Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ukraine Helicopters are not flying for fear they will be shot down

Battalion "Donbass" Ukrainian pilots accused of cowardice - and are unwilling to support the infantry from the air

December 8, 2014

Kyiv, December 08 (PolitNavigator Vladimir Raichenko) - Cowardice of the vast majority of pilots - is the main cause that so little active work of Ukrainian military in aviation is done in the area of ​​the so-called ATO.

In an interview with the Kyiv weekly "Vesti. Reporter, " was said of a veteran of Afghanistan, the commander of the second company of the battalion" Donbass, "Victor Kaminski, aka known under the call sign" Jacques ".

"I think that the helicopters are not flying because our fear that they will  be shot down" - believes the Ukrainian officer. - It's not just the fear of command the possibility of losing expensive helicopters and airplanes, but also an elementary cowardice and incompetence of jet pilots and helicopter pilots. Of course not all were so desperate to be the guys there in the Air Force to start with. If they could fly or not they fell into the batch. But their is little unity, And all the flyers were afraid - so if there was any who were willing to fly, they became harder to find then a "needle" in a  "haystack"! .

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