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Geopolitics of New Russia: Putin's Rescue

Geopolitics of New Russia: Putin's rescue


Well-known Russian philosopher and publicist Alexander Dugin speculates in his article about the events in the life of Russia, which became the strongest incentive for the consolidation of its citizens, when the word "Crimea" and "New Russia" have become the banner of "Russian Spring" and its national revival. Today Russian patriots united struggle for Ukraine, which, like several centuries ago has become a barrier between Russia and the West.

Independence and Big Game

Independence Square in Kiev, the United States was carried out against Russia and Russian. This means against ties with Moscow and Kiev personally against Putin. The task was to tear up the whole of Ukraine (together with the Crimea) from our country, derail the processes of Eurasian integration, hard-to block Kremlin claims to leadership in a multipolar world. All of this is critical for Americans if they certainly do not intend to abandon the planetary hegemony and the establishment of the New World Order. And they do not intend to. And why Putin with the dream of "Great Russia" is an existential threat to them.

It is a fact, who denies it or does not understand - or an enemy, or an idiot. The diagnosis can not be revised. And it is fundamental.

Crimea and the distribution of forces

Putin refused to capitulate in the face of American aggression in Ukraine and made a reciprocal step - created the conditions for the peaceful reunification of the Crimea with Russia. Program up Washington "hawks" was foiled. As a result, Russia up in arms against the President of three forces:

a) The United States and its geopolitical allies, including the global financial oligarchy;

b) Kyiv and Ukrainian Liberal Nazis ("subimperialistskoe proxy");

c) national traitors in Russia.

For Putin and Russia also got three forces:

a) the opponents of American hegemony in the world (from cautious to China and other BRICS members of the group to a variety of anti-American networks in Europe and Asia);

b) the opponents of the junta and the militia of New Russia in Ukraine;

c) Russian patriots, Statists, and in fact - the entire Russian people (including send to the defense of the "Russian world" volunteers and supporters of their Orthodox Maecenas).

Many times I have said that Brzezinski believes that "chess - a game for one, not for two." He supported Medvedev's second term just because Medvedev as president would not have prevented him from playing in the game "Eurasian Balkans." In the Crimea, it was clear that on the other side of the board (the Russian side) appeared independent of the USA player. This frightened many in Washington. And not just in Washington.

With the layouts we have come to an uprising of the Donbass.

Russian Order

After the Crimea, around Putin took the unprecedented consolidation of Russian society. An important role in this was played by V. Volodin, who managed to quickly provide absolute support for the president's policy on the protection of the "Russian world" all segments of Russia's political system (the right-wing and left-wing, as ultroloyalnymi "United Russia" and the anarchists of the art group "War" and "The Other Russia").

Parallel Putin was scheduled program of further action in the Ukrainian direction. He voiced its foundations in a straight line, where all clearly explained about the New Russia (by entering the term), about the "do not throw their Russian", "Ukrainian Nazism will not work" and "the junta is illegitimate."

After the Crimea, these words were understood by all participants in the geopolitical chess on both sides. Donbass rebelled. The uprising was directed against Kiev junta and corrupt local elites (regionals, "ahmetovtsev", etc.), as well as for the "Russian world". Thus arose the militia of New Russia.

Pro-Putin force in the international arena manifested through those countries which abstained on the UN vote against the resolution condemning the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. Support was indirect and cautious, but nevertheless has. In addition, from the very beginning of the conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk began arriving foreign volunteers - representatives of foreign anti-American / anti-globalization networks.

Inside the pro-Putin Russian pole in the context of the Ukrainian crisis included the "siloviki", patriotic bureaucracy, Orthodox Maecenas (Shoigu, A.Bortnikov, Igor Sechin, Gromov, K.Malofeev, Sergei Glazyev, etc..), Incarnated general rise in all types of Russian patriots - right, left, nationalists, Stalinists, monarchists, Eurasians. Peculiar banner of the camp, the collective expression of the will of Russian and Russian courage became legendary figures I.Strelkova commander and his comrades (I.Bezler, A.Mozgovoy et al.).

