of OSCE Examined One of Instrument Devices of artillery Reconnaissance (video) 

22.30 (MSK) AFU Struck at Settlement Oktyabrsky area with MLRS "Grad". forty-five past eleven PM Tank shooting in LPR (video) 

11:28 PM message from the militiaman with call A Sign "Cadet": "There are bombardments and clashes of average intensity on the FRONT. We and the opponent Conduct Both Rotation and A regrouping after the Yesterday's fights. And it is hot here on Bakhmutka. Our fighters captured Novotoshkovka at last judging by messages from places. In respond to it AFU conduct chaotic bombardment of the 31th roadblock of AFN, of the roadblock of AFN between the 31th and 37th and positions of AFN at height 175,9. The militia answers with SPGs and mortars. In Debaltsevo pocket "Prizrak" again fired at positions of the enemy in Chernukhino with tanks, mortars and howitzers. Also Cossacks and "Prizrak" attacked Troitskoye. They did not capture the settlement - but two more such attacks AFU and there Will Fall. We have Usual firing. There WAS MORTAR shelling of Our positions in Valuyskoye and at Stanitsa. Fights at Kolesnikovka Became more active. " 

22:46 Message from the Chief of staff of artillery A 2nd brigade of Army of LPR (Callsign "Fomich"): "Offensive Began Today in All directions. AFU began to pull up equipment, to shell our positions right after 15:00. AFU became more active on all line of contact, along Seversky Donets, from Stanitsa Luganskaya, the city Schastye and almost up to Krimskoye. We conducted reciprocal artillery attacks at all places enemy's location. We hold positions and if this is a full-scale approach of AFU, then it is unsuccessful. They Suffered much, we mauled Them well in area of Schastye and of Stanitsa Luganskaya, and Also Our artillery Struck Exact blow at Them at Krimskoye, Thereby changing Their Plans Essentially. " 

10:06 pm AFU continue to Conduct shelling, MLRS "Grad" worked at the area of ​​Old terminal / Putilovka from area of ​​Novosyolovka. 

9:33 PM There is video from the registrar of cars One of Standing on A roadblock at Volnovakha, Which clears up very much. On video it is Heard That "Grad" falls in fields, and One of people (it is not clear WHO he was - civil or military) standing on the roadside at the bus runs to a minefield and then explosion follows. It is well visible that there were people between a mine and bus that explains A plentiful pool of Blood at A roadside.

21:19 Automatic Rounds do not Abate in Avdeyevka for an hour Already About. 

20:47 AFU strike at the mine area of ​​Panfilovskaya terricone from area of ​​Peski, at the area of ​​Old terminal from Avdeyevka. 

8:18 PM Roundup of Novorossia for January 14-15 
1. Situation of the day at the FRONT of DPR and LPR. 
2. The armed forces of Ukraine left the airport in Donetsk. 
3. OSCE proposed to establish a local truce around Donetsk airport and to begin joint patrols of its territory. 
4. The OSCE offered to host a meeting of the contact group in Minsk on January16. 
5. The OSCE began its investigation into the tragedy at Volnovakha. 
6. Astakhov: About 200 children were killed during the war in Donbass, more than 300 are in need of emergency surgery. 
7. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov after the attacks of "Ukrainian patriots" at Roshen stores, broke out with terrible speech in his "Facebook". 
8. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin suggested that the State Department knew about the attack on a passenger bus in Donbass long before it was shot. 
9. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Said That if the Russian Security Services try to disrupt the Mobilization of Ukraine, Kiev's Reaction Would be "Immediate and hard". 
10. The EU Will Investigate Theft of Funds for Ukraine. 
11. Federica Mogherini Stated That the EU May Resume Cooperation with Russia. 
12. Ukrainian Radicals continue to fight for Their rights to be unbounded. 

19:23 Activity of positions of the AFU from All directions around Donetsk WAS fixed for the Last an hour and half A: Avdeyevka, Novobakhmutovka, Orlovka, Novomikhaylovka. The Petrovsky district is fired with Generally Tanks Territory from around to Airport (to the fork Maryinka, etc.), there are hits in the area of the Centre. Message from 

Message from Fourteen past seven PM Military Correspondent "Borisych" from positions in Nikishino: "During working working working working day the AFU USED Vasilyoks, Grads, Spgs and Heavy Mortars. Snipers of the PARTIES worked. The guns Rumble WAS Heard from Kamenka."

sixteen past six pm Photos of Donetsk after shelling by AFU on January, 13.

forty-Three past five PM militiamen of Donetsk people's Republic (DPR) Drove out the Ukrainian Military from Settlement Redkodub. That Remind the brigade of Alexey Mozgovoy "Prizrak" took positions at Redkodub and Polevoye near Sanzharovka overnight. Thereby Mozgovoy's fighters blocked Deliveries of Arms and A transportation of Reinforcements to AFU A on line.

