Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Several questions on actual #Ukraine matters to Professor Alexandr Dugin.

Alexandr Dugin: „My enemy is Western Modernity and all that is under direct influence of its erroneous paradigms“

Several questions on actual matters to Professor Alexandr Dugin.

Alexandr Dugin
Alexandr Dugin
Dear Professor, there are some questions that seem important to „both sides“, so i firstly would like to ask You: are there „two sides“ of the story, i mean Russian and Ukrainian conflict, or how we should actually call it? War? Terrorists? Civil war? What really happened to MH17?

It was shot by Ukrainians with discrete support of USA in order to put the blame on Russians and that was made and was successful. In the postmodern world the reality is the last thing that counts. Information is all that matters.

Will Russia attack Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania?

It is highly improbable. Aggressive Western propaganda about Russian plan to invade Baltic states is completely wrong. No idea. No reason. No necessity. No possibility.

So much propaganda about Russia there is in our informational space, that one can almost think that Russia is the ultimate evil. Do You have several words for people who call themselves „russophobs“ etc.

The geopolitics is the only thing that matters. There are two main forces in the world – Seapower and Landpower. USA is the first, the Russia is second. The Seapower in for Modernity and Postmodernity, finances, liquid society, liberalism, homosexual marriages and so on. Landpower is for tradition, spiritual values, ethnic roots, normal families. If you recognize yourself in the first camp, your hate towards Russia is legitimate. So go on. If You share the traditional values and are against liberalism, so You are in trouble. There is cognitive dissonance in loving traditional society and hating Russia as Landpower. So revise Your attitude, study geopolitics, try to analyze the things independently.

What about Your academic works? As i‘ve read, You‘ve recently released several books. Could You tell more about them? 

I have published many books, more than 40. Recently I have published 5 volumes of Noomahia, the philosophical survey of plurality of civilizations and its respective Logoi. Other important work is Fourth Path. Introduction to Fourth Political Theory (beyond of the liberalism communism and fascism). The other important work is 1000 pages text on Martin Heidegger – Last God. Also the other books were recently published The War of Continents, International Relations, Geopolitics of Russia and Ethnosociology.

What would be Your words for Your enemies? Who / what is Your enemy / friend? 

My enemy is Western Modernity and all that is under direct influence of its erroneous paradigms. My friends are all those who reject the Modernity, refuse its structures and fight against it. My words for the Moderns: You are absolutely wrong in all what you think, do and dream. You will repent.

From 2015, there will really be Eurasian Union. How the world will change in a year, two, five? What could You predict?

That depends. Eurasian Union is a goal and at the same time a process. It is not granted we need to fight for it and for its limits and boundaries that should be as large as possible.

Thank You.

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