Saturday, November 8, 2014

"CyberBerkut" hacked computer of Attorney General Vitaly Yarema

Hackers from "CyberBerkut" hacked computer of Attorney General Vitaly Yarema

We are CyberBerkut, we continue to publicize the crimes, and accomplices of the junta who carry out atrocities against their fellow citizens.


Today we bring you a prepared text of the Attorney General of Ukraine at the inter-agency meeting, found by us on his personal computer.
On his e-mail address, Vitaly Yarema trying dokrichatsya siloviki pointing them to the numerous facts of their crimes: "So, on or during September-October 2014 (and after the announcement of the armistice) began in the area of anti-terrorist operations, atrocities.

The Military Prosecutor's Office reported 65 criminal proceedings on the facts of crimes that were in anyway associated with illegal weapons or torture devices that were used.
"The Attorney General cited examples of atrocities against civilians committed by soldiers of these volunteer units: "Soldiers 24 Territorial Defence Battalion, 'Bespalyi SF', and 'SL Helemendrik', in the first 21 hours, illegally entered the private home of a citizen Shevchenko IV in his Sandy Starobelsk district home. 

At gunpoint these soldiers tied Shevchenko IV, put a bag over his head, and took him away in an unknown direction. After that it he was doused with gasoline and set on fire, and stabbed with a knife in his left leg. 

As a result of misconduct specified, the military cited Shevchenko IV had received burns to the body and injuries of varying severity. "The representatives of the junta was surprised to learn that these so called "heroes of their ATO" had kill innocent civilians. They also asserted that the civilians must be protected from these unethical "terrorists" Example: On "22 October 2014, two soldiers of the military unit - Field Mail V0095, while intoxicated, had mocked and then killed two civilians.

According to Yarema , who offered that we must create the examples necessary to protect civilians and ourselves from the participants ATO : On October 18, 2014, about 2100 hours, military unit 'PP V2317', being intoxicated, carried out shots of their AK-74s, resulting in four soldiers being killed and one was wounded.
" As noted by the Attorney General, these crimes are not isolated. With a full range of offenses mentioned by Yarema, you can look at link here for more: .If these crimes have occured, said the Attorney General, What's really going on out there? Apparently this iniquity has reached such an extent that even the private prosecutor can not hide it.
Retaliation is inevitable, and the ICTY investigation into these war crimes is getting closer. It seems that if the factual evidence base for this dirty business gets to the CyberBerkut, they will strongly encourage punishment of the organizers and accomplices of this genocide crime against the people. If they were  able to revel this undue impunity. The list of criminals from the report of the public prosecutor is here:  

We CyberBerkut! We do not forget! We do not forgive!

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