Sunday, October 5, 2014

Russia Seeks Countries Interested in a Constructive and Peaceful Dialogue on Ukraine.

As if Latvia today is involved in military actions against our country....

Russia Seeks Countries Interested in a Constructive and Peaceful Dialogue on Ukraine.

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Oct. 2nd, 2014 at 1:46 PM

This impression is based on the working methods and the content of the Latvian media. They use brutal methods of disinformation, just like during the information war. Here, for example, September 14, the TV channel LTV in the program "Panorama" on Sunday primetime frank information stuffing: our embassy has been accused of that allegedly sends Latvian volunteers "separatist camp" south-east, giving them visas and large sums of money. 

Thus, the Latvian media not only once again unproven blacken Russia, but also try to intimidate own Russian-speaking citizens, accusing them of being sympathetic to Russian and Ukrainian defense fighters. Would not be surprising if the sound of the war in Ukraine Latvia will take more number of discriminatory measures against their Russian and ethnic Russian citizens.

Latvians But even I would say the following: Russia over other countries interested in a constructive and peaceful dialogue on Ukraine.


There two versions of events.

First, the worst happens: Ukraine split, there will be quasi-state formations in the south-east, something similar to Transnistria, without clear boundaries, with weak government. It will be a constant source of geopolitical tension on the borders of Russia. In addition, while there and the new Ukraine without Donbass - to a certain extent nationalistic, mono-and, more importantly, is uniquely hostile to Russia. Kinda Baltics with the Slavic population.

All this world of Ukraine, the national identity of the people, his mentality will no doubt built on opposition to the entire Russian and Russian. Neither the political class in Russia, nor for the Russian business, this option can not be profitable.

Russian profitable only the second option - Ukraine remains sovereign, unified and balanced state, which builds a strong cultural and economic ties with Russia.Therefore, it is peace on earth united Ukraine - corresponds to the strategic interests of Russia.

Incidentally reportedly detective bureau of the Federal Republic of Germany offers 30 million. dollars to anyone who has information about the downed Boeing and those involved in this tragedy faces. There is information that razed for this action is Russia, which does not spend money to find out the truth about the crash.


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