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Breakthrough Russia: America is shocked by the new Russian missile defense system

Breakthrough Russia: America is shocked by the new Russian missile defense system

December 9, 2014, 7:58

Russia is building a new missile defense system. Its features are similar to the US missile defense system THAAD, which allows us to solve the problem to intercept ballistic missiles, medium-range and at the same time will be absolutely unique. Told the general designer of "Concern PVO" "Almaz-Antey" Paul Sozinov.

"Almaz-Antey" - leading enterprise in Russia to build missile defense systems. Anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 today is not only lazy copies.Why is only one clone of Chinese HQ-9. This system is practically defeated a better set of Russian S-400 "Triumph" on the tender in Turkey. However, this did not prevent Beijing decide to buy a "Triumph" in Moscow officially.According to the newspaper "Vedomosti", citing a source in the military-industrial complex , the contract was signed in the fall during the Airshow Airshow China 2014 in Zhuhai. China wants at least six divisions missile systems worth more than $ 3 billion. The implementation of this contract was presented as a symbol of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

"Proposal of modern technology for export implies that the seller has a more perfect system - said the TV channel" Star "magazine editor" Arsenal Fatherland "Viktor Murakhovski. - If we offer China S-400, it means that we have to reserve something better. "

In this situation, the comparison of our future system with the American complex THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system) is very significant. Not least because that THAAD mobile missile defense system designed to intercept short- and medium-range for a few minutes before hitting the target. The development of these systems is 1992. And, in general, can not boast of some kind may be a huge success. Of the known 39 test launches of THAAD, 31 were found to be successful. Half of them were "fighting" for simulators well-known after the first war in Iraq, the Soviet R-17 (NATO reporting name SS-1 Scud). This obsolete missile, which has no complex flight path to overcome missile defense systems, so that the progress achieved in the tests THAAD can not be considered comprehensive. Indeed, in the case of changes in their environment, the use of more advanced missiles target, the results can be quite different.

Photo: US Department of Defense website

However, this system has an important technical feature - the so-called concept of "kinetic interception," when used to hit a target only the kinetic energy of a hardware unit, single warhead on a missile not. Prior to this, shoot down ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, the designers chose an easier way.

For example, the only real operating missile defense system A-135, deployed around Moscow, used for this purpose missiles with nuclear warheads. Antimissile starts in the area of ​​intended entry of enemy warheads and undermines its own nuclear warhead. In plasma, air nuclear explosion burns everything warheads, decoys and the remains of rockets themselves. Cheap and cheerful. If you do not take into account that the A-135 system deployed around Moscow. And all the "radioactive waste" nuclear interception will inevitably fall on the heads of Muscovites.

THAAD concept assumes that the anti-missile missile hits the target "ordinary", not "toxic" warhead. However, to realize this at the present stage of technological development is not so simple. Radar air defense system / BMD do not see today supersonic and hypersonic purposes. For example, our strategic warheads of ballistic missiles "Topol-M" and the RS-24 "yars". They not only that there are warheads, capable of entering into the atmosphere at a speed of 5 miles per second, they also can maneuver, ie at some point, suddenly change the flight path that will make aiming air defense / missile defense useless. No radar or missiles will not see the target, which means that a nuclear attack is inevitable.

"The main difficulty is selektirovanie purposes: it is necessary to understand where the real warhead and where simulators, - explained the TV channel" Star "editor of the Military-Industrial Courier Michael Khodarenok. - In the A-135 resolved this principle is very simple: in the plasma of a nuclear explosion will burn both. In the case of a "point" of hitting the target need completely different properties of missile defense. "

What they may be, shows Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph". Today she goes to re-air defense units of the Central Industrial Region, more precisely, Moscow and the region. Territory where the concentration of the main political and administrative center of Russia.

C-400 - a few mobile launchers of anti-aircraft missiles from, radar target acquisition and fire control car battery. To bring the system to full combat readiness must only 5 minutes. Launchers occupy the area of combat duty, the connecting cable (and can operate over the air) with mobile radar, those with the command post. As a result, area 400 kilometers securely blocked from air attacks.

"Triumph" - a direct heir to the anti-missile system S-300 , but with a completely different, modern electronic filling. The changes primarily affected interface jobs combat crew: this plasma, the combat information management shell weapons program is very similar to all the familiar Windows. That is, as they say the military serviceman, who owns a regular computer, it will be very easy to learn and software "Triumph". Especially in the work now will help him, again familiar in everyday life, such as mouse controllers.

Furthermore, in comparison with C-300 C-400 have much more powerful computing machine capable of significantly faster character emerging threats and most dangerous to hit the target. Radar complex provides both en-route tracking up to 100 targets and precise tracking of up to 6. Conducts simultaneous firing 36 goals guided them to 72 missiles.

Another feature of the C-400 is that different types of targets the system can affect different missiles. For example, one missile aerodynamic targets are destroyed at a distance of 400 km, while the other is able to knock down the object and at a height of five meters in front of him literally. S-400 is able to hit targets flying at a height of 5 meters to 30 kilometers at a speed of up to 4.8 thousand meters per second. This allows you to capture even nuclear warheads. To do this, launchers S-400 "Triumph" can be equipped as 4 anti-aircraft missiles 48N6 series, and a combination of missiles - with 3 missiles 48N6E and 4 - type 9M9E / E2. This combination allows you to create and weapon system with different echelons of interception of targets, both aerodynamic and ballistic. For the class of weapons is unique, having no analogues in the world system.

Works "Triumph" is 6 times faster than their predecessors, including the American «Patriot». This is achieved through the use of vertical launchers and missiles themselves design. After starting the rocket takes off from the launch tube vertically and in the air locator signal is sent to the other side, where the goal is. As a result, the reaction time is reduced, since it is not necessary, as in «Patriot» deploy launcher. In addition, the dead are completely eliminated in the field of defense, through which attackers can break the object missiles.

Curiously, the C-400 can use not only its own target designation radar, but also receiving information from the outside with control centers and air defense missile, satellite and airborne early warning aircraft. In this case, any system S-400 can not only shoot at other people's teams, but he manage the network anti-aircraft missiles of various types: C-400, C-300, shell-C1, Tor-M1, united under his reign dozens of launchers with hundreds of missiles.

This principle, as assured designers, and laid in a more perfect Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-500 "The Triumphant". Not known about it so much, "is able to intercept, as small targets - drones, cruise missiles, nuclear warheads, and satellites." In the future, "Triumvirator" will be merged with the missile defense system A-135, according to an anniversary edition, dedicated to the centennial of the creation of the Russian air defense systems.

"In the future, the S-500 is planned to merge with the only Russian missile defense system A-135, which protects Moscow and central region of the country. In the near future to replace the latter must come a new missile defense system A-235, "- says the publication, quoted by RIA" Novosti ".

From all this it can be concluded that the C-500 will not be just "starting with missiles", and will be a global system of airspace control and management of all forces and means of air and missile defense Russia.Moreover, those launchers, like the S-400 "Triumph" will be fully mobile, making the Russian complex "analog" or "copy" of the US missile defense system THAAD with a single amendment to the individuality of the concept of a "mobile and self-sufficient" missile defense systems .

Photos: Concern PVO "Almaz Antey" and Russian Defense Ministry

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