Putin was for real, and not nominally "national leader", a full-fledged player on the Russian side of the Eurasian chess.

Dynamics of the Battle of New Russia: sunset Patriots

In the battle for New Russia the main weapon in the hands of the United States, along with the puppet regime in Kiev and sanctions against our country, was the "sixth column" in Russia (oligarchy, hidden agents of Western influence in the government, media and expert community). Through her Washington unleashed a large-scale campaign to "deter Putin."

As a result, a series of processing steps designed to appear somewhere in the bowels of the CIA and implemented the "Sixth Column" in Russia, the Americans managed to force Putin to waver on whether to further support the New Russia ("what will be the economic cost of such a policy," "do not alienate Is this the Europeans into the arms of the United States "," Do not want to draw Moscow into a new Afghanistan, "etc.).

In parallel, a massive advocacy attack have been allies of Putin's "Russian Spring". They discredit the international arena passed through underlining the fact that Russia's position in the world there is no support, and those who support it, are marginalized. "Russia alone, turned away from her even Nursultan Nazarbayev and Alexander Lukashenko," - took a firm controlled by the United States propagandists.

Blackening same leaders Novorossia was even more dramatic and cynical: they were submitted "separatists", "criminals", "terrorists", of involving Russia almost "in a third world war." What are, for example, statements about the involvement of militias S.Kurginyana to Downed Malaysian Boeing and "conspiracy against Putin." Compromising the pro-Putin forces in Russia itself was through the "demonization" of small arms and supported him patriotic groups (the "siloviki", Orthodox activists, Eurasians).

The most important thing, "sixth column" is not an independent entity; it only executes instructions from Washington. In this regard, it is noteworthy that the first publication against the same Malofeeva, its role in the Crimea and the New Russia have appeared in the West (in Switzerland, Austria, England, France, Greece), synchronously in Kyiv, and then took up this theme ultra-liberal opposition to Putin media in Russia and some ryadya toga Patriots group (let every man guess who they are).

That the "fifth column" ("Peace March", "Echo of Moscow") receives instructions directly from the 'Washington regional committee "for anyone no longer a secret. That the "sixth column" in Putin's entourage acts in the same way, only more skillfully hiding their subordination to the CIA, CFR and other external control centers, until recently, it was not so obvious ...

The successes of the American operation "containment Putin" became apparent in June, when the rhetoric began to change in the domestic media. Supervision of the project "New Russia" finally passed into the hands of V. Surkov, notably to make the room in the hardware fight Volodin and Glazyev. This was followed by the resignation of Strelkova, the change in leadership of DNR and LC, the escalation of a media campaign in the Russian and foreign media against Malofeeva.

As a result, "the sixth column," acting under instructions from Washington, was able to neutralize the deadly September for the New World Order scenario "Russian Spring". The entire program, announced by the President of Russia in a straight line, was implemented strictly vice versa. Instead of "Putin's plan" we got 'Brzezinski plan - Kissinger - Primakov, "embodied in the so-called "Minsk agreements."

But the "drain" of New Russia - this is just a prelude to the second phase of the American operation, which, if my analysis is correct, involves the creation of preconditions for a coup d'etat in Russia and the overthrow of Putin.

Overthrow Putin

If Putin sent troops into the New Russia, his victory would be irreversible. Brzezinski has repeatedly held that if the Russian dare to full power scenario in the Ukraine, the United States and NATO, nothing will be able to oppose them. But logically for such step would be to follow the rotation of elites, a significant change in economic policy and the strengthening of patriotic start in Russia itself. Moreover, in this scenario there is no alternative for the construction rate of Moscow multipolar world simply could not be more. Ie "issue price" actually is not only and not so much in control over Ukraine, but in the battle for the future, if you will, the whole of humanity.

