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Who does the study of flight MH17? Why don't we hear the black box data?

Launch of the Ukraine: Assessing MH17 knowledge is Where ?

Trümmerteil von Flug MH17 am Straßenrand: Keine belastbaren Zahlen über geborgene Opfer Zur Großansicht
Part of the debris of flight MH17 on the side of the road: no reliable numbers recovered victims

Fighting in the region of the crash, the search for victims of the air disaster in the Ukraine is interrupted. How does the study of flight MH17? Why over we don't hear the black box data? The most important facts at a glance.
Hamburg/Donetsk – it's to be aircraft from the Ukraine. Regular military aircraft containing the remains of the victims of flight MH17 landed in Eindhoven last. Again two transporters are expected on Friday afternoon. On board 135 experts and military police from the Netherlands, Australia and Malaysia are according to the "Algemeen Dagblad" this time.
There are those forces which were involved in the rescue mission in the Eastern Ukraine days in the past. Because it is no longer safe, the Dutch Government had the provisionally set work. It is unclear when the investigator in the crash region East of Donetsk can return. How goes on it now with the repatriation of the victims? The progress makes the search for the person responsible for shooting down? And why do you hear anything about the results of the analysis of the flight recorder? Here are the main facts to flight MH17.


Why were the black box data not yet published?

"We have both read successfully flight data recorder and now analyse the records", says Wim van der Weegen, spokesman for Dutch Security Council OVV, which is tasked with the investigation. "This is a process that takes time." Also, consider wants the data in connection with other information; only in one package, the information would made public. "We have decided, however, to announce partialresults", says van der Weegen. Also the explosive political situation plays a role in the investigation. "It is assumed that an International Commission of inquiry in the present tension special time is spend, to present their results," said George Blau. He directs the flight recorder laboratory at the German Federal Bureau of aircraft accidents investigation in Braunschweig (BFU), which is also involved in the investigation.
When will there be a first investigation report?

Originally, the OVV had planned to present first results within one month - according the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organisation. However, due to the complicated situation in the Ukraine this is delayed a now interim report - "a few weeks", said spokesman van der Weegen. Only in this document, there is then an official opinion on the data stored on the flight recorders.

Why examine the flight recorders in the UK?
According to van the Weegen there world only a few suitable facilities for reading from this device. "The OVV has completed a long-term contract to a British lab." However, employees of the Dutch Safety Board took the analysis. Only the reading itself took place in the United Kingdom.

What happens to the belongings of the victims? 
 Almost all previously salvaged personal items are now in the Netherlands. So an Australian military machine of the type ended up on Thursday evening C-17 "Globemaster" in Eindhoven, on board: ten crates with each one cubic metre capacity. They were filled with suitcases, but also with jewelry, cameras, passports, calendars, photos and toys.
These items according to the newspaper "De Telegraaf", to the part were found by local residents in the crash area, which gave them the forces. Had they but even searched for belongings of victims and collected for transport in the Netherlands, says Jean Fransman, spokesman for the Dutch Justice and Security Ministry. You should first stand for investigation to the cause of the crash, and for the identification of the dead available.

How many deaths are still at the crash site?
So far, 228 coffins in the Netherlands were flown, 298 passengers and crew members were on board the Boeing 777. It already evacuated casualties but not necessarily can be derived. This is simply unknown, Fransman says. The dead would have to be identified first; so long, there is no reliable figures. The Government in the Hague hopes that it is so far in two to three weeks. So far about 700 DNA samples had been secured, only 23 of the victims identity is clear. At the crash site, the international helpers had until their withdrawal still regularly found body parts.

Where are the recovered fatalities now?
 All coffins in the town of Hilversum were brought to the transport by air to Eindhoven. The dead according to Ministry spokesman Fransman stay there until they are identified. "They their families be passed then brought in their respective home countries." In addition to the 43 people from Malaysia, this concerns especially the 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians, ten British and four Germans, who were aboard flight MH17. For all Dutch passengers the Government in the Hague according to "Algemeen Dagblad" before the conclusion of the identifications wants to get death certificates, to spare the family the bureaucracy.
                                           Crash victims in body bags await transport

It is now clear who is responsible for the crash of the plane? 
No. Although it is relatively uncontroversial that the Boeing 777 was shot down. But there is no evidence, from which a culprit could be clearly make out. Many clues point to itthat separatists in the embattled East of the Ukraine mistakenly shot down flight MH17 with a ground-to air missile - to name a few shrapnel Nell damage to wreckage parts of the machine, the tell-tale Online post a rebel leader, earlier killings by military aircraft and last but not least knowledge of Western intelligence services are.

  It emerges that the question of guilt will be hard to clarify. The conditions in the area of the crash are too confusing, too unprofessional was handled with evidence on the ground - and the political interests of the parties are too big.
Enlightenment is not to be expected in this question also by the Dutch Safety Board. To proceed with the investigation of according to international rules, says van der Weegen. "This is not about, who bears the blame or responsibility. The investigation aims to clarify the cause of the crash." 

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