Thursday, September 25, 2014

Synopsis: in Debalcevo fighting almost without interruption, the enemy is trying to escape from the boiler

Synopsis: in Debalcevo fighting almost without interruption, the enemy is trying to escape from the boiler

Synopsis: in Debalcevo fighting almost without interruption, the enemy is trying to escape from the boiler | Russian spring

Highlights from the 1st Brigade of the Southeast by the end of September 25, 2014

During the last night on the fronts Novorossia militia and junta troops again "truce" with great enthusiasm.

Donetsk People's Republic of

Donetsk - all night punishers from the airport were "harassing fire" of small arms. At midnight the shelling began, then stopped and resumed by 6:00. Happy intensive artillery strikes undergone Kiev and Kuybyshevskiy us.


Makeevka - last night at m / d and the center of the punitive Gvardeyka applied artudar (from positions in the area of ​​the mine "Poltava").

Avdiyivka - Militia produces products ukrovermahta mortar attack in response to the attacks of Donetsk.

Other settlements

Kirov - remains the target of retaliatory artillery (last night fired from the direction of the mine "Poltava"). Killed one and wounded four civilians.

Debalcevo - fighting almost without interruption; mutual artillery and mortar fire. Ukrovermaht trying to escape from the boiler. The situation in general in this area is unchanged, but there is evidence of significant loss of punitive (not specified), and attempts to release the boiler attack on n. n. Mironovoskoe. Natsgady also warn about the detention of a / m «Mersedes» with arms "for the separatists" (withdrawn RPGs, grenades, ammo).

Novoazovs'k area - evening punishers fired n. n. Naberezhnoye (1 civilian wounded). The fire was coming from the direction of n. n. Pavlopol and Zamozhniy (Telmanovskiy district).

Mining District - militia led operations to destroy roadblocks punitive (reportedly at least two shootings in the area n. N. Maloorlovka Redkodub and losses are not specified). Clashes also recorded in the area n. n. Nikishin (there have been attempts to storm the fortified natsgadov). In turn ukrovermaht evening produced fire from mortars and cannon artillery militia positions in the area of ​​n. n. Kumshatskoe (from the direction n. n. Kamenka Yasinovatskiy district), 2 militiamen wounded.

Yasinovatsky region - stationed in the district. n. Kamenka unit natsgadov (punitive battalion "Chernigov-2") had a showdown with each other (2 Avenging injured). Also fun natsgady annealed PGT Sands - DRG "Right Sector" (in unspecified amount), suffering from topographical cretinism, entered the militia checkpoint, where she was detained (Firearms seized). Happy ukrovermahta attacks began in the area n. n. Trinity.

Thus, in the territory of DNR periodically smoldering multiple sources of tension. The front line was largely unchanged, the ceasefire is observed with large disturbances. The discovery of new mass graves civil (up to 40 bodies).

Lugansk People's Republic of Happiness - late in the evening clashes intensified, "Aydar" trying to make the shelling capital LC.Militia is trying to discourage the bridge over the river. Seversky Donets River near the town.

Bryanka - remains restless place; observed again shelling punishers n. n. Vergulevka.

Antratsitovsky area - n. n. Faschevka evening was shelled by tanks and armored personnel carriers (punitive battalion "Ruh-supported", stationed in n. n. Nikishin (Mining Area DNR).

Pervomaysk - again fired from n. n. Popasnaya and Gold (Militia Strikes Back).

Thus, also without significant changes. Slurred situation Antratsitovskogo area where active (and not always agreed) Cossack units.

Mariupol - the situation in this area voltage stability. Periodically punishers provoke militias opening fire with mortars on their positions. Reported daily attacks of militia MLRS "Grad" (from n. N. Sartana) in the fortified area in punitive IHT Talakovka (2 Punisher killed, 2 wounded). Also in the afternoon punishers applied artillery strikes on n. n. Kominternovo and nameless (from m / d East).

Occupied territory

Odessa region - in the region of n. n. Kotovka (Belyaevsky district) from rocket-propelled grenades fired at a checkpoint natsgadov (no casualties, damaged APCs).

Recent Psak

Glavukr never tires to generate ideas: issued a decree "On Urgent Measures for the Protection of Ukraine." Of course, the new sanctions against Russia - because the economy bloody Mordor is almost bent, and millions of hungry Katsapov stand on the Russian-Ukrainian border (that's why ukry wall building - that Muscovites all fat is not devoured!). No less masterpiece - stop skipping and movement of citizens across the border. Interestingly, zrobitchan secretly Ruscha Russian economy from the inside, and with tears in salaried vile rubles, it is assumed here to leave? Probably, yes - they have already been recruited by the FSB. But one Poroshenko rights: the most important point - it is the creation of "air medical unit." Insist that it should be staffed exclusively psychiatrist - psychiatric combat troops from trehvedernymi enemas and huge syringe with haloperidol ready. The first point of landing must be Kiev.

Not far behind, and Yulia Tymoshenko. Authoritative Maruja, however, comes not concepts - worthless administration (even presidential) cooperate. Especially considering that the list of the "Fatherland" is headed aviatrix Savchenko. Generally, Julia needed rebranding - rename a game of "V'yaznitsya" as the anthem - hit "What a fall in the camps." Oh, absolutely fail Square Garnier lads who used diverted energy Julia in civilian! I remember that she had promised to shoot from Russian nuclear weapons - can she marry off Geletey will flash together to work out right?

Mouthpiece Goebbels remains faithful to tradition and states that there are no losses. But does not reduce the heating revelations Russian Stealth-army, secret weapon in the suburbs of Lviv, Kiev honored patient psycho-neurological clinic Dima Tymchuk: "As a result of" friendly fire "from militants destroyed a Russian jammer P-330ZH along with the crew of the servicemen of the Russian Federation" . Dima even viciously trampling feet (on the handle caring nurses put a straitjacket) that convoy from Russia - is the supply of munitions and intervention. Of course, because klyatyh Muscovites totalitarian fed separatists and Colorado scoop tushonkoy. What a difference - the bombing of peaceful democratic Syria, when universal human bomb citadel of democracy and bring good tolerance and humanism.

On losses (that managed to be specified):

Civilians - 1.5

Natsgady - 4.2 (according to the militia)

Militia - 0/2.

Thus, to speak of a substantial change frontline or combat situation is impossible. Endless talk of Kiev on the special status (or lack thereof), the appointment of the prosecutor of the Crimea (some vile a city instead of a charming Natalia Poklonskaya) and EU membership pass Edge of Reason."Armistice" prolonged and turns into a farce. It is clear that until they are eliminated (or left) firing points ukrovermahta at strategic positions, this war will continue. However, we have only to look.

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