Seeing the hesitation of the Russian leader, supporters of Russia and abroad multipolarity, will act more cautiously, because in the United States are also under pressure. Several stages rotations leaders DNR and LC lead to the elimination of the revolutionary core of New Russia and its replacement docile and corrupt officials willing to bargain with everyone - both with Moscow and Kiev with or local oligarchs. Russian Revolution in the New Russia is brutally suppressed by the reactionary forces.

In Russia grows propaganda campaign against small arms and other pro-Putin patriots. Someone brings ideological scores, someone PR, someone fulfills the order, someone is using the situation to competition in politics and business ...

The purpose of all these manipulations - bleed Patriots with Putin himself, because Washington and its instrumental structure (CIA, CFR, etc.) tend to imagine the source of the persecution of the President of Russia. But if you look at the whole picture, we can see beyond the veil of insults and lies only one thing: Putin defends Russia's sovereignty and answering tough calls that sovereignty, as well as his Patriots in actively supporting portrayed "nationalists", "fascists "," imperialists ", opponents' progress and sexual minorities." For the Western reader, ultra-processed media ban geyparada - is a crime worse than Auschwitz. In the context of postmodern violated all proportions, tiny swells up to heaven, the real tragedy and crime in general ignored and disappear from the screen, and thus cease to exist.

As a result, the CIA, CFR, and the entire American network seek the following:

1) drain Novorossia strengthens consolidation of the West, "Putin managed to stop imperialism", and raises the question of the return of the Crimea;

2) betrayal Moscow Donbass and revolutionary leaders drew anger and frustration against Russia, and the millions of refugees and a blow to the self-consciousness of the pro-Russian half of the residents of the former Ukraine;

3) persecution of patriots in Russia pushes them into the camp of the opposition, for which they need the air - only most Russian liberal opposition can give one a scale that will make the protest movement really dangerous.

Therefore, plums Novorossia is a necessary and essential condition for the overthrow of Putin and the Russian organization "Maidan". This is actually the main plan of Washington.

Our strategy

Disappointment in Putin begins to make itself felt. No one dares to repeat absurdities about the "cunning plan" or "he knows better." There is something quite different: the success of "sixth column" in the approximation to overthrow Putin and the creation of favorable conditions for this. On the Internet one day, I saw a demotivator: photo patriotic rally where frumpy old woman holds a placard, roughly hand-written "Russian deceived!" And the signature - "Thank you, Captain Obvious." Not a fun statement. But, unfortunately, again true. Cheated, deceived and are going to do it again and again. The United States and the forthcoming national traitors in Russia overthrow Putin - is another deception Russian. And all of us are invited to participate in it.

But ... After all, Putin's support in its vibrations are not the best solution, it's the same contradiction, it is the same if you like a kind of "deception." Those who have put Putin in a situation exactly thought out result: keep it fully and with all the activities and, most importantly, omissions, it is in some sense irresponsible.

People supported the king in 1917, doing the right thing. But how it ended, if the King is not doing enough and the right steps to save the Fatherland? It is clear that he knows better than the people, but this is near the King - our last King - apparently had the opportunity to think more calmly in Yekaterinburg on the eve of execution - "who know better." By the way, in this situation at all and we can not exclude a palace coup and the assassination of Putin's "sixth column" too close to him, but his true guard, his supporters of the people are too far removed, suspended, slandered in his eyes. Nothing personal: it's just Russian history. There are often repeated the same theme.

So what do we, staunch supporters of Putin do in this situation?

I think to take risks and stand up for Putin against all his enemies - near and far. He did not give us any decree or sign. Whether it is occupied by another, or misled, or hypnotized "sixth column" representing things in a different light.

It is necessary to form a new patriotic pro-Putin force - for the New Russia, for Russia, for the great Eurasian Union. Not by decree, by his heart. Not based on the gratitude and honor, but right in the attack on the enemy, evil, death and their networks. For Putin!

With us (with Russian) God, the mind yazytsah and conquer, God is with us.

Author: Alexander Dugin

Source: News Agency "New Russia"

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