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The irrationality in the Ukraine crisis endangers democracy


A guest commentary

According to Julian Nida-Rümelin democracy thrives on the vision that the public can make a reliable political judgment ( Interview ). If so, we have to a lot to worry about.

Because the opinion of the public seems to run similar patterns as in television: an exciting plot and good actor conveys emotion and belief, omissions or logical breaks in the script on the other hand play a subordinate role. Only: the messages also become a type of television. The ideas from the Ukraine crisis don't make sense. It is not a crisis like many others, their picture is a disturbing irrationality of villainous actors. Where intellect and logic is off balance, thus our democracy is in real danger.

The picture painted has no resemblance of reality

How beliefs form about the reality of information is a complex, almost scientific process. How opinions train? Apparently, the available sources are not perfect. Russia Today and their counterparts seem to describe two different realities - but it was in earlier times pretty much the same.
I have been following political news since the 1980s. Even then, it was mostly one-sided reporting wrong information. If you got the message from the comment to separate mentally, watching what was said in one medium and concealed in the other, to give a reasonably accurate picture. And at that time you could well distinguish between a guided and censored press in the Soviet bloc and the polyphonic, free Western media landscape. A basic trust formed .
To my horror, this has been turned on its head lately. Compared to YouTube the press conferences of the Russian Defense Ministry with the embarrassing allegations the spokeswoman of the State Department. The roles of the Cold War are, in terms of transparency and documentation, completely reversed. Today, there are messages that are addressed only to RIANovosti, Russia Today or the Internet, but not in the Western mainstream media, only Tags: The "Fuck the EU" -Telefongespräch with the revealing passage about the installation of Yatsenyuk, the identity of the Maidan contactors , the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the cause of fire in the union hall of Odessa , the bombings in eastern Ukraine, the refugee flows arriving not only in Western Ukraine, but also in Russia.
In the West takes place Search staged indignation as with the accusations the plane crash of MH 17 Nothing to below about the black box, nothing about the seized Kiev talks to the Tower, nothing about the Ukrainian fighter jet, nothing about the treacherous bullet holes in the wreckage, instead justify the endless delay of the investigation.

Schizophrenic media

To doubt these communications, only a very modest intelligence test. After all, he is passed by some when the level is in free fall. The low point was the "Stop Putin" cover of the Time magazine. Where the protest erupted, as on the Facebook , making now probably the editors in search of Russian IP addresses of Putin trolls. Have fun, but there is a medical term for this: loss of reality.
Subtle Propaganda is also expressed using the wrong terms against better knowledge, such as annexation (which was not , but already seeped into the everyday language of reasonable commentators), or even anti-terrorist operation, which is a terrorist operation against the civilian population in truth. And the Russian aid convoy? Now, know that Putin is evil, how sneaky to disguise him as Good! I think the debate has reached a surreal point. Ukraine calls in all seriousness the supplies a provocation. The authorities in Kiev are embarrassed that Russia want those people to receive medical treatment that is shot down by their own government. Not even the Geneva Convention applies now? Where are the UN? Where is the public outcry?


The worst thing is that no one points out the lack of logic in the Western Media script: Who claim Russia has an interest in this civil war? Their interest is in the sanctions by the West? Russia receives  a few hundred thousand refugees , the UNhas not one? And above all: Since when do refugees flee into the country of the so called supporters of terror?
Kiev calls in bare cynicism on the population to leave the disputed area, but please do not west! Our own citizens are sold to Russia. Previously, this was once called ethnic cleansing. If the world is fair, the authorities in Kiev will find even before the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. But the West ingratiate himself instead as an ally to which Ukraine is one of the major NATO allies of the United States.
Through the media billows just as absurd as creepy belligerence, it is discussed armament, counting tanks and aircraft, designed scenarios. The novel "In the West, nothing new" about the horrors of the First World War should have been required reading these days, but now we live in a world with nuclear weapons! Who is crazy enough to want to think of an armed conflict with Russia at all? True, the NATO Secretary General .

Cui bono?

The behavior of the West seems to be irrational, as it could still be really irrational. Why sign up for time series as former makers of all stripes to speak as Helmut Schmidt , Gerhard Schröder, Willy Wimmer , Volker Ruhe ? Well, because they know more than the average citizen about world politics and notice that something is wrong. If it becomes serious, you have to lie, as Jean-Claude Juncker has known so beautiful. If one interprets what politicians give of themselves, the situation must therefore be very serious. Could this seemingly irrational behavior but have a rational reason? The theme of covert warfare recently the Swiss historian Daniele Ganser analyzed impressive. Using examples from conflicts that date back up to 50 years (hence the archives are open), he demonstrates how many riots and wars were provoked pretexts. It is characterized by a strategy of destabilization and escalation, coupled with false flag actions, exactly what is observed in Ukraine for almost a year. Who this video sees the suddenly becomes clear that the conflict will probably staged and fueled by the West. Why? And above all: Cui bono?
Have the hurry imposed sanctions against Moscow's really nothing to do with the economic debate between the West and Russia? Nothing, therefore, that Russia took the initiative to set up together with the other BRICS countries a counter-institution to the IMF? Nothing, therefore, that the dollar and the euro would have a significant problem with it? Nothing, therefore, that all western central banks already have a big problem that they drown in money printing and zero interest rates? Would not it be conceivable that here an economic war is waged, the rulers interested much more than a few thousand dead civilians? Can not it be that the ongoing issue financial crisis has not been randomly replaced in the message from the ongoing topic Ukraine? What war should really be out here? Can say no, knowing one does not - but it's obvious that this is a game is played that does not want to understand the population. And the name of this game is certainly not democracy.

Stress Test for the Basic Law

If the public a game is played when the Sovereign, the voters, is systematically deceived and lied about existential dangers of the state and it is only by concealment, then this is a de facto disempowerment of the people the same and is a frontal attack on the freiheitlich- democratic order. The principles of our Constitution came into this game already underfoot. Article 26 of the Basic Law states that actions that are appropriate to disturb the peaceful relations between nations, are prohibited and will be punishable. All who make decisions in the present conflict, it may please read twice.
And it is no coincidence that the Basic Law - and it is a model constitution, which I would like to trade with any other in the world - the war so damn. Because war automatically mean the liquidation of virtually all basic rights, starting with human dignity, life and health. There can be no rule of law in war more. Are we clear about the times? This country is worth defending him against lies, against propaganda, against irrationality and above all against war.
Alexander Unzicker is a physicist, lawyer and non-fiction author.

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