17:33 Militia near Gorlovka (photo) 

17:19 Message from Militia: "Situation is very hot in Donetsk. It is very" noisy "around the New terminal, there is a fight with an AFU reinforcement. The fog lies down on the city, visibility worsens, there is a probability of attempt of the AFU of break through under favour of the darkness and a haze. The airport for the Ukrainian military men is a symbol and they do not wish to leave it so simply. From positions in Orlovka-Umanskoye AFU conduct shelling with MLRS at area of ​​the New terminal, Metro. There are active positions of the Ukrainian gunners at Avdeyevka, too. The militia responds with howitzers and Grads. MLRS "Grad" of AFU worked from area of ​​Dzerzhinsk. AFU Conduct Bombardment with Spgs from area of ​​Krasnogorovka. Local Residents Inform on Walls shaking and breaking windows ". 

17:02 Exclusive video from Lifenews: "The Airport is completely cleaned up from AFU. Over the terminal where there were the Ukrainian military for several months, flags with a slanting cross of Novorossia and a huge St. George ribbon are risen". 

Four fifty PM ACCORDING to messages from local Residents of the City of Kirovsk, not far from the City artillery WAS Heard work not far from the City. twenty-eight past four PM ACCORDING to Militia messages, there is A fight in Settlement Yasinovataya. There Were Three Already shells. The information on Damages and Victims is Specified. Around 

15:45 15.40 (MSK) AFU shelled Nikishino with use of 120-mm Mortars. ACCORDING to 

3:39 PM  ACCORDING to  Militia messages, around two o'clock PM (MSK) automatic shooting WAS Heard near Lisichansk. 

Thirteen past Three PM DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko Offered the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to hold Negotiations on the Territory of Donetsk Airport. "I invite OFFICIALLY Petro Poroshenko to the Airport of Donetsk. He is the Commander-in -chief of Armed Forces of Ukraine, he is the president of Ukraine, and being the first person he is obliged to think of his people. I am ready to talk to him about any things to stop this slaughter. Losses of armed forces of Ukraine are just unreal ", - Said Zakharchenko.

2:22 pm Active artillery positions of AFU in A direction of Putilovka from Opytnoye, Avdeyevka (east Part), - at 2nd Site - from Peski. In nine past two PM Avdeyevka fight sounds are Heard since the Morning.

1:47 About 13.30 PM (MSK) use of large A-Caliber Machine gun WAS Heard around Makeyevka. 

13:27 Donetsk Airport on January, 14 (video) 

12: 09AFU Started Shell to the area of ​​Oktyabrskaya mine terricone from Peski. 

Eleven twenty-nine 11.10 (MSK) AFU shelled Metro / Putilovka area with MLRS "Grad" from About Orlovka. Airport eleven o'clock "Revived", About 

11.00 (MSK) sounds of shooting fight Were Heard around the fallen tower / the new terminal (Donetsk). 

Ten four  Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 1/14/2015 

9:00 Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with Markers of zones of Guerrilla Activity for January, 14.
Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with markers of zones of guerrilla activity for January, 14

Defenders of Donbass knocked Punisher of the settlement Novotoshkovka (TSNR)

Defenders of Donbass knocked Punisher of the settlement Novotoshkovka (TSNR)

On the night of January 12, militia Novorossia freed village Novotoshkovka d Slavyanoserbsk TSNR area. This – the first locality, stripped of Bandera occupiers since the beginning of the so-called “truce”.

The militia has taken two attacks: one does not help, but after approaching the militia expelled Cossacks reinforcements, a new offensive brought success. By The Punisher also help came in the form of a company of infantry and two tanks, but to influence the course of the battle she could not.

At present, the militia is attached to the back of the position.

guerrilla map


The war in Novorossia Online 01.12.2015 Chronicle

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War online in Novorossia (DPR and LPR), the latest news of ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) today. Operational reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.