Friday, November 7, 2014

"These killers shells came from the Sands, Avdeevka." | Photo-report

Summaries of militia Novorossia


"In these photos of the fragments that fired from a terrible Ukraine Army weapon that killed two boys
playing football yesterday ... In Donetsk to date there has not been anything such as these seen ... The pink pieces in the photos are noted as fragments coming from the skull, found in a dog 20 meters away from the dead boys. Shell fragments used by the Nazi killers were shown to me by the locals,
are like nothing I have never seen before. The locals who saw the explosions, in one voice said, "These killers shells came from the Sands, Avdeevka."

Photo-report from a journalist Alyona Kochkina 

Kharkiv - Novorossia

DNR after the shelling stopped at the school, negotiations for the sale of coal junta from the
Donetsk People's Republic, made authorities decide to temporarily suspend negotiations for the sale of coal-to the Pindos Bandera junta occupying Novorossiya terriritory, until Ukraine's termination of hostilities. According to the minister of fuel and energy complex for DNI, Alexis Granovsky, the decision to suspend negotiations was made ​​after shelling schools in Donetsk, which killed two teenagers and four wounded."They are killing our brothers and sisters, our children. While this is going on, neither of which the sale of coal is not out of the question, "- said Granovsky. Previously, Donetsk and Lugansk republic issued a joint statement, they are ready to supply coal to the junta to ensure the normal heating season. First Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yuriy Banderostana Zyukov declared readiness to buy coal in the Donbass region.

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